The Original Black African Arabs of Arabia (Part 1)

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The Original Black African Arabs of Arabia (Part 1)


Ogu Eji-Ofo Annu

“If one understood Arab Culture it is immediately apparent that Blackness is highly cherished conceptually and in reality. In Arab culture the best camel is the black one the best Fig is the blackest, the best eyes are black, the best olives are black, the most beautiful rock is the Black Kaaba. Any Bedouin Arab that is asked his color, would undoubtedly respond Asmar or Aswad which means Black/Brown. No Arab ever describes himself as Bidan which means White. ”

Who are the Arabs:

In today’s world, one is seducively led by the racist western media to believe that the Arabs of Arabia and Africa represent a peculiar phenotype with all other non-conforming types being somewhat alien to that concept. In this way they impose a certain central Asian phenotype as the “racial Arab” and the almost ubiquitous Black Arabs of the modern times as either descendants of slaves or immigrants.

In this way, they attempt to disconnect the linkage between the ancient Kushitic Black Arabs globally celebrated in antiquity (now reclassified as some “caucasoid” “semitics”) and their Kushitic African roots. This article is therefore another blow against the citadel of falsehood erected by the western intelligensia used to discourage, dis-empower dissipate and diffuse the energy of the Black nation. Again one notes and deplores the unrelenting effort by non-continental peoples to appropriate the history and the achievements of brilliant Black African luminaries as their own.

Much confusion attends the word “Arabs”, because it has not always been used with rigourous consistency. Moreover, in the wake of the global dominance of the Arab culture and Islamic political power in the between 7AD and 14 AD, the number of Arabs increased exponentially by the addition of many non Arab Arabized people, because acculturation and assimilation were delibrately fostered by state policy.

Today, the word Arabs does not strictly imply or designate any known racial category of people. It is an ethnic identification that has several aspect including liguistics, politics and genealogy. Its meaning is nuanced depending on the particular context.

As an ethnic identity, an Arab is someone who considers himself to be an Arab regardless of racial or ethnic origin. This definition encompasses many Africans, Indians, Indonesians and Chinese who describe themselves as Arabs.

Usually the first language of persons who claim to be Arab is Arabic. There are over 200 million people worldwide whose first language is Arabic. Again these peoples spread over a large portion of the globe spanning from central Africa to central Asia. More than 70% of the so-called Arabs in the world live physically in Africa.

Given that the Arabic language is a Semitic language, which forms part of the Afro-Asia language family, which originated in Africa, one can rightly view Arabic as an African language. Of the official languages of the African Union that include English, French, Spanish, Portugese, and Arabic, Arabic language is the only Afro-Asiatic language spoken. The rest are Euro-Aryan English, French, Spanish and Portugese. See Uwechia Jide; Hamito-Semitic Africa: See also Peter T. Daniels, Origin of Semitic:

Viewed from a political perspective, someone who is a resident or citizen of a country where Arabic is an official or national language, or is a member of the Arab League or is part of the wider Arab world is an Arab. This definition would cover more than 300 million people. Under this definition, there are more Arabs in Africa than anywhere else in the universe. Most of those Arabs that live in Africa are Black Africans, from Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Eriteria, Kenya Tanzannia, Egypt, Algeria and Morocco. Many of them trace their ancestry to Yemen.

On its formation in 1946, the Arab League defined an “Arab” as: “… a person whose language is Arabic, who lives in an Arabic speaking country, who is in sympathy with the aspirations of the Arabic speaking peoples.” The Arab League’s definition of an Arab leaves no room for any racialist twist on the meaning of Arab and Arabic. These words simply denote ethnicity. Yet again, based upon this definition, there are more Black Africans who have a legitimate claim to the Arabic ethnicity than anywhere else in the world.

According to Habib Hassan Touma (1996, p.xviii), “An ‘Arab’, in the modern sense of the word, is one who is a national of an Arab state, has command of the Arabic language, and possesses a fundamental knowledge of Arabian tradition, that is, of the manners, customs, and political and social systems of the culture.” Here again, one finds that there more Black African Arabs based on this definiton than any other regional phenotype that lays claim to that heritage.

A hadith related by Ibn Asakir in Tarak Dimashq and attributed to Islam’s prophet Muhammad states that :”Being an Arab is not because of your father or mother, but being an Arab is on account of your tongue. Whoever learns Arabic is an Arab.” Islam Today.

