Master Justice Novisi Y. Dzitrie or simply Novisi as he cherishes to be called was born in Kakata (Liberia) on February 21st in 1980 but has since the age of four spent his life in Ghana his homeland. He is a young poet who discovered his love for poetry whilst summarizing his first ever written play at the beginning of January 2000 (the millennium). His love for poetry keeps growing with the tick of the clock. Currently he has to his credit a collection of poems titled: Beats of the Sahara, which he hopes to publish soon. He recently performed some of his poetry on Radio Universe the University of Ghana’s FM station. Aside poetry, Novisi has published five short stories in the Ghana’s most popular weekly newspaper The Mirror. He believes the arts cannot be taken out from the society-its part of us, more or less as feed for our innermost. He is presently pursuing B.Sc. Computer Science and Physics (Combined Major) at the University of Ghana where he is a member of the Commonwealth Hall’s Magazine’s (Echoe) editorial board.

Jude Valentine Badaki was born in Nigeria in 1974. He was educated at St. Peter’s Seminary, Yola and the University of Maduguri. He has worked as a project assistant in the Common Heritage Foundation and he is at present a college tutor.

I am a young girl of 19 and the eldest of four siblings. I have been writing ever since I started reasoning. As an undergraduate student studying science, I have a flair for the arts. I write poems, stories and essays. I love Africa and our customs, our beautiful traditions, our clothing, and our style are like no other. We shouldn’t let our style die nor allow it to be blown with the wind because it is richer than all the Gold in the world put together.

By Juliet Maruru (May 27, 2008)

School was for me a conglomeration of fun, torture, joy, sorrow, teenage crushes on student-teachers, rugby, math classes and biology. It went fast and left me with memories and lessons that have stayed with me for life.

By Juliet Maruru

I turned 16 sitting in the backseat of a battered Navy Blue Double Cab Isuzu pick-up truck that smelled of hay, cattle, sea and fish. I was smoking a tobacco and marijuana cigarette, studying for my High school Physics finals, hoping that my mum would make it through the second surgery that week and trying to ignore my scruffy 26 year old secret boyfriend’s horny groping. 6 days before, I called him in the middle of the night, because my mum was running a cold fever and complaining of intense stomach pains and vomiting blood. He came racing his pick-up truck and rushed my mother to the hospital. She had to undergo emergency surgery on an ulcerated duodenum to stem the bleeding. This second surgery had come up when she started bleeding again the day she was to be discharged from the hospital.

By Uche Nworah (April 12, 2008)

It is 2.53 PM on a sunny Friday afternoon in Lagos, I’m seating at my desk thinking of what to do about lunch. Should I send Richard (aka Pastor) to Tetrazzini to buy their jollof rice, moi-moi and chicken or should I brave the lunch time Lagos island traffic for a short journey to Yellow Chili? As I pondered my options, I remembered that it has been a while since I last wrote an opinion piece. They say if you leave writing, writing leaves you. 45 days is a long time in this our business not to have written something. I have been feeling so ashamed of myself having not logged onto my blog (thelongharmattanseason.blogspot) in ages, talk about not wanting to visit a deserted house.

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