For people in the camps, the economic boom has had the perverse effect of further undermining their already precarious existence. With land at a premium, the local government of Khartoum state periodically sends police and bulldozers into the camps to plow under swaths of mud houses, pushing people even farther out into the desert, and then sells the cleared land to developers."This government has a different feeling towards the southerners," Yobu said. "They look at the south as inferior and themselves as superior. If we separate, we'll have more revenue, and more freedom also. The south has oil, and gold. But right now, the money is in their hands."

Mr. Wyler, an executive based in Boston who made his fortune during the tech boom, said he would lace Rwanda with fiber optic cables, connecting schools, government institutions and homes with low-cost, high-speed Internet service. Until that point, Mr. Wyler, 37, had never set foot in Africa — he was invited by a Rwandan government official he had met at a wedding. Mr. Wyler never expected to start a business there; he simply wanted to try to help the war-torn country. But after nearly four years, most of the benefits hailed by him and his company have failed to materialize, Rwandan officials say. “The bottom line is that he promised many things and didn’t deliver,” said Albert Butare, the country’s telecommunications minister.

Most students are unaware, for instance, that amid bearish performance of developed stock markets over the past years, several leading African stock markets in Ghana, Egypt, Botswana, Nigeria and Uganda have bucked the negative trend and recorded solid triple digit performance. Since year-end 2001, African stock markets on average have accumulated index returns of 127% in US dollar terms led by Ghana with a whopping return of 564%, which is the highest in the world over the period. These positive trends, coupled with Africa's low correlation to world markets make investment in the region attractive for portfolio diversification.

Of course, Joe Barton is a complicated man. After the Katrina hurricane, Barton told Mississippi's Governor that "Whatever you need from the federal government ... we'll do everything we can to make it happen sooner rather than later and bigger rather than smaller." Then, Barton was one of only 11 House members to vote against the Hurricane Katrina Emergency Relief bill! The next day!

A look at the role women play in open-source community and development, as well as an in-depth overview of new media, online communities (myspace and youtube) and video games. The interview was done by Andrew Eiche for Introduction to Women Studies on May 8 2007 at Binghamton University.

This is a technical design document detailing the specification of a future conversion tool for academic publishing, including the workflow of a subscription based e-commerce website. This specification was designed and written by Azuka Nzegwu in 2005, who is now a doctoral candidate in Philosophy, Interpretation, and Culture at Binghamton university. This specification was sent to the Open Journal System (OJS) development team during the major re-write of their program, and posted on various websites such as Get A Freelancer, PHP Freelancers, Freelancers Direct, ScriptLance, Codelance, Programming Bids, Freelance Web Programming, Project Spring, and others.

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