Genesis of Jews – The True Juice

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Salman Rushdie presumably citing Indian history books claims in a book “Last sigh of Moor” published in 1995, that three waves of Jewish refugees has landed in India in the past.

The first Jewish refugees, that had settled in India, arrived after Nabuchadonezer, king of Babylon conquered their land in the 6th century BC and expelled some andenslaved the others. They were…dark skinned people, probably of the AFROCOIDAL RACE. (Recall that Moses married a wife from the Medianite tribe, from the country of volcanos, which corresponds to Ethiopia of today.)

Salman Rushdie further claims that the second wave of Jewish emigration to India, came after the destruction of Israel by Romans in 1-2nd century.

The third wave of Jewish emigration to India, which occured after 1482, when Queen Isabelle threw Jews out of Spain, arrived and settled at Cochin peninsula in Southern India.

According to the late 19 century Larousse Encyclopedia, Jews from the tropical Conchin were the most dark skinned Jews known at that time.

The dark skinned Jews of Ethiopia are known to be the oldest Jewish community, having some of the oldest living Jewish traditions. Some legends go on to assert that this community an extract of the tribe of Dan was in existence even before Abraham. (See Genesis Chp 14 verse 14).

Besides a religious link, the “Jews” of today have hardly any genetic links to the Israelites of the Bible. Historian scholars of Jewish have established that at least 90% of all modern Jews come from a Turkish-Mongol mix of people and are largely sourced from the Khazar Kingdom.

The Jewish scholar Arthur Koestler provided overwhelming evidence, for the above in his famous 1976 work, “THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE – THE KHAZAR EMPIRE AND ITS HERITAGE” showing, “that in the 8th century, Khazaria which was greatly made-up of the Turkish-Mongol mixed people known as Khazars, converted to their national religion of Judaism which was based on the Babylonian Talmud.

The Khazars later migrated to eastern Europe, especially to Hungary and Poland, taking their Babylonian religion with them. “The Khazar origin of the numerically and socially dominant element in the Jewish population of Hungary during the Middle Ages is thus relatively well documented.” Page 144. “As already mentioned, the trade in fox and sable furs, which had been flourishing in Khazaria, became another virtual Jewish monopoly in Poland. (Page 157 )

Benjamin Freedman, another Jewish researcher, wrote his famous treatise FACTS ARE FACTS in 1954. Freedman quotes from many historical sources and shows that the vast majority of Jews derive from the Turkish-Mongol mixed people of the Khazar Kingdom of the 2nd to 10th centuries, NOT from Biblical Israelite stock.

Relatively recent genetic studies corroborate the historical facts that the Jews are of partly Turkish origin. An article published in “Ha’Aretz” a leading Jewish newspaper on Nov. 22, 2001 was entitled, “Study finds close genetic connection between Jews, Kurds.”

The article commenced by unequivocally stating that, “The people closest to the Jews from a genetic point of view may be the Kurds, according to results of a new study at, the Hebrew University.

Scientists who participated in the research said findings seem to indicate both peoples had common ancestors who lived in the northern half of the Fertile Crescent, where Northern Iraq and Turkey are today. Some of them, it assumed, wandered south and settled on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.” (Abraham) The article goes on to state, “The study’s findings are published in the current issue of The American Journal of Human Genetics.

The researcher’s used the DNA of 1,847 Jewish men of Ashkenazi, Sephardi and Kurdish descent, Muslims and Christians of Kurdish, Turkish and Armenian descent, various Arab populations, & Russians, Poles and residents of belarus.”

Finally, it has been known for many years that a large proportion of Jews have oriental admixture in their ancestry. So Mongol infusion is also a probable part of their mixed heritage.

