Kuku, Recording Artist and Songwriter.A native of Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, Nigeria, KUKU grew up in Lagos, Nigeria listening to the assorted sounds of American soul, folk, and jazz music, as well as the sweet African rhythms of artists like King Sunny Ade, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Mariam Makeba and Aruna Ishola. KUKU moved to the US in 1993. After years of odd jobs, college, serving in the US Army and working as a graphic designer, in 2002 he found Bar Nun, a weekly open mic in Washington, DC’s U Street. It was there that he picked up a guitar for the first time, taught himself to play and began building a following singing in the U Street music/poetry open mic scene. As his reputation grew, he rapidly worked his way into the club, schools and café scene. Busking and touring while maintaining a full-time job, he released his 2005 home recording EP, “Love Sessions,” which has sold more than 4,000 copies. KUKU recalls, "I remember calling off sick from work several times while I was on a bus or in an airport heading to the next gig." His captivating performances, featuring an effortless blend of his Yoruba tongue and a uniquely soulful acoustic rhythm coupled with his tireless off-stage work ethic, led to an invitation to perform at the Kennedy Center in 2004. This would not be the last time.

Yolanda Adams, Recording Artist and Talk Show HostEver since her late-`80s debut Just As I Am, Yolanda Adams has triumphantly carried the torch for contemporary gospel and inspirational music via 12 glorious albums. Stunningly beautiful, exceptionally educated, filled with the spirit and blessed with one of the most powerful voices in any genre of music, this Houston-native and one-time school teacher has been a stately beacon of God’s light, earning numerous accolades and awards for her shining efforts, including the first American Music Award for Contemporary Gospel Artist, four Gospel Music Association Dove Awards and four National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Grammy® Awards (including 1999’s Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album for Mountain High…Valley Low which featured her secular breakthrough hit “Open My Heart,” and 2005’s Best Gospel Song for “Be Blessed,” for which she was a co-writer).

Africa Resource proudly presents Philippe Dodard, an internationally acclaimed Haitian artist who lives and creates from his home in Haiti. As one of Caribbean's leading contemporary artist, his success demonstrates the visionary power of Haiti visual art that has continued to command international attention. The current exhibition by Africa House, Philippe Dodard: Spirit of the Caribbean provides an unprecedented opportunity to experience and purchase the recent works of one of Haiti’s most celebrated artist Mr. Dodard in upstate New York. His international success demonstrates the visionary force of Haiti’s art as well as the artistic fluency, perception and depth of this artist.

Kwasi Wiredu is one of the foremost African philosopher and intellectual in the field. One of Wiredu's most prominent discussions revolves around the Akan concept of personhood. He believe this traditional framework hosts a two part conception of a person. First, and most intuitive to Western conceptions of persons, is the ontological dimension. This includes one's biological constitution. Further, Wiredu states that the second dimension, the normative conception of personhood, is based on one's ability to will freely. One's ability to will freely is dependent on one's ethical considerations.

We proudly welcome our musician of the month, Ikem Mazeli, a masterful crooner who skillfully blends Onitsha (Igbo) cultural rhythms with modern musical instrumentation. He began his musical career in the famous market city of Onitsha, and created a distinct mellow sound.

Once in a while, a musician comes along, whose talent and connection is rhythmically intertwined and spiritually rooted that you are forced to stop and take notice. This artist is Bukola Elemide, better known as Aşa. It seems that at times, we have forgotten what music is, and should be. Aşa reminds us. She infuses Yoruba and English in an effortless manner to create captivating sound that nourishes the soul, and reminds us of the invigorating real Africa we all know. Listening to Aşa is a mind blowing experience. Her music draws you in, the artistry, and masterful lyrics clinches your soul. Aşa sound is organically intense, yet mellifluous. It is a representation of soulful music with purpose and message. Aşa is a rising musical treasure in a trove full of over-produced-hyped-and-soul-free-music. She brings Africa to us in real and simple terms to all of us. This is a much needed and welcome sound from this multi-talented, beautiful African woman. This is what makes Aşa the AfricaResource Musician of the Week. - Editors of AfricaResource.

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