But most French rap songs show a deep urge to articulate what would otherwise go unexpressed in words, and - whatever your feelings about the genre - many do so with invention. The French language, with its repeated end of word inflections, is widely recognised as lending itself to rap, and even masters of the form in the US have been complimentary. Today many French rappers are saying that if only their words had been listened to, the suburban violence might never have occurred.

I like to watch white comedians and stars imitate us, because it reflects just how they see us. It lets me know what level we’re on. What we’ve accomplished and what we need to work on. They dress in gold chains and baggy pants. Hop around on stage pretending to dance. Saying “Yo yo yo this is how blacks talk. Look at my gait, this is how blacks walk.” Last time I checked we had more style, class, and finesse without all of the platinum, diamonds, cars and mess. But with all of the money and fame, we still appear lame. Sometimes I’m ashamed.

Jay Z then tells us that because of his necklace, he always has blind dates. That's an excellent play on words because it seems as if he's saying that because he has a lot of money (evidenced by his platinum and diamond necklace), that he has to be set up on blind dates so he won't be judged for his money and the ladies won't get to see what's inside of his heart and miss his wholesome goodness. LOL Knowing Jay Z, though, what he actually means is that his dates often end up blind because of the power of his "bling-bling" (evidenced by his platinum and diamond necklace) that sparkles too bright and knocks out their eyesight. BUT, BUT, BUT, he tells us . . . TODAY IS A NEW DAY! Today, Jay Z tell us, "I got my thoroughest girl wit' me". Now, let's just stop right there. The suffix -est could mean that he has more than one woman in mind. I realize you probably don't believe me, so let's just go to the dictionary, shall we?

I thought of my distaste for thug lovin' when I saw the video for 50 Cent's "21 Questions," and witnessed the beautiful Meagan Goode (of Eve's Bayou and Biker Boyz fame) play the role of the "ride or die chick" and all I could do is shake my head. Playing the "ride or die chick" in a biker movie is a far cry from playing one the way thug lovers play it. But since so many women claim they want "bad boys" and some of y'all actually enjoyed hearing ole crazy Bobby Brown singin' how we missed his "lovin', huggin' and thug lovin'", I decided that I had no choice but to give my own answers to "21 Questions", since 50 Cent seems so sincere in asking them.

But the pain that Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim share are not just their own. It's something that has seemingly plagued nearly every little Black girl around the world, especially if they are minorities in their countries. But, issues such as the prominent use of fading cream among African women and men, in countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, show that this is not just about being a minority---it's about dealing with the system of white supremacy, where images of white women as the standard of beauty, where crimes against white people are deemed to be more important and, in short, where Black life is devalued, across the board. Sometimes we fall for this like Eddie Murphy did in his "Raw" comedy routine where he totally disrespected African women.

Had Jay-Z been a woman talking bout : "niggas ain't shit, you broke like a nigga, always talking bout you gon? do something but you be coming up short.", men would immediately run for the hills and wonder "what happened to her?". It's obvious Lil' Kim, Foxy, Trina, Khia, and Jackie O- the nooky girl, and any other sextress is severally flawed whether their lyrics are personal or "spoon read"; I think we can agree they have deep issues. But Jay is the poster child for men's issues universally. Whether deep seated resentment for his mother or an ex as described in "Song Cry", he never understood why the girl he had decided was "the one" would dare sleep with another man and therefore break his heart. He never saw anything wrong with his indiscretions and it took him over a decade to apologize and even then he exclaims " I can't see it coming down my eyes so I got to make the song cry".

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