CASABLANCA September 10, 2009 – Ongoing investment in corporate social responsibility projects across Africa, as part of broader initiatives to invest heavily in the communities in which it operates, are among a range of programs that helped The Western Union Company to win one of the world’s most prestigious awards in corporate philanthropy, the company said today.

Over 1 000 new Agent locations added to the network in the third quarter alone

MOROCCO, October 26, 2009 – The Western Union Company (NYSE: WU), a leader in the money transfer segment of global payments, today announced that it has added over 1 000 new Agent locations to its network across Africa  in the third quarter of 2009 alone, expanding coverage to in excess of 16 000 locations.

USAfrica, the multimedia networks and international public policy center based in Houston, Texas, will host its two-day (August 8-9, 2008) inter-disciplinary event on the landmark literary work 'Things Fall Apart.' The novel was published in 1958 by Chinua Achebe, the acclaimed and undisputed father of modern African literature. Event will feature leading scholars on Africa, African literature and scholarship, new voices in the world of writing/literature, public policy executives, leaders in government and communities, book publishers and retailers, teachers, students and librarians, information technology specialists, dramatists and artists.

The short-term objective of the web site is to establish the framework and channels of expressing opinions globally, and to extend it to all prospective democratic elections in the long run. It may be educational for the elected politicians of a given country to learn about the preferences and value choices of people living in faraway places.

With more than 30 films, performances, podium discussions, and seminars, this year's theme, will be "Diverse & Together – A Complexion Change". The festival consists primarily of films from Africa, the African Diaspora and other films that deal with the portrayal of various cultural backgrounds and perspectives. The festival offers the opportunity to experience an excellent variety of documentaries and movies in conjunction with an intellectual as well as an artistic program.
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