Genealogically, an Arab is someone who can trace his or her ancestry back to the original inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula. Different groups estimate the relative importance of these factors differently. Most people who consider themselves Arabs do so on the basis of the overlap of the political and linguistic definitions.

Since there are so many different phenotypes all considered as Arabs, the query posed and answered by this paper then is: who are the original Arabs? Were they Black or White or Black and White? It is posited here that the original Arabs were Black African Kushites from the Nile valley who had settled in southwest Asia in the Arabian Peninsula in ancient times.

They were Kushitic-Ethiopians, speakers of an African prototypical Semitic language who had left from an area falling between the regions bordered by modern day Dafur in Sudan and Asmara in Eriteria. They took their African genes, their African intelligence, their African culture, their African language and their African love and built the ancient and the modern civilization known as Arabic civilization. In the paragraphs that follow, one is gradually introduced to the original Black Kushitic Arabs. See Uwechia Jide; Hamito-Semitic Africa: See also Peter T. Daniels, Origin of Semitic:

Black Arabs and Classical Literature

Up to a century and a half ago our information concerning Arabia was based mainly on Greek and Latin writers, such as Herodotus (Histories), Diodorus Siculus (Bibliotheca Historica), Strabo (Geography, Book XVI), Pliny, Ptolemy, and others. All those writers reported without any equivocation that Arabia was part of the ancient Kingdom of Ethiopia Kush, extending from Africa into Solomon Islands.

Later Arabic writers and geographers, such as Hamadani’s “Arabian Peninsula,” Bekri and Yaqut’s geographical and historical dictionaries, and similar works also provide extremely valuable. However, those works are to be treated with caution because they contain fabulous and legendary traditions, partly based on native popular legends and partly on Jewish and rabbinical fancies.

From the available literature and authorities, historians have broadly divided Arabs into three classes according to their different great ancestors. They are:

The original Black Arabs who were supposedly punished by destruction and deluge because, as legend has it in the book of Quran, they disobeyed their Prophets and flouted God’s instructions; they were: Ad, Thamud, Tasam, Jadeis, Imru.

The classical Black Arabs, who are believed to have descended from Yaarub ibn Yashjub ibn Ghatan and thus called Ghataniyun. They had lived in the Yemen; they included a number of tribes and sub-tribes, two of which became historically prominent viz., Himyar and Kahlan (al’arab al’ariba).

The Arabized Arabs: These tribes immigrated into Arabia from different sections of central Asia. Many of them intermarried with the desert dwelling nomadic blemmyes – the Bejas (original Bedouin Arabs) and the Somali, Kenyan and Ethiopian tribes of Africa. Their mix -blood children who adopted a mingled form of their parents cultures are known as the Arabized Arabs (al ‘arab al musta ‘riba).

Today, upon the dictates of the western intelligensia, this banch is the so-called prototypical Arabs. They are the picture boys of the white-semitic theories which seek to claim that some white or at the very least some off-white people were and remain the original and only Arabians. By employing vague and non-categorical semantics with words like “Semites,” ‘Hamites,” Ishmaelites,” “caucasiods,” the western negro-phobic intelligensia and educational establishment seek to erase every trace of black Africa from Arabia.

Nonetheless, if one understood Arab culture it is immediately apparent that Blackness is highly cherished conceptually and in reality. In Arab culture the best camel is the black one the best fig is the blackest, the best eyes are black, the best olives are black, the most beautiful rock is the Black Kaaba. Any Bedouin Arab that is asked his color, would undoubtedly respond Asmar or Aswad which means Black/Brown. No Arab ever describes himself as Bidan which means White because they all understand instinctively if not consciously that Africa is their root.

The Black Arabs as described in “Josephus’ Antiquities of the Jews”:

Josephus was a soldier, priest and scholar who was born in 37 AD. His written works are seminal in western history and for many centuries were some of the most widely read and influential books of the western civilization. In the paragraphs that immediately follow, excerpts of Josephus’ commentary on the Arabs and near easterners who were contemporary to his period are reproduced. See The Catholich Encyclopadia

According to Josephus:

“The children of Ham (note: Ham is the archetypal ancestor Black people according to Hebrew, Arabic and Jewish legends) possessed the land from Syria and Amanus (modern Jordan), and the mountains of Libanus (modern Lebanon); seizing upon all that was on its sea-coasts, and as far as the ocean, and keeping it as their own.

