By Uche Nworah (April 12, 2008)

To ensure that we are all on the same page on the subject of middle class, it is important to attempt an explanation of the phrase ‘middle class’ in the Nigerian context. The reason being that the phrase which was popular in Nigeria in the seventies, and probably the early eighties may not mean so much to today’s generation, who go by other social group names and classifications including YUPPIES (an acronym for young, urban and upwardly mobile professionals).

This article, first published on is aimed at briefly acquainting visitors to this site of the evolutionary trends of poetry in Nigeria.

By Chidi Anthony Opara (April 11, 2008)

Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa, is a multi-ethnic and multi-lingual Nation. The country’s multi-ethnic and multi-lingual nature engenders an equally multi- cultural setting. Nigeria’s cultural diversity finds expression in the literary endeavours of her peoples, namely: poetry, prose, painting, music, sculpture, etc.

This is fiction, but it is based on the absolute truth, and may already be happening in or around your very neighbourhood. They climbed up a flight of stairs to the second floor before the old woman came to a halt before a door. She turned to face the couple, both of whom looked just as agitated at being in such an environment as about what they were here for.

By Isabel Adonis

Chapter 1

I am in the kitchen in the basement of the house when my waters break and I call Bob and say ‘take me to the hospital.’ I want to have a natural birth, I want to be natural but I am not. I don’t know what natural means. I guess this is what Africa means to me, a place in my imagination where I feel free of all of the constraints and conditions of living.

I’m nine years younger. Our mother, after divorcing Barack’s father, met my father at the same place, the East-West Center on the University of Hawaii campus. My mother was a courageous woman. And she had such tremendous love for life. She loved the natural world. She would wake us up in the middle of the night to go look at the moon. When I was a teenager, this was a source of great frustration because I wanted to sleep.

That’s one of the things our mother taught us. It can all belong to you. If you have sufficient love and respect for a part of the world, it can be a meaningful part of who you are, even if it wasn’t delivered at birth.

This was rather an unusual question I thought coming from John, considering that we all used to come to the apartment as we pleased helping with the cleaning and so on. Something propelled me past John and I stormed into the empty seating room. Standing in the middle of the room was a half dressed Ada with tears in her eyes. I didn’t wait to ask questions, nor to be lied to by John about what had transpired, evil rent the air and all I could think of was to snatch Ada and run away, far away from the evil man closing in behind us. As I reached out for Ada’s hand, you could see the sense of relief on her face, and the fear lodged deep in her eyes. We both briskly hurried out of the apartment oblivious of John’s plea for me not to inform mum and dad about what happened, as if I knew but by then his devilish conscience had already started pricking him, but still his plea wasn't borne out of any remorse for the emotional scar he had just inflicted upon Ada for life but rather out of the animalistic sense of survival which in this instance was targeted at securing his daily bread.

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