Ogu Eji Ofo Annu

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31 thoughts on “Genesis of Jews – The True Juice”

  1. I live in Brooklyn ,NY where my
    neighborhood is a mixed cultural of people and religons but mainly Jews i’ve always wondered the truth apon their history they dont adknowledge nothing else but being Jewish and priviledge($$$$) my ancentry comes from Ethophia and I know they’re of Jewish descent there is alot of enrichment with people of colour just look at todays melting pot.The Jewish people of today know we are the Jews of yesterday they are in denial people laugh at Sam Davis Jr for saying he was a Jew but who is laughing today.

    1. Sammy Davis Jr. converted to the Khazar? Pharisee religion of Judaism which is not what Moshe gave to Israel, but he was also a member of the Church of Satan, which was started by another false Jew- Anton Levay or LEVY!!! The two religions are related, through Kabbalah – Jew-ish occultic mysticism.

  2. WTF? Then how come the latest study actually says that 80% of Jews from Eastern Europe alone have direct Semitic ancestry? All Jewish populations over the world (except for the Falashas) have mainly Semitic DNA, but might have different facial features and skin color because during the diaspora, Jewish men married local women in the places they moved to.

    1. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself… ‘when they say Semitic ancestry, why is there NEVER AN ANCIENT ISRAELITE DNA source to establish what Shemite DNA WOULD BE?!!”

      Start looking for that.. you will never find it. They ( the Gentiles who call themselves Jews) use themselves as the original source as they have no ancient Hebrew/ Israelite DNA sample & if they did we would know they have absolutely no connection to those people. We also know that the people who dominate the industry of Genetic testing are all Ashkenazi ( Gentile) Jews as well.

      The true Israelites have been and still are in Africa and some in India and the places they were taken to during the diaspora.. including the Arab slave trade.

  3. Yankel

    Sheer lies and propaganda. Those Eastern Europeans are nothing but Eastern European. Semitic gene my foot! There is no gene that determines a language grouping. Original semitic language comes from Africa, so that tells you the semitic speakers are Africans that live in North East Africa encompassing Syria, Mesopotamia and Arabia!!!


  4. Jahdey

    Language? Does that really make a difference? Yes, Abraham and many middle eastern people could have been of African descent. But you have to stress the word “descent”. We Jews know that we are not exactly like our ancestors the Israelites, but we carry their DNA. Many people in America today are not of one solid heritage (German, Irish etc.), Jews are the same. Even if we are part Khazar, who are you to say that we are imposters?

    1. You do not carry any DNA from Abraham and there has never been a sample of Abraham’s DNA to connect you to him. It is a lie and myth used by Gentiles who converted to Judaism to fancy themselves as something they are not – the Children of Ysrael. Its hilarious to hear you say, “We carry their DNA” when you have never had a sample of their DNA to know what it looked like. I am an Ysraelite and I say you are imposters. What son or sons of Ysrael do you come from? What area did they settle in and in what year and what evidence do you have of it? Where are their names in the names of your towns and people? Why do your people follow a Babylonian religion ( Judaism) and pray to the Sun and have multiple gods? Why are the laws of the Talmud in direct contradiction to the laws Yah gave Moshe at Sinai? YOU ARE NOT THAT PEOPLE!!
      Your history, language ( Yiddish), features, religion and names ( Gentile names) as well as your vast participation in the enslavement and exploitation of Black Israelites from African & your terroristic occupation of Palestine with all the immorality & racism & genocide that you bring there is proof that you are imposters and that the Holy One of Ysrael is not with you. Prophecy makes it clear that when he brings his people back to that land, they will dwell SAFELY and in PEACE. You have neither.

  5. Yankel

    This respected Israeli scholar published by this respected Israeli Newspaper says you are Khazars not Hebrew descendants… See: Haaretz Newspapers – 12:06 21/03/2008 Shattering a ‘national mythology’ By Ofri Ilani:

    Authur Kostel another great Jewish scholar who wrote the magnus opus the 13 tribe was also Jewish of European descent. He claimed that 90% of European Jews have no direct descent with Middle East.

    I never said you are fraudulent. Your brothers said so. For me, I would love to have found my long lost cousins who went to Europe and got oppressed then triumphant. But history does not appear to substantiate that fantasy.

