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By Andre Austin

This title was stolen from Ivan Van Sertima who wrote “They Came Before Columbus”. The ancient Egyptians travel to America and Turkey before the legends of Columbus and others took off on their adventures. Egypt sacked Troy before Greece did.

The Trojan war was fought in 1200BC allegedly because the husband of Helen, Menelaos was upset at Helen being kidnapped to Troy in modern day Turkey. Homer wrote about this story from oral tales in 800BC. Before this time Greeks didn’t write until the Egyptians passed it on to them through their mercenaries called Phoenicians. Egypt invented writing not Mesopotamia/Iraq.

Homer called Greeks Danaans, Argives and Achaians. Danaos was Egyptian and his daughters were Ethiopian. The two most important gods Homer writes about is Zeus and Apollo who originally came from Ethiopian and then migrated to Egypt. Zeus real name was Amen and Apollo true name was Horus.

Why I was denied these basic facts in middle and high school. The information may have motivated me to be all I could be by hitting the books harder? The Egyptians colonized Athens, Greece too. Athens called their local goddess Athena, names after the Egyptian Neith. My high school teacher never told me that Menelaos died in Egypt (Strabo Book 17:17) or that Herodotus 2:116 reports to us that Helen was never in troy during the war but was Egypt. Now we getting into some deep stuff. My white teachers neglected the basic fundamentals of Educations to give me the pro and con then allow me to decide what the truth was.

600 years before the Trojan war Black Egyptians planted their flags in Troy in victory under Pharaoh Senwosret. There was three Senwosret in the Egyptian kings list. One was nicknamed Nimrod the tall Black Ethiopian ( 101 myths of the Bible By G. Greenberg p.102). Before Agamemnon stormed Troy Sesostris/Senwosret was there. We had our own little Trojan war (Black Spark, White Fire by R. Poep.71).

Traditions reports that Homer traveled to Egypt. Homer learnt from the Egyptian priests that the Nile was “Heaven Fed” and “Sky fallen river” (Odyssey 4:580) stolen phrase directly from Egyptian poems. What about the story of the wooden horse? Is there a Egyptian parallel? Martin Bernal thinks so.

“The story of the wooden horse has no close parallel in Near Eastern literature, but it has often been compared with an Egyptian account of how Thuti, a general under Tuthmosis (1479-1427BC) took Joppa Palestine . He apparently been besieging without success…

He tricked them into opening the gates

“The gates of Joppa were opened for them. Once they were in, soldiers equipped with bonds and fetters leapt out of the baskets and seized all the able bodied men in sight.” Yes the Greeks and Homer must concede the single most important theme in Greek legend to Egypt (Black Athena writes Back By M.Bernal p.330-331)

Homer learnt this and other poems he stole from the state of Egypt. Homer wasn’t a racist he admitted that blacks helped Agamemmon fight “Who were arming themselves amid a cloud of footmen. Thick black clumps of sturdy younkers moved towards the battle, bristling with spears and shields” (The Iliad Book 4:280)

Reference Notes:

1. A Hymn to the Aton worshippers report 400 years before Homer born:
“Thou hast set a Nile in Heaven
That it may fall for them”-(The life and times of Akhenaton by Weigall p.133) Homer stole this line in Odyssey 4: 580 and maybe even the Wooden horse tale.

2.“The names of the gods were brought into Greece from Egypt” Herodotus Book 2:52.

3 Sesostris Invading Europe Herodotus Book 2:102-103

4 Helen in Egypt Herodotus Book 2:116

5. The Greeks used Helen as a pretext what they really wanted control of the Black sea trade route. The Egyptians wanted the same plus their tin was used to make weapons. Tin was like oil is now. The Greeks raided towns near Troy for their food. Lack of food cause an alliance to gather up for the advantage of Troy.

6. The story about the Trojan Horse isn’t told in Homer’s two books but in Virgil’s Aeneid. Virgil called Helen “Whorishness” 2:755.

7. “By what the gods unjustly had decreed,
The Danaans (Greeks) in the belly. Opened wide
The (Trojan) horse emitted men; gladly they dropped
Out of the cavern, captains first…then the master builder
Epeos, who designed the Horse decoy
Into the darkened city, buried deep
In sleep and wine, they made their way,
Cut the few sentries down” -Aeneid Book 2: 345-355

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