By Joseph Edward

The allocation of the 94,713,396 millions pounds for the celebration of the 9th July 2011 southern Sudan independence, sound as wastage of funds to the opposition and the southern communities because this funds might cater for services delivery to the citizens who voted for the independence as most of the funds is going to used for the benefit of diplomats and some individual in the government, the leader of the opposition in the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly, Hon.Onyoti Adigo disclosed to the press.

Hon. Adigo last week said the budget allocated for the celebration must be cut down, according to him the Ministry of finance has allocated more money for security despite southern Sudan has its security personals in place, the SPLA are ready to maintain the security at that the day and they need no much money because the have their constant salaries, maintaining the security in the independent day is part of the SPLA duties.

Quoting the government expenditures, he said that the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) in general is spending most of its budget on salaries and operational cost meanwhile less its budget was meant for services, which doesn’t give meaning to good governance because the characteristic of good governance is sufficient services delivery to the citizens.

He further said that GOSS is spending almost all of its funds on operational cost because it hold more than Ministers and advisors in expensive hotels and of which they are still paid house allowance and he disclosed that the Government have also brought many post holders which has diverted some funds in the budget, making most of the money going for salaries.

The head of the opposition said that even the ministry of finance has allocated most of its budget for operational cost rather than service delivery to the National, as the opposition pointed this the parliament break apart accusing the opposition in pointing individual, coding the Assembly business code of conduct, disagreeing with the opposition is the Minister parliamentary affairs Hon. Michael Makuei Lueth saying that the opposition to withdraw the abusive awards he used upon the Government.

“The President of the government of southern Sudan has more than twenty advisors, the ministers with there advisors and down to the states governors, if the government is bringing many post holders, how can it put money for service delivery? The opposition questioned the government.

He also disclosed that the Ministry finance has given over two hundred exemption to private companies this year, which is cutting down the government revenue.

Meanwhile challenging the government on unnecessary expenditure, Adigo said allocation of money to Southern Kordofan, Southern Blue Nile and Abyei region is not the responsibility of the government of Southern Sudan; he defined the allocation of funds to this state as illegal saying that it’s not reflected even in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

Talking this, he revealed that the government of the Southern Sudan has allocated Eight (8) million pounds for Abyei region, three (3) million for Southern Kordofan and three (3) million too to Southern Blue Nile despite these places are not part of Southern Sudan.

He further said that the money allocated for these places are the funds which suppose to be used for services in the south ahead of its independence.

He said allocation of budgets which mostly focuses on operation cost and less for services has caused lack of proper hospital and poor schools making all the Ministers to take their children to international education to the neighboring countries and over seas.

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