Mireille Urumuri, nicknamed Mimi by her friends, has recently graduated from Michael Howard Studios’ summer conservatory in Manhattan (NYC) where she honed her skills at an institution where her role models (such as Kerry Washington) once studied. She discovered her love for the performing arts at four years old while living in Spain with her family. At the time, she wanted to become a Flamenco dancer, but at six, when her family moved to Canada, she fell in love with acting and committed to the art, ultimately attending the Montreal School of Performing Arts. There, the Rwandan born multi-talented African Canadian actress cultivated her passion.

Mireille has pursued diverse opportunities appearing in television shows, short films, theater productions, and commercials. In fact, few of the short films she worked on were featured in International Film Festivals: CHLOE AND ATTIE (which she also helped produce) screened at The Vancouver International Film Festival, The CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto, Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival and at the  Vimeo Festival and Awards; MANDROID has been screened at the World Film Festival in Montreal;  MARS TO JUPITER  was shortlisted for the Guggenheim YouTube Play "Biennial of Creative Video" contest.

While attending the Michael Howard Studios conservatory in New York City, Mireille took this opportunity to learn all she could about the craft and was taught by many extremely talented professionals including, Polina Klimovitskaya, Angela Pietropinto, Patsy Rodenburg, Fay Simpson, Robyn Lee and Andrew Shaifer just to name a few. A single glimpse at her Testimonial page and you can see that Mireille is obviously a hard worker. She says, “If you work really hard for your dreams, everything is possible [...] I have always worked really hard for everything I have and it pays off every day. Nothing worth doing comes for free and nothing is as exhilaration as getting something after pushing really hard to attain it."

When not on set, Mimi, a nature enthusiast, can always be found on a hiking trail. She also enjoys cooking, is an avid reader and whenever possible, she travels to spend time with her family.

Mireille considers herself an extremely blessed human being; she’s always grateful for her good fortunes as a working actor and never misses a chance to give back.

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