Message from the Beyond

January 21, 2022

Hey girl, the Ethiopian crooner, word spinner, soft lover, and lyricist who had vision and foresight to create something, and then just like that, he was killed, murdered, but the story is never as simple as it was. It was an order, hits, black man, successful one that wants others to shine and see the divinity in themselves, so they killed him, and the story they told never made sense, but girl, I am not about my death or the manner of it, just my life and what I want to pass on to my family, my wife, my parents and all those that still represent.

I would like my family to know that even though I did not live long, I lived and my life mattered.

To my dad, I have always heard you even when you did not think I was listening. I was and valued all the lessons you taught me Hat ma.

And to my mother, the pearl that shines, you taught me everything and showed me how to love. I am so amazed that you were my mother and I love you so very much.

To Lauren, my baby, my one, the one that will give me a kidney just to hear me speak again. I love you. You were the pudding in my food, you made things all flavorful. You brought light and sunshine, and you rode with me. We are Isis and Prince with my conrow slicked, girl, I love you will all I got.

And to my children, you are my light and everything and gave me so many gifts, thank you and bless you, all beautiful ones. My little man, hang in there, they thought they killed me, but I still live, representing for all the basement Shakim to know that the sun will shine and to believe.

And to all my fans and admirers, thank you for the journey and for being part of the Nipsey Hussle experience.

And to all my people and business people, thank you and keep faith alive. I never left, still here in spirit, all the time, thanks, peace.

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