Many dark skinned women from Africa, the Caribbean and other parts of the world share this problem and have to battle with it every day of their lives. For them, their skin color is such a disadvantage in a world where all the good stuff seems to be associated with the white and light skinned folks - Power, Success, Recognition, Beauty, Respect Attractiveness, etc. They believe that being light skinned would improve their prospects for Attention, Love, Acceptance, etc. This unfortunate trend has come about largely due to Low Self-esteem rising from various cultural, colonial, and modern day discriminatory experiences. But should this be a credible reason to bleach one's skin. Is it worth the trouble and health risk? Should black women accept this as their place? Should they conform and attempt to assimilate by bleaching their beautiful, God-given skin just to satisfy some beliefs, and to hopefully catch the attention & acceptance of others.

Many of these Black scholars, whose work Professor Gates questioned, were reading works by Whites in French, German and other languages that spoke positively about African American achievement long before Mr. Gates' parents were born. This school of Black scholars are neither demagogues nor are they pseudos; they are the forerunners of the present propagators of Afrocentricity. They know what Professor Gates doesn't seem to know: that African people are the most written about and the least understood people in the world. If Professor Gates has not read the works of the White pioneer scholars about the role of African people in world history, it stands to reason that he has no understanding of the senior Black scholars such as Yosef ben-jochannan, John G. Jackson, Cheikh Anta Diop, Jacob Carruthers, Chancellor Williams, Lao Hansberry and myself.

I wonder why the story has been changed and the truth hidden. A possible answer occurs to me: The man who confronted the angry crowd and did the most to save all our lives is known to Mr. Rusesabigina. His name is Georges Rutaganda. He is an old friend of Paul Rusesabagina and is portrayed as a villain in the film Hotel Rwanda. Sometimes the truth can be very awkward. In the film, a UN officer resembling General Dallaire takes Georges' place as saviour ... using a gun. In fact, there were no white commanders there that day and General Dallaire was not even in Kigali but in Rwamagana.

The state of Israel sets on land that was originally Palestinian but Zionist movements in Europe and the United States claimed that the "land was given to them by God" and their belief that their race possessed some "natural superiority". Euro- Americas pray to "god and country" and teach their future generations to pray homage to the gangsters, outlaws and thieves who stole the country from Indian nations in god's name.

The pre-eminent historian and scholar, Herbert Ekwe-Ekwe takes on the meaningless and racist classification of Africa by the West's news media giants. Rather than some benign construct, “sub-Sahara Africa” is, in the end, a bizarre nomenclatural code that the West employs to depict an African-led sovereign state – anywhere in Africa, as distinct from an Arab-led one. It is of course the West’s non-inclusion of the Sudan in this grouping, despite its majority African population and geographical location, which gives the game away! More seriously to the point, though, the West uses “sub-Sahara Africa” to create the stunning effect of a supposedly shrinking African geographical landmass in the popular imagination, coupled with the continent’s supposedly attendant geo-strategic global “irrelevance”. “Sub-Sahara Africa” is undoubtedly a racist geo-political signature in which its users aim repeatedly to present the imagery of the desolation, aridity, and hopelessness of a desert environment.

And never are our people given the real picture. One thing I will say for James Farmer, with whom I was in a discussion earlier this week. He is going to Africa. One radio report -- I was riding home in my car one night, and I heard a radio newscaster say that James Farmer was going to Africa to counteract the false conceptions that I had given during my trip. Well, I called Farmer the next day. First I was in -- I was irked, I was irritated, I was very angry. But then I began to remember what the press had done to me and done to others in trying to divide and conquer, and I called Mr. Farmer. And he said he knew absolutely nothing about what this particular newscaster had reported.

Blair is not alone in exploiting Africa for conscience and legacy. In his January 2007 “State of the Union” address, a straight faced President Bush stated that “American Foreign Policy is more than a matter of war and diplomacy. Our work is also based on the timeless truth: To whom much is given, much is required” and therefore “we must continue to fight HIV/AIDS, especially on the continent of Africa.” For Bush, as the United States foreign policy suffers defeat in the Middle East, Africa becomes the saving grace. Its working - the Washington Post recently applauded Bush for his War on AIDS.

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