By Dele A. Sonubi

The news came to me as indeed a whole generation of people around the world, that the great musical icon MJ died. It was a pleasant morning and I was just preparing to settle down to the day’s work when I heard. I screamed and screamed and screamed until someone told me that the louder I screamed would not change the news. I swallowed the news and remained shocked for many days after.

By Dele A. Sonubi

“…She has given her special talents for many years, almost a lifetime, to demonstrate how arts can be borne out of the culture of their environment. Anyone who has visited the site (sacred groves of Oshun Oshogbo) will appreciate the magical qualities it possesses. Although there are many fascinating and historical places throughout this heritage-rich country, I know of no other, in contemporary times, that has given birth to such a rich vein of Artwork.” (Keith T. Richards, former Managing Director Guinness Nigeria in Susanne Wenger, Her House and Her Arts Collection-Adunni Olorisha Trust)

"The world is a prison," says Tanzanian superstar Remmy Ongala.

"There are people who are proud of their lives and others who are always suffering. Many musicians sing about love, about life. I try not to sing very much of love, [but] to try to illuminate the situation of the world." -- Remmy Ongala

One of Tanzania's most popular musicians, Remmy Ongala, has died at his home in Dar es Salaam.

Born in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo in 1947, he was known as "the Doctor" because he was seen as a defender of the people.

His songs often criticised Tanzania's elite and at the height of his popularity the government tried to expel him on immigration grounds.

Lena Horne

By Leonard Pitts Jr.

Lena Horne was more than an entertainer. The one-time resident of Overtown was a symbol who paved the way for how America confronted race and celebrity.

Lena Horne was one of the last links to an era fading slowly from living memory.

A singer and actress of café au lait skin, lively eyes and an irrepressible smile, she came to fame in the 1940s, a time when African Americans could not vote in the South or gain admittance to most hotels, when southern trees still bore strange fruit.

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