December 18, 2021

She is a bit lost without her husband. She really misses him and his soft warmth and afternoon kisses.

Their romance was epic, a lifetime lived in a brief span, like a twin flame. She was his princess and treated her in a way that no man has.

It was instant, their chemistry was insane, but she had all of that before he died, the lover. It was a momentous time and affair, the act of dying, but she thinks of him and his soft caress, and how he would make things for her, and how he loved and cherished her.

She was his water and it pains him not to be together in flesh. The experience of having lived with this incredible woman, loved this vivacious woman, protected this woman, was a once in a lifetime feeling. He would cross the galaxy just to put a smile on her face, but she is fine. Some days are better than others, but she is fine.