The drugs are a common class of treatments called anthracyclines, including doxorubicin, epirubicin, and mitoxantrone. Since their introduction in the 1980s anthracyclines have replaced older chemotherapy drugs in the combination therapies given to women. Administered in the months after surgery and radiation, the chemotherapy is intended to reduce the chances of a life-threatening recurrence of cancer, especially in women at high risk for relapse.

Interestingly, certain remedies prescribed by Egyptian physicians were way ahead of modern anticipation. For instance, celery and saffron which were used for rheumatism, are currently hot topics of pharmaceutical research, and pomegranate was used to eradicate tapeworms, a remedy that remained in clinical use until 50 years ago. Acacia is still used in cough remedies while aloes forms a basis to soothe and heal skin conditions. The knowledge and the uses of essential oils and resins were introduced to the world by the ancient Egyptians.”

Other regions that have been found to contain a significant proportion of haplogroup K2 individuals include South India (18/305 or 5.9%), United Arab Emirates (8/164 or 4.9%), Ethiopia (6/126 or 4.8%), East India (14/367 or 3.8%), South Iran (4/117 or 3.4%), and Turkey (13/523 or 2.5%). One must recall that East India, Arabia, and south Iran have a huge population of Dark Brown people of African descent living there even today. Those are the K2 type people.

The operation was the culmination of the 1st West African Workshop on the Surgical Treatment of Movement Disorders hosted by West African Academy of Neurosurgeons and the Ghana Center for Advanced Brain Surgery, a specialized department of the NGO, neuroGHANA. Since its inception in 1996, neuroGHANA has promoted and pioneered the utilization of modern techniques in brain surgery. These techniques have included computer-assisted brain surgery, key-hole video surgery and Gamma Knife or no incision surgery.

The new trade pacts are controversial and have been the focus of a campaign of criticism by NGOs and anti-poverty activists. But yesterday's rejection by African leaders on the final day of a three-day summit in Lisbon means that the EU could be put in the embarrassing position of imposing higher tariffs on African exports from the new year, further enraging the Africans. "No one will make us believe we don't have the right to protect our economic fabric," said the African Union commission president, Alpha Oumar Konaré. He accused the EU of playing divide and rule in Africa.

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