By Umar Abubakar Sidi

The trees, shrubs, gallops, ditches and streams interspersed all over the plain slowed down my speed, that however didn't deter me, I was still running. My heart was thumping as if it will break my ribs and forcefully jump out of my chest, my legs were weak like drought-affected corn stalks in the Sahara, but I was still running...

The way I was running could arouse the envy of a 100m Olympic Sprinter. My movements were swift, fast and calculated; jumping ridges even before getting to them, swaying from left to right to maneuver from obstructions. I was running like a wild cat.

I have to run, not because I like it but because my whole life depends on it. I have to get to the rock before the moon is divorced out of its wedlock. It is there, right now, wedlocked but it is receding slowly and gently away. “The moon stay, please stay....”

I was almost confused a couple of weeks back, when the reins of my Bank were passed on to me. The Branch manager, Mr. John Gashua, placed me to act on his behalf while he proceeded on leave, but he never returned. He was instead, transferred to the Head Office at Lagos and elevated to the status of deputy Managing Director. Since then I have been acting in the capacity of a Manager and I have been doing stunningly well.

As a mark of gratitude and appreciation , I  arranged for a party and a thanksgiving service for next Friday and Sunday respectively. But before then I wanted to give my family special surprise treat. So immediately after breakfast yesterday I bundled my wife and my only son, Patrick, into my car, a BMW X5.

“Darling we are going to Kaduna.” I informed Anita lovingly.

“Kaduna? This early morning?”She queried.

“Yes Kaduna, we are going for a friends function, he is a bosom friend, and I don't want to let him down.”

She argued to let me see reasons why we should not go.   I argued, too, to let her see reasons why we should go. At the end I won, as usual,   I always win.

We took off from our Bungalow in the high brow area of Maitama in Abuja, for Kaduna, after a smooth 6 minutes drive we found ourselves at the much talked Obudu Cattle Ranch in Cross River. We had a breakfast of broiled eggs and fried shrimps. We boarded the cable train, crossed the seven streams, and the seven hills, it was fun, we even roamed the desert, the forest and swam in the pool.

It was while we were in the pool that the incidence occurred. I got out of the pool to pluck a blossoming rose flower for Patrick, from the flower bed in the lawn just outside the pool. I got back to the pool smiling with a rose in hand, but became startled, when I didn't see Patrick to give. The pool was empty, no Patrick, no Anita.

Mmh, they are playing the 'hide and seek’  game again, I thought .By the time I combed the whole pool, dressing rooms, bathrooms, toilets, every where, I realized that it was more than a  hide and seek  game.

Could they have left the pool without being spotted? No, that could not have been possible, as there was only one entrance to the pool. Could there be another outlet! I wondered. I searched the whole place again. No outlet any where apart from the entrance. It was when I decided to lay a complain to the pool guards, that I saw him; a haggard looking old man, staggering on a wooden staff. His skin was dry, squeezed and saggy. His eyes big, sullen and red like the sun about to set, and they were just hanging on his sockets as if they will fall. The way he appeared, suddenly, out of the blue and his appearance can reduce a brave hunter to a fear -stricken rat.

I was about taking to my heels when he told me not to fear, not to run. He told me he is an Apostle sent specifically to me, an Apostle from the moon.

Apostle from the moon, sent to me? I could not believe my ears. It sounded like one of the tales aunty Maria used to tell us when we were kids.  When I finished receiving the message from the moon, sanity was miles of my senses, I could see, feel, smell and think of only one thing: getting to the rock when the moon is wedlocked.

Immediately, I took off my leather shoes, wore the flying sandals the Apostle gave me and began to run. I have to make it to the rock when the moon is wedlocked. But the moon is receding, slowly and gently away from its wedlock. “The moon stay, please stay.....”

The sparkles, dazzles, and glitters of the silky white robes he donned almost blinded my eyes.

“You are welcome, your Highness,”uttered the old man whom I recognized to be the Apostle of the moon. He was no longer the scary old man I saw at the pool. He was different. He was noble.

Before I could open my eyes to say anything he enthused: “It will seem strange, but we have waited for you for six thousand years.”

“Waited for me six thousand years? How?” I responded without making any attempt to suppress the surprise in my voice.