    Granted you are a Jew, by faith and religion. But then it is time you realize that the true genetic descendants of Abraham and Sarai, the Hebrews still live in Africa…like the Ethiopian Jews, the Moroccan Jews, the Senegalese, Nigerians, Zimbabweans and South Africans…those you iinsultingly call the Blackks, today. They are the true juice of David!


    1. The Africans in the Americas from Brazil to Nova Scotia, the Igbo, the Ashanti, even those in the Congo and the South of Sudan. We are Isrealites.

  6. The term Semitic has many meanings today. In most cases it refers to modern Near Easterners, and not the original Semitic speakers and cultural bearers. It should not surprise anyone that Kurds and jewish Europeans have a strong genetic link.

  7. Also The True Hebrews went all over Africa and many were sold to the Americas, This is foretold by the Prophets that our people the HEbrews would be in poverty, be shipped as slaves in Cargo Ships tp an unknown land, forget our Hebrew Heritage and so on. The people calling themselves Jews are just Kazar converts, so of course they wont follow the rules given to our forefathers in the bible.

    The Star(The star of Molech) around their necks and on their flags is enough proof to show they are not Jews. That star is a satanic symbol linked to Satan and all his kingdoms America, Brittian, Rome, etc. are linked to that star.

    Jahdey, we did’nt need for the Jewish people to write books proving THEIR OWN false Jewishness( Although it helps)…Christ already warned us….”I know the Blasphemy of those that say they are Jews, but are not but are a synagog of Satan”

    1. The people calling themselves Jews ( Khazars & Sephards) played dominant roles in the enslavement and oppression of Hebrew people from Africa. They still relate to us in the relationship of parasite and host. I strongly recommend reading, “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews” volumes 1 & 2. It is full of details with all sources going back to Jewish scholars of course. 🙂

  8. Actually I think the truth needs all the help in this world it can get from whoever seeks it, whether they be Jewish of European or Eurasian descent or other Europeans. If there were not such help most of us certainly would not have been able to uncover such facts. I would say that in my case more than 3/4 of the info I have obtained comes from unbiased European scholarship although I was inspired by Rogers Van Sertima, Diop and others. Thankfully someone has just uncovered the repainting of Nefertiti and hopefully we will learn the truth of when and whom repainted it to look so unlike other Egyptian rulers of her era.

  9. ” ‘Shem was especially blessed black and beautiful
    Ham was blessed black like the raven, and
    Yapheth was blessed white all over.'”
    from, Pirqe, of Rabbi Eli`ezer, pereq 24″ 1st to 2nd c. A.D. Israel

    2nd century B.C. Tacitus – “ Many assure us that the Jews are descended from those Ethiopians who were driven by fear and hatred to emigrate from their home country when Cepheus was king.

    16th century A.D. Ludovico Bartema on the Jews of Arabia remaining in Khaibar the last capital of Judaism in North Arabia: The Jews of Kaibar were said to be the remnant of the Banu Nadzir, Nazir or Nazirenes belonging to the Hadal (Hudayl or Hudha’il) of ancient Arabia who fled early Muslim Arabian aggression. Bartema stated “in the space of eyght days we came to a mountayne which conteyneth in circuite ten ot twelve myles. This is inhabited with jewes, to the number of 5 thousande or thereabout.. They are very little stature, as of the height of five or sixe spannes, and some much lesse. They have small voices like women, and (are) of blacke colour, yet some blacker than others. They feed of none other meate than goat fleshes. They are circumcised and deny not themselves to be Jewes. If by chaunce, any Mahumetan come into their handes, they flay him alyve.”” Cited by Richard Burton in Pilgrimage to Al-Medinah and Mecca published