Some indeed of its names are utterly vanished away; others of them being changed, and another sound given them, are hardly to be discovered; yet a few there are which have kept their denominations entire. For of the four sons of Ham, time has not at all hurt the name of Chus; for the Ethiopians, over whom he reigned, are even at this day, both by themselves and by all men in Asia, called Chusites. The memory also of the Mesraites is preserved in their name; for all we who inhabit this country [of Judea] called Egypt Mestre, and the Egyptians Mestreans.

Phut also was the founder of Libya, and called the inhabitants Phutites, from himself: there is also a river in the country of Moors which bears that name; whence it is that we may see the greatest part of the Grecian historiographers mention that river and the adjoining country by the apellation of Phut: but the name it has now has been by change given it from one of the sons of Mesraim, who was called Lybyos. We will inform you presently what has been the occasion why it has been called Africa also.

Canaan, the fourth son of Ham, inhabited the country now called Judea, and called it from his own name Canaan. The children of these [four] were these: Sabas, who founded the Sabeans (Editor’s note: the Black Arabs, the Yemenites,); Evilas, who founded the Evileans, who are called Getuli; Sabathes founded the Sabathens (Editors note: the Black Hadramutians, Sabatha was the ancient capital of Hadramut), they are now called by the Greeks Astaborans; Sabactas settled the Sabactens (note: the Black Southern Arabians also called Omanites); and Ragmus the Ragmeans (note: a Black Arab section of south western Arabia mentioned frequently in Sabean inscriptions); and he had two sons, the one of whom, Judadas, settled the Judadeans, a nation of the western Ethiopians, and left them his name; as did Sabas to the Sabeans: but Nimrod, the son of Chus (the Black ancient Iraqi Arabs), staid and tyrannized at Babylon, as we have already informed you.

Now all the children of Mesraim, being eight in number, possessed the country from Gaza to Egypt, though it retained the name of one only, the Philistim; for the Greeks call part of that country Palestine. As for the rest, Ludieim, and Enemim, and Labim, who alone inhabited in Libya, and called the country from himself, Nedim, and Phethrosim, and Chesloim, and Cephthorim, we know nothing of them besides their names; for the Ethiopic war which we shall describe hereafter, was the cause that those cities were overthrown. The sons of Canaan were these: Sidonius, who also built a city of the same name; it is called by the Greeks Sidon.”

November 26, 2006

To Be Continued in Part 2.

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92 thoughts on “The Original Black African Arabs of Arabia (Part 1)”

  1. Jahdey do not put words of your own into the Koran, this is a sign of infidelity and Allah will punish you for bending the truth. Let us first begin with your Koranic claims. You claim the Koran mentioned black Arabs as the original Arabs of the land. Bring me this verse. I challenge you to point out ONE passage in the Quran that says “black Arabs”. Nowhere in the Quran did Allah ever mention the skin colour of the original Arab people. You are misinformed and misguided by a pro-Rastafarian, black-nationalist article. Rastafari, for your information, was a kaffir who believed that taking drugs was alright and thought of himself as a prophet of god. Do not associate Rastafarianism with Islam and do not associate any of those fake articles with our true identities.

    Do you know why black Omanis and black Yemenis are darker than Ethipians? Use your brain, its because these people were brought from Zanzibar as slaves during the Omani Empire. What’s next, are you going to make claims that the Omani Empire was ruled by black people? You’re pathetic and whats more pathetic is that you seek to distort true history in order to make the black race look better in different perspectives. You are being biased on all accounts. Do not distort history because of your skin colour, that is very foolish.

    Rastafari = Kaffir, infidel, may he burn in hell.

    This article = Pro-Rastafarianism, therefore must never be trusted especially if it makes accusations about Islam and Arabs.

  2. Muha-madder

    You are not only a fasle Muslim you are disrepectful of other people’s faith contrary to the Koranic verse which advises you that there is no compulsion in religion.

    You just demonstrated that you are no better than the Talibes of Afghanistan or the Al-Quedas of Bin Laden. Intolerance. Inability to engage on an intellectual level…threats and curses. Evidence of frustrated logic, evidence of fear, sign of inadequacy. Shame!

    Adites and Thamudites are Blacks because we know that the house of Ham was the first to dwell in Arabia.