“Your Highness, you are the king of the moon and these are your subjects.” He turned and pointed at an array the white robed men in the distance.

They were standing in multiple rows and columns. I gazed into the horizon; they were every where, as far as I could see. I expected to catch a glimpse the moon craters seen on Neil Armstrong’s pictures of the moon, or people floating, in mid-air but I didn’t see any.

“Moona,” the old man's voice sounded again, “is the kingdom of the moon; its inhabitants are very close but distinct relations of Homosapiena, the Homosapiens.”

I was just standing there like a dummy listening but not really comprehending all he was saying.

“We are the Homo lighta.”

"Homo lighta?”

“Yah, Homo lighta,” said the Apostle amusingly.

“Our only difference with the Homo sapiena is in our basic building blocks of life.”

“You mean the atomic structure.”

“Not really, the difference is not with the atomic structure but with composition of the atom. The Homo sapiena atom is made of dust, while ours is of light.”

This is amazing. I wondered.

“That is why we are capable of extra planetary travels, that is why we move with speed of light and we can't be seeing through the visual spectrum.”

“But I am seeing them, the lighta, the Homo-lighta.”

“No your Highness, you are not seeing them, you are merely sensing them. Remember the thick ray of light that was flashed upon your eyes at the foot of the rock?”

“Yes, I remember,” I answered hurriedly.

“That is emissiona recepta, the emission of extra-sensory receptors. These receptors will enable one to have a pictorial view of any mentally conjured up image. It is a kind of photographic medium between the eyes and the brain, very complex. These receptors, your highness, were flashed upon your eyes.”

“Flashed upon my eyes?”

“Yes, so as to enable you sense a bit of the complexities of Moona.”

“But I am seeing them, the homo lighta, this is real, it is more than a picture.”

“You are right, your highness, but that is one of the wonders of emissiona recepta.”

I was silent.

“Your highness Moona is complex,” the Apostle said in a low tone. "Moona is the centre of the universe.”

That immediately reminded me of the heliocentric theory of Copernicus only that in the heliocentric theory, the sun, not the moon is the centre of the universe.

“Exactly the opposite, your highness, but is more like it, Moona is superior to Suna, Suna is a satellite of Moona.”

This cannot be possible. I wondered.

“You are wondering how? Oh! I see, you are surprised I am catching your thoughts. Don't worry, your highness, you will soon be able to, not only catch but also control other people thoughts, even planetary bodies, your highness, ha ha ha.”

“You mean planetary bodies think?”

“They are living creatures, remember the Gaea hypothesis. The hypothesis which claims that, earth is a living being. They are living beings your highness, they think, sleep, fight, and even conjugate.”

“It is a lie.”

“A fact, Facta scientifica, a scientific fact.”

“You mean it can be scientifically proven?”

“It is. Ever wonder about the Eclipsa?”


“Yes, the eclipse.”

“The solar and lunar eclipse, which occur when the earth comes in between either...”

“That is it, the planatra Intercousa, the conjugal intercourse of the heavenly bodies. That is about the only time extra planetary travels occur, for the non homo lighta. Lunar eclipse is wedlocka moona, wedlock of the moon, while solar eclipse is wedlocka suna, wedlock of the sun.”

“You are wondering about their gender?”

I nodded my head in affirmation.

“Well, no gender, neither male nor female, your highness, there are genderless.”

“But all this does not conform to modern scientific findings.”

“Yes, because science is still a toddler, still struggling to stand, and sometimes it stands wrongly.” He said then turned away and backed me.

“Look at that your highness,” he said while pointing at something. What I saw there is something I have never imagined. I can't really describe it, but it seemed like, large spectrums of rays in different colours and proportions.

“Can you see that?” He asked.


Then he took his face away from it and continued to talk. ‘‘Energy is the band that binds the world. Know that statement?"

“The first phrase in Abraham Grotham's book Energy and the world.” I answered.

“Well, that is an adaptation, Grotham adapted it, the original statement is Copernican.”

“Copernican? What joins a 17th century scientist with a 20th century energy reformer?”

“Energy your highness, energy.”