  10. Jahdey i respect where you are coming from and even if you dont class yourself as a true jew i see you as one of my brothers i disagree strongly about your scientific facts and they hold no no basis for a arguement while you pursist in these none important arguements you my brother miss your true calling if you could just look beyond what you think you can see you will disscover a great wealth of insight so stop trying to create such a divide between jews accross the world none of us have the right to say we were the first decendants we come from adam then noah regardless of your skin colour that so does not matter it certainly did not matter when i was there in 84 trying to save our people bring them back to jerusalem and save them from death . may god be with you please think about what i have said

  11. the khazars were not truely a jewish nation it had a muslem and christian majority and the rulling class converted to judaism as a way of beeing seen as unbyased towards there people they practiced a very liberal form of judaism with little to no adherance to jewish law very dfferent from the strict rabbinic judaism of old europe

    1. lol oh man… no offense but this article is the biggest bull ever… there is clear evidence to say the opposite… that the Jews of today to share the same genes as the Jews back in Sinai desert. the priest in Judaism share a common gene going back to Moses and his brother Arron. it is the gene that is passed along from the father to son thus making them a Cohen. this gene has been found in all Jews (white, black and brown). proving that there is no one “true” looking Jew. lol that’s just bull

      secondly, since it is a well known fact that jews do not marry out of their religion and since converting to judaism is very hard and long process there are not many converts…. which mean the jews of today are way more likely to have the same genes as the ones in the sinai desert getting the torah.

      also since jews dont marry out of their religion this has made disease common in jewish ppl. such as breast cancer in women and others. if anything genetic testing of all jews will show a common link specialy cohens and levys.

      and third id deff expect there to be black jews…. since being in egypt as slaves (being in africa im sure they had black wives and what not.) also it is fact moses took a black wife but moses was not allowed in israel so that explains black jews.

      yes there is black, white and arab looking jews…. all jews at the core.

      i could say alot more but that would just take to long… u talk a big game and say u have proof but u dont. i doubt any of ur evidence is even legit or even really scientific. go read the bible and better yet the real facts lol

      1. “no offense but this article is the biggest bull ever” – The fact that you include no references and tell outright lies is actually mist offensive, but on we go…
        “… there is clear evidence to say the opposite… that the Jews of today to share the same genes as the Jews back in Sinai desert.”
        INTERESTING, because as of 2010,. THEY HAVE NOT DUG UP A SINGLE ISRAELITE from the Sinai desert, sampled his or her DNA & connected the Gentile descendants of Yapheth to that Israelite.
        “the priest in Judaism ( JUDAISM IS THE RELIGION OF THE PHARISEES, not a Nationality or an ethnic group of people descended from Ysrael- so the genetics of the religion’s priests is irrelevant when they have NO SAMPLE FROM AAHRON OR MOSHE to compare them to- LOL!) share a common gene going back to Moses and his brother Arron.<<Gentile Jewish MYTHOLOGY er um, LIES! They can't claim a connection to Moses' genes when they don't even have his body or genes!

        ".. it is the ( NON-EXISTANT) gene that is passed along from the father to son thus making them a Cohen. this gene has been found in all Jews (white, black and brown). proving that there is no one “true” looking Jew. lol that’s just bull"<>> which mean the jews of today are way more likely to have the same genes as the ones in the sinai desert getting the torah.<< which means your argument is flimsy, willfully ignoring reality and based on a sample that no one has ever had!

        also since jews dont marry out of their religion this has made disease common in jewish ppl. <<WE HAVE ALREADY DEBUNKED THAT FANTASY!!!
        such as breast cancer in women and others. if anything genetic testing of all jews will show a common link specialy cohens and levys.

        and third id deff expect there to be black jews…. since being in egypt as slaves (being in africa im sure they had black wives and what not.) also it is fact moses took a black wife but moses was not allowed in israel so that explains black jews.
        MOSES WAS A BLACK MAN.. JUST LIKE THE PEOPLE OF Khemet, who adopted him after declaring all Hebrew males should be killed. Moses wife was also a black woman. You apparently are not to literate in the history of Moses.. as if you were, you would know that he was not allowed into Israel because he disobeyed the commandment of Yahuwah and it had absolutely nothing to do with his wife who was as black as he was and as black as the rest of the Israelite nation.- most of whom had married Canaanite & Khamitic women- making them extra black and bold! 🙂 Abraham was from the land of the Chaldeans- also a nation of BLACK people. There were no white people remotely related to the Gentiles calling themselves Jews who were ever enslaved in Egypt or anywhere else.

