Issue of 18 of JENdA: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies has been published. This special issue, "African Women in Dimensions: Part 1 & II" has been guest edited by Dr. Azuka Nzegwu.

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No 18 (2011)

African Women In Dimensions: An Editorial Statement II
Azuka Nzegwu

Up And Down Purity
Brillian Besi Muhonja

I Shall Name Him Hawi
Wanjeri Gakuru

The Legless Marriage
Henry Chukwuemeka Onyema

First Times
Vuyo R. Seripe

If Only God Was Watching
Omenka Helen Uchendu

Letter To My Daughter, My Husband And I
Faith Oneya

Lady Of The Night – I, Lady Of The Night – II, For A Dollar, Nothing Left, Promise Me, My Short Skirt, Her New Man, My First Ebony Love, Surrender
Sandra A. Mushi

The Paths We Took, Be Natural, Typical Woman, My Hair, If Marriage Is Like Death, What Is To Be A Man
Njeri Wangari

Musing, Web Of Love, I Would Not Mind, Love Song, The Summit, When The Night Is Set, Song Of The Spheres
Umar Abubakar Sidi

A Loaf Of Word, Sad Song, Last Love, I‘M Concerned, Esmeralda’s Song, The Homework, Little Brendan And The Rain
Ismail Bala

Contradiction, Insanity, Sistahood
Bandile Gumbi

The Daughter Of Eve, The Son Of Adam, The Faces Of Nature, Mummy (I)
Isa Muhammad Inuwa

Warrior Queen, See Her, Egypt
Mwatabu S. Okantah

Esther de Bruijn

Emmanuella Celestina Nkwukajingi Nduonofit

Chinenye Ike-Nnoli

A Different World
Shaneah Taylor

Our Brothers
Marie Chantal Nimugire Karasira

Plea For Aunty
Philip Kimonge

Beneficiary Of A Black Angel
Ayodeji Morakinyo

Catherine Kokorwe

Miss Virginia-Vanity
Canny I. Amah

A Mother’s Forbearance
Ningel Awuor

Reflecting On Simpler Times
Peter Addo

The Way You Felt Remains
Ngwatilo Mawiyoo

This Is 4 Women
Alexis M. Skinner

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