Tobacco Companies versus The Herb Farmers — Don Jaide

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Respect For The Ganja Planters

My Lords and my Ladies, I wish to devote this section to certain matters touching on the rights of the people to health and security.

It is weird to remember that today we live in a society where tobacco companies are legal and respectable entites, while the ganja planter is a hated and demonized felon.

It is an irony a sad spectacle, but we shall disect it in the following paragraphs.

Tobacco companies make billions of dollars in sales each year. Tobacco companies seduce hundreds of million of youngsters between the ages of 8 years old and 12 years old into the use of the highly addictive drug nicotine through ad campaigns and promotions. For most of these youngsters it becomes a life long habit which leads to costly consequences for those youths and for the society.

For those youths, nicotine is the gateway drug since many of them will pursue the other highs of other different drugs after experimenting with the first buzz of tobacco.

Billions of people all over the world are addicted to the active drug/chemical in the substance to known as tobacco. This chemical as most of us know is the infamous nicotine.

Nicotine is bad. It is a chemical poison pure and true. Nicotine in the right dosage (and we are talking of milliliters) can poison the system of a man rapidly and kill him. Nicotine is a poison.

18th century North and South America, people used nicotine as a pesticide. In Africa people used and still use nicotine as a pesticide.

That is the essence of nicotine. It is a poison. For that reason, the aboriginals of North America who gave tobacco and nicotine to the world, who used tobacco for thousands of years as a sacred plant, did not smoke tobacco. They burnt the leave in ceremonial fireplaces and inhaled the smoke as it waffed in the air. They did not, they did not smoke tobacco every day like people do today.

This is the first people on earth to ever smoke this poison tobacco through their lungs on a daily basis. This western people. Our west. Yes, we are the only ones to introduce and sustain smoking of tobacco in the history of mankind.

This is because of the ad campaigns, other charms and wiles of tobacco companies, who make it seem right, normal, proper, and sexy that people should smoke a chemical poison. A pesticide.

Besides nicotine, there are hundreds of other chemicals mixed into that tobacco including arsenic, tar, nitre, etc all carcenogenious substances.

Millions are dieing of causes directly related to the ingestion of these poisonous chemicals.

Yet the nicotine mechants are honourable men in the society. They leave in opulence and arrogance over the bones of those they poisoned. They build libraries, churches, and leave endowments in the universities.

They are the pillars of the economy of the western world. Tobacco companies are protected by the laws of the “highly developed” western countries. They are absolved from blame under a legal fiction of “self responsibility” i.e. that every one is responsible for the consequences of his consumption choices.

But don’t ever forget that those men in their cadillacs and limousines are all guilty of the murder of those little youths entrapped between the ages of 8 years old and 16 years old and enticed into the highly addicitive, difficult to break habit of nicotine consumption. They had no chances against the wily wolves set on them, there were just between 8 years and 16 years old. That is when most tobacco smokers started. That is when they are enslaved to this poisonous drug nicotine.

And then they are slowly poisoned. Over the years…for sure. They are struck with all kinds of affliction including, cancer, and cardiac disease. They die slow painful and costly deaths eventually. Costly to themselves and to society. Amidst this tragedy the tobacco man is a billonaire power broker in the system, while the ganja dealer is threatened with a long jail sentence.

Now, the herb is something that has been checked all over the world. In several hundreds of scientific studies. And they come up with this idea they call THC and CB. So THC and CB are the two main chemical substances in marijauna. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol whereas CB stands for cannabinol. CB is divided into two categories CB1 and CB2.

Now, research all over the world, find out that THC and CB1 and CB2 do a whole heap of work. They prevent the occurrence of cancers because they are anti-inflammatories. They keep the body in a certain hemostatic balance which promotes vitality and longevity.

CBs have been found to be natural components of the human cells. It is as if each cell has a pre-configured setting for cannabinol. Only cannbinol molecules either manufactured by the body (yes, the body does manufacture its own cannabinol something called dopamine or anandamide) or gotten from the herb can fit into those settings. Once the cannabinol molecules are co-join with those pits in each body cell they induce a state of good health systemically and emotionally.

What we are smpily saying here is that ganja is not a poison. The herb is a a giver and promoter of life as confirmed by scientific research. Yet, it is declared a criminal plant.

Here is the herb, the giver of life, wisdoma and wealth. A guardian of the land, here is the herb, and see how them make it a criminal thing.

They set police to burn down acres of farm land in Africa, in Jamaica, to destroy the livelihood of the humble farmer, in the name of fighting ganja, a confirmed giver of life.

Today the herb is used in hospitals, and incorporated as part of the medical tools used to fight and manage critical conditions such as glacoma, certain types of cancer, emphysema, immune suppression, chronic pains etc in countries such as Holland, Spain, Canada and the Scandinavian countries.

