Contempocalypse by Steve Bandoma. He sews raffia and batting, installs forms in space, performs and sometimes does video art. All this seen together, Steve Bandoma begins to literally fuse, connect and mix media, while he conceptually surfaces the socio-political, the socio-cultural and the socio-economic climates of not locally but globally.

Our interest is to establish a constructive contribution to the historic inevitabilities of climate and complexion change in Berlin, Germany, Russia and the European Union, in order to support the people of Berlin and other European societies in adjusting to the present and preparing for future realities of a complexion change, with as few violent and unduly stressful birth pangs as possible. Our project is inspired by the marvelous impetus of former president Nelson Mandela and his supreme ability to contribute to a peaceful transition of South African society from one complexion to many complexions.

The XXIII. Black International Cinema Berlin/Germany, Warsaw/Poland & USA 2008 will be presented under the theme “DIVERSE & TOGETHER – A Complexion Change." Black International Cinema Berlin is a yearly interdisciplinary, intercultural film/video festival produced and directed by FOUNTAINHEAD® TANZ THEATRE / THE COLLEGIUM – FORUM & TELEVISION PROGRAM BERLIN and CULTURAL ZEPHYR e.V. and screens cinema from Africa, the African Diaspora and other films from varied intercultural backgrounds or perspectives.

AABE was formed in July 1977 to represent Blacks and other minorities who were under-represented in shaping energy policy for America during the oil embargo of the time. AABE’s founder, Clarke Watson, believed there was a strong correlation between energy resource development, economic growth, and expanding opportunities for disadvantaged minorities to participate more fully in the U.S. economic system. During the current energy crisis, AABE remains an active force in supporting renewable portfolio standards; reducing global warming; developing alternate sources of energy; and promoting diversity in the workplace.
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