By Joseph Edward

Rampant cases of marriages were reported in Southern Sudan where by the girl is sold as properties and considered as a sources of wealth their families in the southern Sudan, the system is said to be traditional or culturally, and most of these marriages were done in respect of religion, but ladies denied that its not traditional and said that the system was adopted from the decolonization of the Arabs, in the Arab world women and ladies are not recognized and even sold out to men just like any property, and its exactly happening to day in South despite of the separation of the region from the Arabs domination, ladies who fear to be victims of this marriage discloses.

A southern Sudanese University student lady Miss Juana Betty was the most worried lady and she said that she is seeing danger of being a victim of the entire act. What will south Sudanese adopt from the Arabs despite of the overwhelm referendum polling in favor of the separation? She posted a question, “is the separation only political or too socially, and are the people still to continue with Arab cultures and if it is the case, can South Sudanese ladies be compared to cattle or any other man made items like gold and diamond” ladies spoke angrily.

What the value of human being compared cattle, sheep and money which is making many parents to panic, ladies asked the population and continued, “our parents forgot on how they can make girls to enjoy happy marriages, but rather focus on which person has a lot of cattle and money there daughters should marry, in most cases this marriages are being proposed by the parents instead of the ladies to look on which person love her and promised her happy marriage.

Southern Sudan is large state with every many ethnicities with different cultures and traditions, marriages differ from ethnicity to the other, many ethnicities are working hard to reduce the practices of valuing their daughters to animals and encourage their daughters to go for education, but many did not realize the effect of giving a girl to person out of her choice, and they still continue forcing there girls to marry rich people, but  Betty said such marriages is like live imprisonment  and a lady who felt not to be mentioned said educated girl can generate  more money than the money being collected from people just for the sack of wealth but not happy marriage, our parents are looking after wealth, forgetting that marriage is understanding, what if I decided to divorce, will they return the unnecessary dowries and if this all happen how will meet with my friend even after divorce, will we still greed ourselves or the process will increase the anger and my value will reduce to zero incase the dowries were not returned, women value themselves in most cases.

A want our parents to think the importance of girls a per from being sources of wealth just by being given to rich people, if a lady is educated, she will generate more than the money that are collected from such marriages, which gives the girl a life of total slavery,  as most cases these husbands though paying a lot of dowries means buy the girl, “if my father collected a lot of money from my boyfriend then my value will be no where any more  and my friend will look at me just like any property in his house.

Marriage is not paying money, but it’s a union of a girl and a boy, so any thing that is given to the parents of the girl are appreciations and its suppose to depends on what the family of the boy have, Akanya also said that if any girl was married and her parents demand a lot of money from the family of the boy then she will not enjoy the act of being married, but she will be seen as house girl and the girl will lost respect from her in-laws.

A lady who was forced to marry an old man in Rumbek cloud not accept, but rather committed suicide, this was reported in Sudan tribune last year and it really amused many parents who though to practice the act, ladies are real focusing on the modernity and the European lifestyles which result from the current education which made women powerful and the rights of women following international women world recognition, rights of girls are crucial, but in Southern Sudan less attention was on girls rights.

Marriage is enjoyable only when the girl and her partner are in free situation where the boy nor his family is given pressure by the parents of the girl, how will the girl fill if the boy is sentenced for prisons just because their friendship, such act embrace the girl even the marriage is canceled.

Serious case was reported in Nyakuron, a lady was engaged to a boy and the brothers of the girl decided to attack the boy which was said be in accordance to the Pojulo cultures, Pojulo is a tribe in central Equatoria state, they are hostile to any body who is found of engaging their ladies, so the brothers to the lady’s  boyfriend and beat the boy to dead, after the incident police came and arrested the brothers to the girl, when the girl heard that her boyfriend was killed because of their relationship, she decided to take over doze drugs out of the notices of her parents suddenly the girl died just immediately the same evening, now the case is still in police. Pojulos are based in Lainya County.

Collecting unnecessary money from marriages can not make the married girl enjoy her marriage and she will be in burdens of slavery for the rest of her live as divorce is heavily forbidden.

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