The Penny issued by King George III of England in 1792

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Penny Issued in Barbados in 1792 during the Reign of King George III

Notice his hair and facial features are obviously that of a Black Man. In coins only the ruler wears the crown…

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Coin issued under the reign of King George, Barbados 1792

Notes by Jantavanta

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11 thoughts on “The Penny issued by King George III of England in 1792”

  1. There is still some questions remaining though…How do we explain slavery, and other massive genocides we suffered?How come we fell off so badly?Is there any magic involved?How a minority of degenerated beings succeeded in subduing a so mighty people?

  2. It was agreat folly of the brown and black europeans (1100-1848) to fight among themselves as the nobles and bourgeoisie did, and to oppress the white masses. They kept them as shoe leather. They civilized them, yet exploited them, witholding human status. So they lost power in 1789-194 with the French Revolution, and again in 1848 during the Final Revolutions. The folly of Blacks today is hacking each other to dead on camera. So whites will not hear anything about no racism against Blacks. And have a hard time imagining Blacks as agents of civilization. Yet all is not lost: we have me, egmond codfried. Take you black behind to any big museum, pay up the fee, and look care fully at the old master portraits and dicover they are over paints. The dark face still to be seen underneath the fake beige, and pink layer. Hell even a white can see it once pointed out. If we make a rumour about these paintings, that are our proof, we need not holler, loot, burn, rape, pillage. We need to point to the portraits and shout: fakes. They falsified portraits so there was no going back for the brown and black bourgeoisie. Blacks can free themselves in 2013 if they follow my lead and challenge the veracity of the old masters in all museum. They have repainted all of them. Follow my international campaign against over paints in google.

    egmond codfried

    1. Moddyloc

      That is the type of lie that cave people like to circulate about the Muurs.

      Look at the picture again:

      A king wears a crown.

      A slave wears a chain.

      When did an image of a man wearing a crown, become the representation of a slave?

      Are you sure you are all there in your head???

    2. Thank goodness for the works of the good folks of rastalivewire who are trying to bring our people out of european induced darkness and igorance. I come to this site to be resurrected out of this state of mental death and igorance. How on earth can anyone looks at something that is clearly a crown and call it a pineapple? I think peopke suffer from selective vision. And their delusions of superiority are wicked vast and grand. China msybe conquering the world passively but at least they are doing do somewhat symbiotically. Eurooe on the other hand has continued their parasitic aggression that benefitted none but themselves. And we are to believe skin supremacusts were honouring those they consider to be savages. So, europe enslaved a people, robbed them of their history and culture by whitewashing key figures ( i.e. white egytians in africa) and has decided to honour those they have brutalized, dehumanized, defamed and humilited?

    3. Hey,

      Moddyloc, next time you come across a pineapple with a jewelled base, cross pattees and fleur de-lis, within what looks to be a velvet cap, you let us know. The man depicted above is not wearing a pineapple on his head. It was/is not the interest of britain to restore the minds of the conquered so why on earth would they let people whom they want to believe their only purpose in life is that of servitude,”that is a king of england and he’s black like you.” If you want to keep a people subdued and conquered, you are not going to tell them you are robbing them of their birthright.

  3. first of all we as moors need to stop calling ourselves black first look up the etymology of the word and interstand that then stop using it. we have to eat right to know right break all the spells that have been put on us do that and stop worrying about the these low backwards people just keep the good real info coming out about ourstory the moor story and not a story from some book that they wrote. 13 love and what is a spammer just a question

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