The 8th issue of JENdA Journal is published. “In Their Own Way At Their Own Level”: Empowerment Among Rural Women: The Case of the Mo Communities of Ghana.

Articles Include:

Trans Global Families: The Application of African Ethical and Conceptual Systems to African-Western Relationships and Families

The State of Knowledge on Sexuality in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Synthesis of Literature

Women in Anne Tanyi-Tang Plays

Between Culture and Poverty: The Queen Mother Phenomenon and the Edo International Sex Trade Comparative Study of Female-Headed Households in the City of Ibadan

“In Their Own Way At Their Own Level”: Empowerment Among Rural Women: The Case of the Mo Communities of Ghana

“Of Real Freedom and Gender Equality”: A Re-appraisal of Zaynab Alkali’s The Stillborn

Review of African Gender Studies, (2005) and Readings in Gender in Africa (2005)

Review: Women and Land in Africa: Culture, Religion and Realizing Women's Rights (2003)

Research Studies on Prostitution (Republished with Permission)

Executive Summary -- Fafo-Report: African Dreams on European Streets: Nigerian Women in Prostitution in Norway

Childhood On the Market: Teenage Prostitution in Southern Africa

Child Prostitution and Sex Tourism South Africa

From Camp to Community: Liberia Study on Exploitation of Children

Op-ed & News Reports (Republished with Permission)

Cut The Hypocrisy: Prostitution Is Part Of Our Society!

The Money Market

Young West African Girls Face Perils of Prostitution, Trafficking

Nigeria: Dream of Freedom Turns to Prostitution Nightmare

Now that Men Are More Than Women . . .

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