        Jewish historical documents as well as those of the so called Arabs associate them ( as early as the 10th century ad.) with being SLAVE DEALERS & SLAVE TRADERS!

        Please don't say anymore, as nothing you have said as of yet, shows that you are literate on the subject or even of the bible. It is you who talks a big laughable game and who provides no proof, whose assertions are proven false by reality and who lack legitimacy. Your ignorance is not something that you should be laughing at. It really is tragic.
        yes there is black, white and arab looking jews…. all jews at the core.

        i could say alot more but that would just take to long… u talk a big game and say u have proof but u dont. i doubt any of ur evidence is even legit or even really scientific. go read the bible and better yet the real facts lol

  12. YEAH and how do you know this encyclopedia wasnt racist and stereotyping?
    i agree with benji. there are genes that go straight to sinai. obviously this article carries hidden agendas.

    1. You can agree with Benji all you want to… but neither of you gave us any information on where the ORIGINAL SINAI genes you want us to believe exist are located at or when the genes of the Gentiles who call themselves Jews were shown to be the same.. we will wait …and wait…and wait… and wait.. and wait.. because they don’t exist..

      Seems the hidden agenda or the obvious agenda of the people masquerading as Abraham’s seed, but are of Japheth’s seed is to usurp the identity, culture and land of the true Israelite.

  13. It’s very simple. We are all brothers. King solomon=white from israel and Queen of Sheeba=black from ethiopia
    They had a baby named Menilek
    Ethiopian jews are descendents of Menilek
    What happened to “One Love”

  14. Why would anybody want to claim they were a Jew anyway? (God chose Abraham- who happened to be an “Israelite” because Abraham “followed God”) – it wasn’t for any other reason. The Jewish people were Not & are Not special in any way except for the above mentioned decision of Abraham (depending on how you view things)….

    And then one must ask, “what kind of God” did they think they were listening to? – O.T. claims that they (the Isrealites were told to go in & kill everyone- incl women, children, even the animals of their supposed enemies)- what happened to “winning” converts by love & example or at least tolerance & living peacably together- (though I would be ok if it were a matter of “self-defense”), but that was not always the case…they actually attacked other people & claimed that God told them to go in & posses the land. (yeah I know, lots of nations with power have done this, but they aren’t always saying that “God told them to”)…or like “the devil made me do it’…..

    Also didn’t God say to have only “one wife”– yet they still freely “stocked up” on women with no further displeasure or punishment from God except for the time that Kind David had Uriah’s wife while he was away at the war fighting for their kingdom…you know the story– (I guess “adultery” was only when a man took another man’s wife– but a woman could marry another woman’s husband– that was ok as long as they were “spitting out” babies to increase the “seed of the Jewish nation”)….Just saying that it would be a lot easier to accept the N.T (& Jesus who was a great person). if it weren’t for these Major issues of the O.T….but I’ve tried to concentrate on all the Good that is in the Bible.

    As far as this subject is concerned, there are many things we cannot know or understand, but I tend to believe that Jews come in all Colors & have actually spawned children with many Races.

    1. This reply is one year late, but I must comment. Abraham was not, I repeat, not a Israelite. To start off your statement with this lie, tells me you are unlearned concerning “The Hebrew Israelites”. Also, The Power did order the killing of The Alameks, for not allowing Israel to safely cross their land. But, who are you to question him? He’s the same today, and tomorrow. Preaching love may feel good, but there’s a time for everything, including HATE. There really is no such thing, as a “New Testament”.

