Message from the Beyond

January 21, 2022

The daughter of Kobi (Kobe) really thought the world of his (her) father, her father could do no wrong, and she enjoyed the privilege of her upbringing and it was that privilege that robbed her a life, but she is okay before she has lived previously, and lived a long life.

In this incarnation she came to a friend to Kobe, to keep him company, through his fights, and all the things he was going through. It was more of a father and daughter relationship, a sort of kinship, a rescue attempt to resuscitate Kobe, to bring him to a place of glory.

She was a brave girl and a fighter. She was really all about Kobe. She came as his lifeline, to rescue him from himself. They were friends and together, they left as compadres.

The last word is in Spanish, came out as comperades, then comprades.