Yet, in those same countries, as well as other countries of the western world and those within their sphere of influence, there is a negative official attitude to the herb.

The fight against the herb goes on in United States though the free will of the people is fighting back now. The fight against ganja goes on in Africa, killing, crushing and destroying poor farmers and traders because they trade in a substance that promotes life and wisdom, while the killers of the earth, the makers of the tobacco poison, they are the ones that appoint judges and lawyers over us. And they set the police against we to destroy we farms, and we stalls, and to destroy the seed that grows the herb which Jah created.

The herb which cures the earth.

They criminalize the herb which cures the earth and promote nicotine.

They also promote alcohol, psychosis-inducing anti-depressants, morphine (numerous types of pharmaceuticals incorporate morphine e.g. codine), heroine (remember the opium war), cocaine and many other addictions.

It is an irony, a sad spectacle, we see it every day.

One must make his choices in a wise manner, in these times.

One Love

Don Jaide

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One thought on “Tobacco Companies versus The Herb Farmers — Don Jaide”

  1. This is nothing knew.
    American scientists had that info in 1974 even though they continue to persuade people take their life threatening prescription drugs (of which some of my closest friends are addicted).
    If the government wants to stop kids from taking drugs that “open their mind” and make them “drop out” than they should stop pushing drugs on them and the American people that in fact numb the mind and the senses.
    Many children with ADHD are given large quantities of health threatening drugs that “get them to behave”.
    It should be no supprize that many of these kids (after years of having their senses numbed out) decide to then take the “other drugs” that increase their mind and sense activation-and or stimulation.
    Once America becomes a nation of non-smoking teetotalers than it will have the moral authority to declare a “war on drugs”, once it ceases promoting the philosophy of the “quik fix”.
    Mabey the youth would then be unattracted to drugs that give them freedom from society.
    Until then they can expect their children to eventually discover the drugs that “free their mind”; an act which is in fact essential when you have been dead on prescription drugs your whole life.
    If the youth of India started taking LSD and smoking pot it would be quite a tradgety because Indian culture is so pure when it comes to REAL health.
    But in America taking LSD and marijuana is essential to climbing out of the deep pit in which the drug companies, FDA, have left it’s citizens.
    It is the way to gradually evolve out of the genetically damaging effects that American life will have on it’s future generations.
    The perfect detox from American drugs (or individuals who a strongly dependent on sense numbing drugs) is to take LSD and marijuana for two or three years (LSD no more than 10 times a year of course)(marijuana no more than once a day) directly followed by a complete herbal detox regiment for five years, even still followed by a more or less vegetarian diet of organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and multi-vitamins.
    After 10 years of gradual mental, physical, and spiritual detoxification then, mabey, America will be able to defeat it’s drug and health problem permanently.
    In life one must not go to extremes, and this is why I suggest first replacing the over the counter sense numbing drugs with natural and psychoactive-transcendental ones, because you should not go from being a comfortably numb drug addict to a drug free individual in the wink of an eye, this could have strange effects on the evolution of the genetic family.
    As for hard illegal drug addiction one must look into the psychoactive plant known as “ibogain” it substantially lowers withdraw symptoms from previous dope fiends, coke monsters, and cracks heads in 3 days!
    Of course this extreme treatment for such an extreme mental illness is totally illegal because it is not “manufactured” by the “drug companies”.
    Doesn’t it just make you want to declare jihad against these devils?
    I just finished reading a book by Kevin Trudeau entitled “Natural cures “they” don’t want you to know about”.
    In it he describes how the FDA purposely looks to annihilate all natural opposition to the “profits” by conducting smear campaigns on all natural cures for various health problems.
    Whether it is a cure for cancer, aids, or addiction it seems that those who run these companies are trying to make people sicker in the long run by giving them a drug that works like a charm in the short run (and they have the nerve to criticize the hippies!)
    Rather than stimulating creativity and cures for the ills of society the drug lobbyists prefer to have the working Americans on Prozac as they sell them chemically dangerous food that makes them depressed, hungry, fat and in search of a momentary rush.
    If people thought more reasonably instead of in terms of “the saved and the unsaved” mabey many of the social and cultural problems that are only fuel for the drug problem in America could be permanently won.
    Living in truth is eventually the most rewarding, and since we will be dead when future generations inherit the earth it would only be wise to seek the solutions that will conquer fear, lies, and death for the the future instead of ALWAYS relying on the “quick fix” which is all marijuana and other psychoactive plants do for it’s users anyway(giving them a moment of heaven in a hellish world of lies and cyclical death).
    Only then will America get over it’s drug problem.
    Until then “inhale, smile, and precede to the next song” as Abbie Hoffman once said.

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