Our advertisement program is designed for small businesses, organizations and corporations whose business target is Africa and Africans in the Diaspora. Businesses located anywhere in the world can market their services, products, resources, and ventures to this broad audience on the AfricaResource platform. We are very much interested in working with African businesses, as well as businesses that actively and positively engage Africa and the African Diaspora.

A distinctive feature of our service is that clients who enroll in any of our advertising packages for a year will be profiled on AfricaResource and featured in our upcoming business podcast on global business, economics, and trends. The profile will feature an interview with the CEO, a brief company profile and history, and why Africa is an integral component to their company growth.

If the outlined options below do not work for you, and you require a custom advertising package, we can work with you to develop a comprehensive plan that is tailored to meet your company's need. You may contact us for more details, or with further questions at advertising at africaresource dot com.

Mini Ad Spot ($20/month)

Mini Ad SpotThe Mini Ad Spot is a 32 pixel by 32 pixel advertisement. Company logo or images that the client provide will be displayed as a Mini Ad on AfricaResource. The Ad will be placed on the mid right panel of the website and will be visible on all pages on AfricaResource. The Mini Ad Spots are distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

The first 40 clients to successfully make payment will get a Mini Ad. Clients who sign up for the Mini Ad for the entire year will be profile on AfricaResource.

The introductory rate for the Mini Ad is $20 monthly. This offer will expire on November 30, 2008. The new rate will be $25 a month starting in December 2008.

Mini Ad Spot
Monthly (Introductory Rate)
Monthly (Regular Rate)
32 x 32 pixel
$20 (ends November 2008)
$25 (starts December 2008)

Ad Requirement:

  1. Provide an image with the following dimension: 32pixel x 32pixel, either as a JPEG, PNG, or GIF.
  2. Provide a link to the destination website, name of the site, and three words about the link.

Payments can be made via Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Check (must be payable in US dollars). Once payment is successfully processed, your Mini Ad will appear on the website. Again, this is first come, first serve basis.

Text and Banner Ads (By Impressions)

Banner and Text AdsImpressions introduces your ad to a web visitor or user. Essentially, impression refers to how many times an ad is displayed on a website.

The text and banner advertisements will run on all pages on AfricaResource. The Text Ads will be placed on the lower right panel of the website, and the banner on the bottom of each page.

The dimension for the banner is 468 x 60 pixels, and client needs to provide the destination link. Text ads have no images, but client will be required to provide one line of text about the ad.

Text ($20 Cost Per Thousand)
Banner ($40 Cost Per Thousand)

Homepage and Sitewide Banner Skyscraper Ads (1 Week)

Top Banner Ads (Skyscraper)Advertisement will be placed at the top right panel (skyscraper) of the website.

The homepage ad will only run on the homepage. The ad dimension is 160 x 140. Advertisers will need to provide an image for the ad and a destination link.

The sitewide ad will run on all pages on AfricaResource for one week. The ad dimension is 160 x 140. Advertisement will be placed at the top right panel (skyscraper) of the website. Advertisers will need to provide an image for the ad and a destination link.

Top Banner Ads
1 Week
Homepage Banner
Sitewide Banner

Peer-Reviewed Journal Ads (1 Week)

1 Week
Journal Website
African Philosophy
Ijele Art eJournal


Video Ads (1Week and only for selected sections)

Video AdsThis is very different from any of our advertising plans. The video ad is for any individual or business that wishes to use video to deliver their message. Advertisers must provide a flash video (320 x 240) and a still image (326 x 185) of the video. For your convenience, we charge a conversion and capture fee of $65 to convert your video to the required format and produce the still image. You only need to provide the original video. The convenience charge will be added to the general advertising fee for those who request the service.

**Maximum of eight advertisers for a week. Videos will be rotated and each advertiser will get fair amount of rotation. Discounted rate is available to those who purchase a year of Video Ad.

1 week
Video Ads
Video (320 x 240) & Image (326 x 185)

Rasta Livewire Ads (1Week)

The Rasta Livewire Ads will run on all pages of Rasta Livewire. Advertisers should provide an image (160 x 140) and a destination link. Banner size image (468 x 60) will be accepted for banner advertisement.

Rasta Livewire
1 week
Rasta Livewire Ads
Banner (160 x 140)


eAfrica Business Directory

eAfrica is a fee based editor-reviewed directory that provides comprehensive web links to websites on Africa and the African Diaspora. The directory listing is for businesses and individuals, that offer products, services, and informational resources targeted to Africa and Africans. AfricaResource reviews websites for possible inclusion in eAfrica, but is not responsible for the content and policies on these websites.

Each business entry will include a description, photographs, link to website, contacts, and multiple category selection. Links will be regularly reviewed (usually within 48 hours) and added to eAfrica. Join AfricaResource in building an extensive in-depth directory with a wealth of resources on Africa and the African Diaspora.

The submission fee is non-refundable and submissions are not automatic approval. All commercial and non-commercial websites have to pay the submission fee.

eAfrica Directory
Business Listing
Featured Listing

Knowledge Project

Africa Knowledge Project is an academic resource that offers journals and databases. Check them out.

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LivewireRasta Livewire is a leading blog that provides in-depth viewpoints from Rastas in Africa and African Diaspora.

Africa Knowledge Project (AKP) publishes peer-reviewed journals and academic databases.

Ojedi is an online retailer of fine art and exceptional handcrafted pieces from around the world.

Africa House is an Africa and Diasporian gallery. Africa House accepts proposals for submission on a rolling basis.

African Event Posters show posters of events at Africa House.

African Gourmet Dinners shows images of African gourmet dishes.