“Yes energy, Moona supplies the universe’s energy needs. Those spectrums I showed you are Rivara enaga, the river of energy. The river is pumped to all the planets in the Milky Way and beyond. The Rivara enaga is the binding band of the Universe making Moona the centre of the Universe.

God Gracious. Have I found the solution to the world’s unending energy crisis?

“Not yet you highness.” The Apostle said after catching my thoughts.

“Earth’s energy, the crude, nuclear, gas, etc is enaga materiala, material energy, while Moona’s energy is enaga immateriala, immaterial energy, exactly the opposite.

“Enaga immateriala?”

“Yes, immaterial energy your highness, provides the conditions for harnessing material energy; without it life will not exist.”

By now I was curious all I wanted was to hear more.

“Immaterial energy is the energy of the living elements: hydrogen, helium, lithium, oxygen, and the rest.” He said.

“You mean earth's elements, and all the gases we inhale are produced on the moon.”

“Yes, your highness. So your first assignment after you ascend to the throne is Enaga revolutiona, energy revolution.”

“Energy revolution?”

The Apostle nodded his head.

“For a couple of billion years, the flows of Rivara enaga, the river of energy, have not been evenly distributed round the universe.” He said; his voice sounding thick and deep. “Some vandals from our neighboring galaxy, Androgassos have hijacked some flows of the Rivara Enaga for their own selfish needs. This has resulted in the sharp reduction of energy supply in the Universe. That is why on earth you hear issues, like, search for alternative energy sources, Greenhouse effect. Global worming, etc.”
He paused for a few seconds.

"Depletion of the ozone layer is experienced today, because, hydroxona, hydrozone,the gas responsible for thickening the ozone layer has not been supplied to the world for six billion years, it is among the flows hijacked by the vandals of Androgassos.”

“Holy God!” I exclaimed.

"Hydrozona is the richest of all elements, it contains components of the whole 600 million elements.”

“Did you say 600 million elements?”

“You heard me right, your highness.”

“But we were told of only 20 basic elements and 100 others in Chemistry.”

“Because, Science is still a toddler, still struggling to stand.”

I stood there in awe, trying to comprehend what I was hearing.

"Revolutiona enaga is your first task as the king of Moona, the weaponry and the power is already arranged, all that is needed is your, stratagem da methoda, strategy and method.”

“Strategy? Method? Weaponry? Power? Revolution? Is it a war?” I asked the Apostle.

“Yes your highness, a war of some sort against the vandals of Androgassos.”

“So you also produce weapons here?” I asked.

“Not exactly your highness, we modify weapons.”


“Pipas Magnetica, magnetic suction pipes have been strategically connected, from Moona to all the planetary bodies of the universe. Their function is to magnetically suck technologies, ships aircrafts, satellites etc. The Pipa Magnetica on earth is the Trianga Bamuda, the Bermuda triangle.”

“You mean the American Bermuda?”

“Yes. These technologies are studied and modified by the best brains in Moona that is the secret. Secreta Mighta Moona, Secret of the Moona Might.”

Moona must be mighty. I thought.

“And your next task after Enaga revolutiona is the Orda Revasa.”

“And what does this mean?”

“Every thing has a beginning,” explained the Apostle. “The universe came into being after the big bang, you were conceived before you were given birth to, and everything also has an end, after life is death…”

“Is Orda Revasa the end of the universe?” I interrupted.

“Not exactly your highness, it is just a manifestation of Duala Ultimata, the ultimate duality. That is, the dual nature of everything, matter-anti- matter, lightness- darkness, male - female. Presently we are experiencing one side of the Universe; the other side is Orda Revasa. It means everything it the history of the Universe will occur again, the big banga ,big bang, galaxa formata, the formation of galaxies, expansa continua, the continuous expansion of the universe, and for the earth, the Great flood, Egyptian civilization, exodus, slave trade, the great wars, and everything will re-occur, but in exactly opposite proportions, in Orda Revasa , reverse order. Your duty your highness is to oversee the manifestation of Orda Revasa.”

“What a task,” I said after heaving a sigh.

“Your highness, is this not heavy to the ears? Is it not sounding like a tale of fiction? But it is real your highness, everything will be clear to you after the ascensa, ascension.”


