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Egusi/ Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin seeds contain high levels of linoleic acid, can effectively lower blood sugar. It is diabetic medicine. Expert studies show that: Pumpkin and pumpkin polysaccharide protein can significantly improve insulin levels in diabetic rats. Pumpkin seed oil and protein arginine can improve glucose tolerance in diabetic rats. Arginine is also good for the heart health, the blood health, and the health of the blood vessels.

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Elijah McCoy the Great Afro-Canadian Scientist – By Jide Uwechia

Elijah McCoy the Great Afro-Canadian Scientist

Elijah McCoy was an Afro-Canadian scientist and inventor. His parents escaped from slavery in Kentucky and travelled via “the Underground Railroad” to Canada. Mccoy was born in Colchester Ontario. He grew up a talented youth in Canada but yet faced racists discriminations which threatened to block the development of his mind. He was blocked from any meaning ful educational opportunity as there were national and regional policies in place to discourage African Canadians and African Americans in general from seeking any higher educational attainement.

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