  15. Ok here is the reality of it all. All religions are BS the original people were black there is no disputing that so let’s get over it. All religions do is take focus off what is important. “YOU”. You are thee christ. Bobody came and died for anybody. If the almighty creator is so powerful does he really have to sacrifice his son. The people who created these religions are sitting back laughing at all you people who spend your lives living through a figment of their imaagination. If you don’t tap into the Creator who is in you this hatred and unjust world will continue to be manipulated and mislead. If the light off the creator is in every man as it was inthe christ and you are so vital to everything why don’t you accept the responsibilty to elevate yourself and your level of enlightenement to christ level. Remember this “christ is derrived from christos” he achieved enlightenment from activating crystals in his pineal gland. You have everything that he had. But guess what he isn’t real. The story of jesus refers to you. Jesus or He’s Us…lol believe in yourself. You are sons of the most high…that makes you GODs. Peace and love

  16. ….

    I am an Israelite, and I can prove my genetic heritage and the purity of much blood line to anyone who has the tools and honest intentions.

    Our people have resisted every kind of pressure that was placed on them to drop the ball, which is the covenant with our maker and yours, to represent the huge capability that we all have been placed within us:

    To stand truthful before God. To fight for freedom and spread light among the nations, and even to show care for those who hate us for false reasons.

    I wish you all a happy new year, like it or not, I have been wishing this on you throughout thousands of years, yes, yes, yes. Halleluiah and reach your best.

  17. Facts and Myths about Black Jews and Black Israelite
    Many African-Americans and Africans have unclear perceptions about having Jewish ancestry and even some of them claim that real Jews are Black Africans. These perceptions are hybrid of facts and myths. Let us try to separate truth from fiction. First it is necessary to define terms clearly.
    Israelite (the sons of Jacob/Israel) were Semite Arab Yemeni tribe. They went into three cultural and ethnic distinct periods. They were semi-nomadic herders and never went to Kemt (ancient Egypt/Misr).
    The Arab Israelite was the first period and it was in Yemen (before 1876 BC). Their homeland is in north western Yemen and Asir region (now in Saudi Arabia). They never knew camels or horses or swords.
    The African Israelite was the second period and it was in Abyssinia (Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti). It lasted for 430 years in Abyssinia (1876 BC- 1446 BC, with small percentage remained in Africa) plus 40 years of wandering in Arabia. They took refuge in Abyssinia after drought, famine and disturbances hit their region. They were expelled but fled Ethiopia before deportation in the Exodus of 1446 BC crossing Bab-el-Mandeb (the Strait of Sorrow). Their remnants in Africa created vast slavery trade with Arabia.
    The Hebrew Israelite was the third and last period for the Israelite and it was in Canaan and began after 40 from fleeing Abyssinia. It lasted 876 years (1406 BC-530 BC). They turned from their acquired Arab-African culture and genes into Hebrew after they intermarried with invaded and colonized Canaanite. After 530 BC most of the Hebrew Israelite were deported to North Africa where they joined the African Israelite who remained behind in Africa before the Biblical Exodus. They were also slave hunters/traders.
    The Jews are Turkic Mongolians and they also went into three cultural and ethnic distinct periods.
    Earlier Jewry: (530 BC – 720 AD) were Turkic Mongolians mixed with their Asian Middle Eastern slaves. They were sent by the Turkic Persian ruler to settle in Canaan in 530 BC claiming that they were the descendants of few Hebrew Israelite leaders who were taken into captivity in Babylon. Soon after their colonization of Canaan they expelled most of Hebrew Israelite to North Africa and brought in exchange labor and slaves from Crete and other Mediterranean regions. The new labor and slaves were called Palestinians. 450 years after Christianity the Earlier Jews migrated to South and East Europe to colonize Europeans; and they left the Palestinians in Canaan. They also created vast slavery trade in Africa.
    Intermediate Jewry: (720 AD – 1700 AD) These were also Turkic Mongolians but mixed with slaves from Eastern Europe, Caucasus Anatolia, Balkan, North Africa, defunct Roman Empire, and Iberia. They formed the Khazars, Papal Roman Christians, European monarchs, and the Ottomans. Their activities in Rome gave them opportunities of money lending, installing and controlling Popes using violence. They were sent by Popes to rule many parts of Europe and form monarchs surviving until today. Intermediate Jews expelled from many European countries particularly from Iberia in 1497 Reconquista formed alliance with the Turkic Ottomans that provided for the colonization of the Americas and supplied White and Black slaves for cotton plantations, liquor, and brothels in the “New World”. The African-Jewish link comes from mixed slaves with earlier pagan Israelite; then later with Turkic slave hunters and traders.
    Modern Jewry: (1700 AD – Now). They are Turkic Mongolians heavily mixed with their European and Western Asian slaves. They settled in all parts of the world, and from 1860 to 1874 they created Proto-Zionism. The Zionist movement was established practical in 1881 and political Zionism in 1896. They organized to take Canaan claiming they are the heirs of Earlier Jews.

