Message from the Beyond

December 4, 2021

The guitar rockstar that dabbled in so many things, so many experimentations in the quest of understanding yourself and finding peace and being settled with who he is, who he truly is.

His life has been a whirlwind, the first part was a blur with music and rock and roll, but the second part was contemplation. It was when life started when the craziness stopped and he began cooking eggs on Saturday, pancakes with maple pecan syrup.

It was the first time he had normalcy, normalcy, and was at peace with all that he is. It was the first time he was in love, truly in love and happy waking up next to his Kush queen. It was the first time he did not have to be anyone but himself. It was the first time he was seen and truly loved and is loved on.

He loved, adored, and worshiped his wife, Iman. She was his center. She added meaning to his life. She brought immense joy to him and to his life. She brought balance and calmness. They made a sexy couple, but they were in tune, so much so with themselves that nothing mattered.

His illness put a damper on things and changed things, but has always loved her and continues to love her where he is now, watching over her, bringing her moments of glints, inspiration, and joys from above.

She was his muse and everything and together they built several lives over and over.

Letter to Iman:

It is as if he can run to the moon only to kiss her face, only for a momentarily,

only to say darling, I've never left you and that I am always here for you, and that you are the cadence of my heart and you revive me in a way that I did not know that existed.

And that you are love, like the ray of sunshine, like the water in the glass bubbling, you are my everything.

I love you, darling.

My darling Iman, I love you with all I got and have like a peanut butter jelly sandwich.

You give me a lift and smile.

Je t'aime adore.


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