Art Omi International Artists Residency for June-July 2012 Session

Application Deadline: November 30, 2011 11:59 PM EST
Applications are accepted between 12:00 AM November 1, and 11:59 PM November 30, 2011

ELIGIBILITY: Application is open to visual artists from all over the world who have been professionally active for at least the past 3 years. We don’t accept applications from currently enrolled students: applicants please show that you have been out of school at the time of the application in order to be eligible.

2012 Guidelines

Click here to apply:

Please note: having studied art is NOT a requirement: we accept applications from self-taught professional artists.

Application Procedure:

Please upload online the following documents, not zipped, but individually uploaded:

1 Your Resume/Curriculum Vitae. Either PDF or Word Document. Please title this document with your lastname, firstname, resume, with no dots, commas or spacing. Example: jonesmaryresume.pdf or jonesmaryresume.doc.

2 Six (6) JPEG images, at 72 DPI resolution, maximum total file size 1 MB, each image. Images must be titled with your lastname, firstname, number, with no commas, dots, or spacing: Example: jonesmary1.jpg, jonesmary2.jpg. etcetera. Important: we can only accept jpegs. Please do not submit: Powerpoint presentations, PDF, TIFF, Gif or PSD files.


Three (3) 1 minute-long video or audio excerpts. Format accepted are: M4A, MP3, MOV. We review video documentation ONLY for artists whose work is time-based, interactive, web-based, kinetic, film, video, sound, and performance. If you work with installation, site-specific, painting, sculpture and/or drawing, please submit still images.

3 A Word document or PDF file with a one page description of the images or video you submitted. Please title document: lastname, firstname, description, with no commas, dots, or spacing: Example: jonesmarydescription.doc or jonesmarydescriptions.pdf. Please prepare this document as a numbered list of the images with title, year, size and medium of work. If needed, a brief (2-3 sentences) description can be included. Please format captions as follows: Title, Media/Materials, Size in Inches, Year.

ARTIST STATEMENT: When filing your online application form, you will be asked for a 100-word maximum statement about your work.

IF YOU WORK IN TEAM: please fill only one application. Only one person will be the contact person.

FELLOWSHIPS: Our fellowships ensure that artists from specific regions and/or dealing with specific issues, are allotted a residency. If you are eligible for one of our fellowships your chances to be selected are greater. The following Fellowships are available for 2012:

-Francis Greenburger Fellowship on Mitigating Religious and Ethnic Conflict: Fellowship only for an artist whose work relates to managing and/or mitigating religious and ethnic conflict. Work made at Omi must be in direct relation to this area. If you intend to apply for this fellowship please submit a one page statement explaining how your work fits in this category. See guidelines on our website. (International travel is included)

-The Antrev Sponsorship for the Arts: Sponsorship for an artist living and working in Montreal, Canada. (International travel is included)

-Prana Studios Award: Sponsorship for an artist living and working in India. (International travel is not included)

- The Milton and Sally Avery Arts Foundation: Fellowship for a painter living and working in the United States. (Travel is included)

-Charlotte Street Foundation: Fellowship for an artist living and working in Kansas City. Please apply directly through Charlotte Street Foundation:


We have instated an alternate year submission policy. If you applied for the 2011 residency session (application mailed in December 2010) and were not wait listed, (which was communicated to you in writing by email), please wait a full year cycle before applying again. You may apply in November 2012 and will be eligible in 2012 for the 2013 session.

In order to give as many artists as possible the chance for a residency at Art Omi, we ask that alumni do not apply for a return residency. We appreciate your spreading the word to artists who have not been to Art Omi yet.

Due to the very high volume of applications, we ask that you be certain that yours is complete. Incomplete applications cannot be processed, and unfortunately we are unable to notify applicants about the status of their application until after the selection has been made.

Our application process has been standardized to allow each artist to receive equal consideration and time by our review committee. We receive many applications and variances will delay or may eliminate your application from being considered in the year submitted. If you have any questions about the application process, please feel free to email these questions to artists at

Good luck with your application!

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