Lawrence Olatunde Afolabi is in his early twenties. He graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria in 2002 with a B.A (Honors) in Mass Communication. He is a writer, poet, playwright, and novelist. Growing up in Nigeria, he was captivated by the works of David Diop, Leopold Sedar Senghor, Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe and a lot of other writers. He draws his inspiration from reading Africa’s past events and history. He worked as a volunteer for Unicef, UNDP and a lot of other NGOs. Though none of his work has been published, he is a promising writer. His long term dream is to get his work broadcasted on TV Stations all over Africa and in the Diaspora.

Poems by Lawrence Olatunde Afolabi

Africa My Africa

Lawrence Olatunde AfolabiAfrica my Africa
Africa my motherland
Mother or Fatherland
Childless you went almost
But he that intervened
The God of all nations.

Africa my Africa
Mother of nations great
Nigeria in the west
Ethiopia in the east remains
With labor pangs
You brought them forth.

Africa my Africa
Father of Egypt
To the north, be so planted
And Zimbabwe, the south remains
And for Africa that mothered them all.

Africa my Africa
Your discovery had brought you pains
Children and grandchildren
To the great sea you lost
Continents with them were fed.

Africa my Africa
In Vain labor no more
Loose a child, but to no one
Your great nations do protect
For he shall intervene
When you cry for help.



My ancestors taught you
You refused the counsel of the wise
What new knowledge will I teach you
As I do not breed Solomon's blood?

Learn this song I sing
Never let it slip like rain and moon
Look and see your children cry
As burdens of hunger suck them dry.

Hear and see them writhe
In agonies of disharmony they fry
As wars rip their skulls
So in grief and weary do my heart bleed.

Thus will my ancestors and I bleed
Till you rid your camps of manless men
Whose spirits paddle our lives
In the seas of death where they live.

Aids In Africa

It's now a continental disaster in Africa
Millions are perishing
Daily thousands are dying
Hospitals are full of AIDS patients
It's shocking the rate which people are dying.

Medical facilities are over-stretched
The African economy being paralysed
Able bodied men and women are perishing
Living the young and the old
Without someone to care for them
Orphans are found everywhere
Africa is perishing.

Poverty is increasing daily
Yet Africa is a rich continent
Destitute are found in cities and towns
Streets kids, mothers and father are increasing
The breadwinners are being wiped by AIDS
It's sorrowful, pitiful about the impact of AIDS in Africa.

Many organisations are trying to assist
But they are failing
As more and more money is needed
To assist AIDS victims
It's now upon responsibility of everyone
To assist in the prevention of AIDS.

The duty is not for governments alone
But for all Africans to unite and fight against AIDS
Let's All Africans promote sex after marriage
And sing our daily motto
"Stick to one partner"
Let the message spread across Africa.
So as to reduce the consequences of AIDS.


Day in day out I am always suffering
No permanent place to sleep
Hunger, hunger my stomach complains
The mouth always dry
Bins are the sources of my food
Clothes are tattered and torn
When I cry for help, no one come to my rescue

Everyday I am always shouting
Begging in the city centre streets
Where the riches do their shopping
Sometimes I don’t because of weakness and hunger
They always scold me and neglect me

I walk barefooted
My teeth always dirt
My hair scruffy
No toothpaste and soap available
I use water from public places

My fellows go to school
Whilst I am busy walking in the streets
My relatives denied me
I am an opharn
I have no one to care for me

When I seek help from churches
They say we have no money
Public places are the source of water
I hope one day in my life
God will rescue me
From this bondage of poverty

Today, Nature Cried For Me

I heard nature cry today
For it had felt my pain
I’ve never seen it react this way
It felt my tender shame
For I have walked the streets
With my head towards the ground
Life is hard to defeat
When society beats you down.

Tears rolled down uncontrollably
This pain I couldn’t control
For inside, pain was breaking me
And destroying my soul
See, I was a normal person
With many dreams and hope
Then I begin hurting
And my life went down the slope.

Depression hit me hard
Like it never hit before
My heart I couldn’t guard
While hope walked out the door
As I was walking all alone
I heard thunder burst
I thought it was just the weather
That’s what came to mind first
But it released its tears
And its rain begin to pour
I guess it felt my fears
And couldn’t hold back anymore
I saw the sky turn from blue to gray
As tears rolled down its eyes.

I couldn’t believe this happened today
I was in disbelief and very surprised
The enormous trees swayed
Showing its emotion
First time in life I wasn’t betrayed
For I knew it showed devotion
The wind all of a sudden blew
For some apparent reason
It knows what I’ve been through
Proving not all is indecent
Goosebumps became bold
Perhaps it were a lesson to obtain.

That society could sometimes be cold
And cause so much drastic pain
As I walked down further
To a part of world I never knew
I saw the ocean begin to murmur
And heard, ‘don’t let pain break you"
I felt the touch of the sand,
Slowly embracing me
It gently passed my hand
And made its way free
As I dried my eyes,
I saw the weather change
I was caught by surprise
For this was very strange
The thunder stopped bursting
The wind no longer blew
The tress stopped hurting
The ocean’s voice was through
The sun came out bright.

As soon as I dried my red eyes
I saw empathy shown by light
It knew what I’ve felt inside
I learned a lesson today,
That society will never see
Though I must live on this way
I must not let them get to me
Just when I thought my pain was unknown,
I felt and saw nature speak
Right then I knew I wasn’t alone
Because today, nature cried for me.

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