Much of K'Naan's lyrical ire is directed at the establishment, whether it's the horrendous conditions of his native and war-torn Somalia or the US-led war on terror, about which he asks in "Hoobaale," "how can they go to war to terror when it's war that's terrorizing?" K'Naan caused a stir in 2001 when he used his performance at the 50th anniversary of the UN Commission for Refugees to rail against the UN's failure to bring relief to his homeland, which has seen the violence between warlords and the military escalate in recent weeks.

Well I first started off as a rapper that looked up to the States and whatever they had to say. I soon after decided to put it to rest cuz it felt wrong writing lyrics that I couldn't relate to. After focusing on production and hundreds of artists a voice grew within me, it gave me ideas on how I could create something original and yet meaningful. This was the birth of Wawesh, the project which is meant to inspire and help push things forward in the name of African Urban music.

His highly rotated late-2005 debut single, "Mjanja" was heard on street corners, dancefloors, and internet connections worldwide and remains a major anthem in Kenya. The follow up single, "Wawero" and its high-spec video exceeded that success thus cementing his status in pan-Africa as an artist with serious intent. Any remaining doubts on that were fully eradicated upon release of his superb and highly acclaimed album.

Vanity Fair does tell great stories and serious ones, but it sits atop the American magazine industry, in no small part because it takes as its preoccupations the needs and doings of the idle rich. The current Hollywood issue is its biggest ever, 500 pages jammed with glitz, celebrity and so many ads that the magazine could injure someone if it fell off the coffee table. Just outside Mr. Carter’s office, a framed to-do list with hundreds of items details Vanity Fair’s preparations for one of its past Oscar parties, which is a long way from Mogadishu.
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