“That is when you finally ascend to the throne of Moona, when you wear the Crowna lighta Crowna wisdoma, the Crown of light and wisdom.”

“Look over there your highness,” the Apostle ordered. I looked and behold there it was, a golden crown sparkling, radiating and emitting rays of light.

“All the light of the universe will come to you; you will be a living wisdom, after wearing the crown.”

The phrase: “My holy goodness,” escaped from my lips. I was marveled by artistic craft of the crown.

I can see you are still wondering about Neil Armstrong, well Armstrong never landed on Moona.”

“Then were did he land?” I questioned the Apostle.

“He landed on the Moon, Moona and the Moon are one and the same, but he did not land on Moona.”

“This is gibberish,” I said.

“Complex issues your highness; you will understand all these after wearing the crown.”

If there was anything I wanted was, to wear the crown, even if, only to find answers to my questions."

“Are you ready to wear the crown?” He asked.

“I am ready.” I hurriedly answered.

“Before you wear the crown your highness, you have to perform the Blooda rituala, the ritual of blood. It is difficult.” He said.

He walked away from me and came back holding something that looked like a spear. “Take this,” he said and handed the spear to me, “use it to kill him, and then drink the blood in his heart.”

I hesitated, took a glance at the person he directed me to kill, then suddenly I became jittery, and I threw away the spear.

“You have to kill him your highness,” the Apostle said aggressively.

I stood there like a dummy just staring at him.

“You must kill him your highness,” he said again with a commanding tone.

“Yes you must kill him,” said another voice. The voice was familiar. I had a strong feeling that I have heard it before, a very strong feeling.

I quickly turned to look at the direction the voice came from. My eyes could not believe what I saw. Standing there in white silky robes, adorned like the Apostle and as beautiful as ever was; Anita my wife telling me to murder our only son.

All strength had left me, I was just standing. This is bullshit murder my only son.

“Your, highness, he is not your son, as a matter of fact he is your father.” Said the Apostle.

“Now look, I can stomach all your tales about Moona, the universe and all that. But you can't tell me that my son, who I biologically fathered, is my father!” I responded angrily.

“Okay your highness, then who is your father?” Questioned the Apostle.

“I lost both of my parents in a motor accident when I was barely two years old.”

“You see your folly your highness, you see your folly, Copernicus, the historical Copernicus, is your real father. He is the erstwhile king of Moona; his desire to produce an enviable king out of you is what made him to send you out of Moona to other planets for 6000 years just to acquire leadership experience. Earth, your highness was your last planet of visit.”

“I don't believe all these.” I said.

“But you have to your highness.” He said. “As for Anita she is in reality your guardian, when it was time for you to get married she was made to appear to you and you married her.”

This is unbelievable. I thought.

“You wanted a child with Anita, your father Copernicus also wanted another earthly experience, and so he volunteered to come as your son.”

“Please stop, I don't want to hear this anymore, please.” I begged the Apostle.

“Think of it, your highness," the Apostle continued ignoring my plea. “You were an orphan, but you attended the best schools on earth, you graduated with a first class degree, you got a promising job with an international bank, you drive the best of cars, sleep in the best of houses, married the best of wives. Think of all the academic laurels you won, you bagged the Pulitzer at 21, at 23 you the Nobel Prize, all this began to come after you met Anita, you think it is ordinary?”

I turned to look at Anita who was standing quite close to me. “It is true your highness,” she said convincingly.

“Every thing will be clear after you wear the crown.” The Apostle assured me.

I bent down to pick the spear, looked at Anita then at Patrick; he was surprisingly calm, then I closed my eyes.

“Daddy, what is the sixth commandment?” An infant's voice echoed in my ears.

“Daddy, the sixth commandment?” The voice echoed again.  The sixth commandment? I thought. I clearly remembered the first commandment: Thy shall love thy neighbour as thyself. But the sixth commandment? The sixth commandment...? The sixth commandment...? Then I remembered: Thy shall not kill.

I managed to open my eyes slowly. The widows were locked and the door was shut but I could hear the Grandfather clock off the street chime. It rang  six times. Patrick, my six year old son was on my reading table, fixedly staring at the framed photo of my hero, my idol: NICOLAUS CORPENICUS.


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