The story of the Ottoman Turks and their Occupation of Asia Minor – A Retrospect

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The Ottoman Turks Who Invaded Asia Minor

The Ottoman Turks were one of the tribes of the Turanian race; their main homeland was central Asia, from the Ural mountains to the plain of Turkistan of China.

Kyrgyzes, Turkmens, Mongols, Seljuk Turks, Tajiks, Tartars, … could be named as other tribes of the Turanian race. They were nomad and tent-dweller tribes that always had been wandering from place to place and subsisting of robbing and plundering the villagers and non-wanderers.

The Turks left their homeland, which was the Turkistan of China because of successive attacks of Mongols, and droughts.

During the domination of the Seljuk Turks in the 13th century, they wandered to Asia Minor and Anatolia (present day Turkey) and in a very short period of time, created a huge empire.

It was spread on one side from Greece and all the Christian Balkan countries to the gates of Vienna in Europe, and on the eastern side to Iran and Armenia.

In the south it dominated all the Arabian countries, such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia; also in northern Africa, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Tunisia.

After the conquest of Constantinople, the capital of Byzantium, by Sultan Muhamed II in 1453, the dream Byzantine empire was annihilated. Then for about 350 years, up to the end of the 18th century, the Ottomans made Europe their invasion land and during this time, the realm of the empire was not tampered with.

After that, the Ottoman, in the fight against Safavid Iran, occupied all of Armenia and even some parts of Georgia and Azerbaijan of Iran.

The king of Iran -Shah Abass- tried to retrieve Armenia, and during 20 years of war, Iranians managed to capture the eastern parts of Armenia and some important regions such as Yerevan, Nakhichevan and Karabakh. So Armenia divided into two parts: Eastern Armenia under rule of Iran and Western Armenia under rule of Ottoman Turkey.

Although later on, in the course of wars between Iran and Russia, by two treaties of Gulistan and Turkmenchay in 1828, most parts of Eastern Armenia including Nakhichevan and Karabakh were committed to Russia.


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