By Abimbola Akosile (February 24, 2010)

Nigeria: Beijing Declaration - Re-Double Implementation Efforts, Women Urged

Lagos — Women all over Nigeria have been called upon to redouble their efforts to ensure that the Beijing Declaration, which stipulates that 30 per cent of all elective posts be reserved for women, are achieved within the shortest time possible. The call was made by former chieftain of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Chief Mrs. Priscilla Kuye, while speaking at a one-day interactive forum in Lagos.

Beatrice used her position of religious power to remove all objects and ceremonies which unnecessarily cluttered her religion. Perhaps because this was a movement of the peasantry, simplification of the religion, which translated into less qualifications and a larger following, made more sense. She changed the traditional Catholic prayer "Saive Regina" to "Saive Antonio." The newly formed prayer emphasized that the sacraments of marriage, confession, and baptism were meaningless since God invariably knew one's intention. In light of this revelation, Donna Beatrice burned crosses and nganga objects, which were traditionally used to enhance prayer, labeling them unnecessary fetishes.

One hundred and twenty Black European women delegates from sixteen European  countries and the United States arrived in Vienna, Austria, for the three-day conference. This milestone event culminated in the formation of the Black European Women’s Network. The conference provided a space and platform for the strategic discussion of various issues such as migration, political participation, qualification and access to the labour market, identity and self- empowerment, gendered racism, mechanisms of social exclusion, psychosocial conflicts (particularly women and children), and the role of Black European women within European societies.

According to the canon law practiced by the church, a man is expected to marry only one woman at a time and if married to more than one, such a man can only be allowed to be joined to his first wife in church. This does not go down well with the women, who are insisting that their husbands must wed all of them at the same time. Consequently, the women in their hundreds have constituted themselves into a pressure group, advocating for equal rights with other married women in the church.

Clearly, in addition to the social problems of racism and sexism, we have an added issue of finding the language, a word able to name, and express the specificity of certain kinds of discriminatory behavior. We need a concept that would succinctly express the simultaneity of racism and sexism encapsulated in the Imus-type behavior. REXISM is the word. What is its definition? Rexism is discriminatory behavior that is directed toward a group or person on account of their race and sex.

The various over fancied men who for years have been entrusted with the running of their countries at various levels have not lived up to expectations. For more than three decades Africa has been let down by some of the most incompetent and ludicrous male politicians the world has ever seen. Their replacement with female blood could be the best alternative to efficiency. There are a number of sensible, peaceful and promising young women leaders across the African continent. The business and civil society is also awash with female talent that could be utilised to revive our decadent leadership and collapsing economies.

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