Message from the Beyond

December 18, 2021

He was the shot caller that has transitioned, his death was a surprise to him, and a bit bumped out by how many people him that day.

He saw the accident coming in fact they all saw it but were powerless, freaked out as to all the things he wanted to do, those things that he delayed, and those apologies he has been meaning to make but all now to no avail. They are gone like a memory in the wind and didn't get to resolve his peace and the actions that weighed on him.

Visually, he seemed cool, but the incident at Val never left him. It changed him and his dynamic with his family. He loved his wife, could not produce a male child, so all the girls he had are for a reason. The lesson of the father that his children now carry, and to amend. Things might be a bit rough in the coming months. Watch out.