Message from the Beyond

December 17, 2021

Hi You, if I, I should stay, but could not have stayed, but did you know people can make genius impact in their lives and the lives of others, and that is what I did, and I lived without regrets and did things my way, smoked a lot of crack like a pipe, but I am Whitney and I can do whatever I want.

I was so grateful at the reception, people don't know how hard I worked. Nothing came easy, but the industry is a monster. It takes and takes until it cannot take anymore, even Alicia had to temper one (down). I do love her and her kids and the life she is building for herself. She can be serious but also contemplative. You too will get along.

Even after I was gone, they killed my daughter this was no accident, but she is here with me and we are twin, dependent twin flame, and we keep ourselves company traveling between galaxies, popping up and saying hello wherever our presence is felt or spread joy to those that need it.

I gave quite a bit to the industry, to that useless bag of a man I married, but I love him and we made Bobbi, but marriage with him was turbulent, always taking and taking, has to learn to give and he has to take care of himself.

But thanks for taking this note. I want all my fans to know that I love and will always do and thank them for keeping my flame alive and going, and they keep us, well me going in this dimension.

I am whole in a way that I can attend to Bobbi who was my daughter in life but a guide in another. Roles can be reversed and nothing is set in stone.

I should have treated Brandy better. She was obsessed with me and my music, but sometimes I may have passed her over, the executives can be so cruel with black girls and women, demanding what they will not from white, which I do love her, and I see her new show or production and I am very proud of her. I have always been a fan of Brandy and I will come back in a moment to tell her, that I want her to let go of anything, and that I am in a place where I can truly support her.

Thank you Boo for writing this, please keep it up and keep going. The word is getting out and there is consciousness, good that is waiting to connect with you.

Please do post my shit, my stuff. I want people to know that whatever struggle you have, no matter how impenetrable, that you can do it. I want my fans and my mother Cici to know that I lived, really lived. I was also in pain at times but had to do a lot of stuff. I forgive everyone and ask others to forgive me for any perceived wrongs.

But I am Whitney. I came, lived, gave you all a soundtrack and whenever you play my music and call my name, know that I am there, always standing to their right and vibing with them.

Thank Dolly for the music and to Kevin, the time was not right but I appreciate you.

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