Sarah Ndagire, Recording ArtistSarah Ndagire is a performing artist born and raised in Uganda, the pearl and heart of Africa. Sarah is actively participating in the field of “African music, dance and culture.” She has her own story to tell about her experiences.

Sarah says her music style is mainly a fusion of traditional music, instruments and beats interspersed with modern styles, instruments, beats and arrangements. The traditional instruments akogo, endingidi, engalabi and embutu always feature in her songs. It can be described as a truly Ugandan sound. With “pearl ensemble”, she performs traditional music and dances of Uganda.


Train by Sarah Ndagire, produced by The Sound Kitchen.
Video directed by Warren.

An addictive and soothing song from a modern day Jeli.

Watching the energetic Sarah Ndagire perform and listening to her sing is like taking the most relaxing trip across Uganda. She brings out the true soul of an African. The Joy, Sorrow, pain, determination intelligence and perseverance. She has built an impressive repertoire made up of the most rare, unique and varied Ugandan rhythms and instruments that hitherto were played in isolation by different tribal musicians. Her music and videos are famous on many local and international radio stations, TV’s, stages and internet sites like youtube, itunes, cdbaby, etc This earned her a nomination in the “just plain folks awards” 2009.

Melody by Sarah Ndagire, produced by The Sound Kitchen.
Video directed by Warren.

This song is so awesome and sweet with waves of undulated highs. Amazing.

Sarah is one of the few outstanding performers in Uganda who speak and sing in quite a number of folk languages from Uganda. This enables her to share her talent with many tribes, communities and societies as well as represent Uganda’s wide variety of cultural heritage.

Nyamijumbi by Sarah Ndagire, produced by The Sound Kitchen.
Video directed by Warren.

On the other hand, Sarah has for a long time worked with children and older persons to gather and share knowledge through oral Education. She is actively involved in traditional folklore of singing traditional music and story telling. She tells traditional stories and Legends which is another way through which she promotes African culture to all parts of the world.

Kunsiko Yaffe by Sarah Ndagire, produced by The Sound Kitchen.
Video directed by Warren.

Concerts in 2008 and 2009

Nyaka Eire charity concert Kampala
Uganda national cultural center
Bayimba international festival Kampala 2008/09
World music day Kampala 2008/09
Alliance francaise Kampala/ Goethe zentrum
Hapo zamani show at catch the sun Kampala
Fundraising concert for Children with cancer at Serena, Kampala
Kultur fabrik centre Luxembourg
Afrika kulturtage Forcheim festival Germany
Peace Concert at SGI-USA in Chicago
"Just Plan Folks" JPF Awards ceremony at Wild Horse Saloon, Nashville, TN.

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