Message from the Beyond

December 4, 2021

Hello, we meet again. Thank you for writing this down.

I want to tell my wife that I love her dearly, and loved that she cared and carried my secret. She was so brave and I wanted to make an honest woman out of her, she was honest, I meant marriage. I do love and adore her, Nicole, Simone.

Life has been interesting since I left. It seems like the world is on fire and so many changes and prompts are coming up for people.

I am touched by my reception. Whoever they cast for Black Panther will be fine. We have proven and smashed the theory that blacks can sell and sell well and become blockbuster. Whoever they select is fine, maybe it is time for the black panther to become a woman. Gurira will be nice.

I don't even know why I hid the illness, didn't want people to feel sorry for me, did not want sympathy. I just wanted to do the job, the acting, to bring dignity to those ones that I played, they were great, but most importantly, I am fine. Nothing to worry about, keep writing.

I love my wife and I do hope she will move on. She has so much potential. My life is not her legacy or her life's work. She should find her own, her own passion, and move on to things or that...

I am no longer in pain, no longer in worry. I have nothing that limits me, and I am fine, doing well, and seeing all the things going on.

My advice to everyone is to remain calm, to pursue their goal in dignity and pride and to always do the right thing even it is difficult, and to keep marching and focused on the work and take it one at a time.

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