  18. The first group of refugees, that had settled in India, after Nabuchadonezer were Hebrew Israelite (Arab Israelite heavily mixed with Abyssinians and few Canaanite). They were not Jews as those of 2nd and 3rd groups.

  19. The Turkic Mongolian-African Israelite Joint-ventures
    How Persians Cooked a Cult and Called it Judaism Part 2
    Many genuine African Israelites joined the Turkic Mongolian Judaism as willing partners, so the Hebrews also contains African Israelite as junior partners.
    The Israelites and Turkic Mongolians worked together since the Hyksos period (1630-1523 BC) attacking Kemt from the north in the Delta by Turkic Mongolians and from the south in Kerma by Israelites.
    Sabaeans in Yemen, D’mt, and Kush in Africa were joint ventures between Turkic Mongolians and the Israelites. Until that time there was no Jews or Judaism.
    Following their successful cooperation many African Israelite leaders were invited to the newly established Turkic Mongolian colony of Neo-Babylonia to work out the grand project of inventing Jews, Judaism, and Aramaic colony called Israel.

  20. Jesus Pointing to “The Lost Sheep of the house of Israel” and “the Gentiles”
    How Persians Cooked a Cult and Called it Judaism Part 3
    “Why did Jesus say that He was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel (Matthew 15:24)?”
    Answer: The land of Punt is the home of real Israelite; the Lost Sheep of Israel are those Israelite from Punt who colluded with the Turkic Mongolians in Neo-Babylonia to create the Jews, Judaism, the colony in Aramaic land in 530 BC, and became Hebrew Israelite. So, Jesus was sent to the Hebrew Israelite because they were the Lost Sheep of Israel.
    Matthew 15:23-24 (NKJV)
    (22) And behold, a woman of Canaan came from that region and cried out to Him, saying, “Have mercy on me, O Lord, Son of David! My daughter is severely demon-possessed.” (23) But He answered her not a word. And His disciples came and urged Him, saying, “Send her away, for she cries out after us.” (24) But He answered and said, “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”
    After appointing His Twelve Disciples, His priority command was also to go to the Lost Sheep of Israel: Matthew 10:5-6
    (5) These twelve Jesus sent out and commanded them, saying: “Do not go into the way of the Gentiles, and do not enter a city of the Samaritans. (6) “But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
    Twice, He said, “The Lost Sheep of the house of Israel.” First, He said He had come only for them, and second, He sent His Disciples particularly to them . . . . . . . Who are the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel? The Disciples seemed to have known who they were because they did not ask their Lord any questions about them after these verses.
    Let us find out . . I explain “The Lost Sheep of the house of Israel.” to be those from the Israel in the land of Punt; while “the Gentiles” to be the Turkic Mongolian Romans and Jews. “a city of the Samaritans” could be any city inhabited by none-Turkic Mongolians possibly refugees from Anatolia and Aramaic people.
    Yeshua wanted those lost sheep of the house of Israel to repent and go back home to their land of Punt.

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