This is a short clip from the powerful film Sankofa. The film was directed by Ethiopian born filmmaker, Haile Gerima, who is based in United States. Sankofa opened 1994 as a widely acclaimed film. The film is about slavery, African resistance to the institution, and mental destruction on the psyche. This is a must watch.

"The mother of all independence songs, this moving piece by the great Joseph Kabasele Tshamala (Grand Kalle) - the father of Congolese music and his band African Jazz, was the anthem of the independence movement which began the process by which the Belgian Congo was to become an independent Congo. The accompanying slide also pays tribute to Patrice Lumumba - the political father of the Congo, and one of the greatest African statesmen ever." -- Foreignmovies.

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Africa Knowledge Project is an academic resource that offers journals and databases. Check them out.

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Africa Knowledge Project (AKP) publishes peer-reviewed journals and academic databases.

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Africa House is an Africa and Diasporian gallery. Africa House accepts proposals for submission on a rolling basis.

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