By honouring Achebe they have redressed what is seen in Africa - and beyond - as the acute injustice that he has never received the Nobel prize, allegedly because he has spent his life struggling to break the grip of western stereotypes of Africa. One of his most famous essays is an onslaught against Joseph Conrad's masterpiece Heart of Darkness, a novel about a European's descent into savagery in Africa.

Rev Chikane, now the director of President Thabo Mbeki's office, sat behind the five elderly, grey haired accused who laced his underwear with a nerve agent that nearly killed him when he was secretary general of the South African Council of Churches. The cleric said he forgave the men for trying to murder him. Mr Vlok, a born-again Christian, is the only former cabinet minister who has admitted to apartheid-era crimes. It was his extraordinary plea for forgiveness to Rev Chikane, as he washed the cleric's feet, that led to the prosecution.

The Norwegian minister was being interviewed by two Ghanaian editors, Asare Otchere-Darko and Kweku Baako, during their visit to Norway to investigate matters involving evidence before a Norwegian court that top people under the National Democratic Congress government received bribes of more than $4 million from Scancem with the purpose of consolidating the then Norwegian-owned firm's hold in the local cement industry. When it was disclosed to Mr. Solheim that ongoing investigations by the Auditor-General in Ghana suggest there could be underhand dealings in very recent payments totalling $22,555.7836 ( 209.4 million) made by Ghacem from 2002 to 2004 alone, his answer was swift: "If any Norwegian company or individual is caught in malpractices in Africa or elsewhere we will not accept it. We will clamp down on them," adding that the country's anti-bribery law, enacted in 2003, will be allowed to take its course.

The Rev Richard Kirker, chief executive of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM) said: “It would be perfectly consistent for Archbishop Akinola to start an English version of his Church, and while I am saddened by his divisive intentions there are some few who will find comfort under his brazenly homophobic creed.” Kirker declared: “It has been clear for some time that under the guidance of Peter Jensen (the Archbishop of Sydney) the Nigerian Church has been distancing itself from the Church of England and particularly the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury.”

In December 2003, Willard E. Brown confessed to the 1984 rape and stabbing death of Deborah Sykes after DNA testing linked him to the crime. His confession led to the release of Darryl Hunt, who had served about 18 years of a life sentence for a crime he always denied committing. On February 6, 2004, Superior Court Judge Anderson Cromer vacated Hunt's murder conviction in the case. Cromer dismissed the case against Hunt "with prejudice," meaning he can never be tried in the murder again. Over the course of its inquiry from 2005-2007, a citizens committee revealed mistakes made by law-enforcement officers in the handling of the Sykes case and three other rape cases that occurred in the same time frame. In February 2007, their report was released and the city issued a formal apology to Darryl Hunt.

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