Africa Resource Center is proud to host and publish the following five refereed academic ejournals devoted to the promotion of research and scholarship of importance to the global African community and friends of Africa. This list includes links to each journal publication.

African Philosophy [AP], a peer-reviewed online journal that promotes the study of African and African Diaspora philosophy and studies worldwide from a broad (critical) perspective. The journal provides a forum for discussing philosophical issues pertaining to African and African Diaspora politics, legal theory, jurisprudence, aesthetic sensibilities, values, metaphysics and cultural traditions.

Ijele: Art eJournal of the African World [IJELE], a peer-reviewed online journal of contemporary art and architecture, art history and criticism, focusing exclusively on the visual creative expressions of artists in Africa and other regions of the world. As well, it also highlights the work of non-African / non-Diaspora artists who use iconography and symbolisms derived from any of the artistic traditions of Africa. Ijele: Art eJournal provides a forum for scholarly articles of the highest quality.

JENdA: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies [JENDA], a peer-reviewed journal which focuses on social, political, economic, and cultural concepts and categories that shape the lives of women in different African societies. It examines the strategies women have mobilized to grapple with global, regional and local economic constraints; and how they have negotiated global boundaries in the context of trade as they sought a better life for their family. JENdA documents and responds to debates on women's history and studies in African social, cultural, political, and economic systems. It creates a forum for African women scholars, analysts and activists to participate on an equal footing with their contemporaries worldwide in debates, exchanges of ideas, and the creation and documentation of knowledge.

ProudFlesh: New Afrikan Journal of Culture, Politics, and Consciousness [PROUDFLESH], a peer-reviewed journal short promotes Black Life, its Culture, Politics and Consciousness, for “All Over the World” Afrikans, in a world that seeks to take Black life away. We aim to be youthful and old in perspective, both fresh and wise. We are about creation, opposition, and more with respect to mind, body and spirit. Socially. Economically. Artistically. Sexually. Critically, we seek revolutionary words and strive to make them flesh.

West Africa Review [WAR], is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal, devoted to research on the countries, societies, and peoples from Cape Verde to Cameroun. It provides a much-needed forum for original work and works of synthesis being done by scholars of West Africa in and outside of the region West Africa Review facilitates productive exchanges among scholars of the region wherever they may be.

Knowledge Project

Africa Knowledge Project is an academic resource that offers journals and databases. Check them out.

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LivewireRasta Livewire is a leading blog that provides in-depth viewpoints from Rastas in Africa and African Diaspora.

Africa Knowledge Project (AKP) publishes peer-reviewed journals and academic databases.

Ojedi is an online retailer of fine art and exceptional handcrafted pieces from around the world.

Africa House is an Africa and Diasporian gallery. Africa House accepts proposals for submission on a rolling basis.

African Event Posters show posters of events at Africa House.

African Gourmet Dinners shows images of African gourmet dishes.