    Arabic fables narrate that Nimrod the son of Ham, the Ethiopian (read African) founded the Mesopotamia civilization, and built its culture.

    This was all before the arrival of the Jecanites represented in religious mythology as the arrival of the Abrahamic tribe.

    All true indigenous Omanis, Saudis, Yemenites, Iraqis, Iranians, are Black people. DNA evidence confirms that for you by the prevalence of Y-Haplogroup K2, E3A and E3B amongst the so-called Arabs. Those are Negro genes my young Islamo-facist, these are Black people.

    Arabs also show a high prevalence for Benin Haplotype HBs gene aka haplotype 19; as well as thalassemia alpha and beta.

    Arabia was ruled for more than one thousand years by Ethiopia.

    Sabeans the true Arabs of Hadramut and Yemen are Blacks from Ethiopia.

    I have shown you pictures, and I have given you DNA evidence as well as citing the mythologies of Arabia for you.

    The Black Arab series 1 – 4 will also provide more authorities for you.

    According to Al Jahiz a classical Muslim poet and writer: Muttalib Abdullahi the Grandfather of Prophet Mohammed had 10 sons. They were all Black as the night and magnificent.

    Al Jahiz also mentions that the pink Arabs like yourself had been conquered and ruled several times in the past by the Zenj.

    I do not want to tell you about your slave roots for I do not support enslavement.

    But I will remind you that you come from a set of landless, rootless, cultureless, utterly uncivilized bunch of Jecanite savages. Until you came among the Black Arabs. The Koran confirms this for the world.

    So, little weak minded Muha-madder, terrorist Islamo-facist that you are, you need to go study or ask your Jecanite grandfather to confess the truth he has hidden from you all this while.

    Black Arab Yemenis:…..ye_s27.htm…..ye_s25.htm…..ye_s29.htm

    Black Arab Omanis:…..Fold15.JPG…..s_arab.jpg

    Black Arab Iranians (from the Ethnic Arab provinces of Iran)

    Black Iranians from the Region of Bandar Abbas…..iran21.jpg…..Pagea3.jpg…..Abbas1.jpg

    Black Iranians from Baluchistan and Sistan Province…..h-iran.jpg

    Black iranian from Chabahar Province


  3. Again you fail to provide me one single source of Koran evidence that god mentioned blacks as original arabs. Provide me the surah if you want me to believe you. The word black arab was never mentioned by allah and never will be. It is very clear that you pan-nationalist ethiopians are a bunch of racist blacks who think the world revolves around black ethnocentricism. for that you have misguided many people into believing that arabs are originally black, you are false and merely a bunch of liars. Your rastafari idol is a fake prophet, a fake incarnation of god, and a fake person overall. He is punished in hell as we speak for spewing lies about his true identity. Do not believe a word of a rastafarian ethiopian because it is mostly untrue. Wa’salam.

  4. All Praises are due only to ALLAH for his word is the greatest of hadiths. Did not Allah say in the perserved book(Koran)revealed to a Umme Prophet(PBUH) that he made Adam, The father of every one of us, if you believe out of smoothed altered Black Mud. Those in doubt refutiate that and if you are compelled to believe then u must agree that all other Nations and tribes originated from Adam..Peace

  5. All know that the black man from the region is the beginning Let us focus on not destroying more black people to praise another due to religion or the failures of it. Do look at Darfur in The spirit of the Creator of all Black and non.What is right about the destruction of the farmers due to Act of God shown in the weather patterns of the region. This writ comes from the 8th wonder of the world. Before any first of so called civilisation came into view. END THE DAMN GENOCIDE OF BLACK PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. May God Say So Right Now.

  6. Jayder ur the ignorant one in this tale u guys r fabricrating for ur own cause, then we gonna hear the whole world was black and then it became white and so on so forth, silly theory from the black people owning everything.
    Mohammad that is totally true, I could not have said it better.
    I am Algerian myself and the people in south Algeria who are black generaly are not Algerians, they are from Africa and that’s it. And me as being an Arab, I would certainly not try to link myself with Africans because there is nothing in common, even the berber people in algeria would never link up with black africans, even if they claim the algerian land and all that but they wouldn’t say we were black, because they are not black as simple as that so now would be good if jayder u could put that aside and stop trying to make the ppl be what they r not.

  7. Olgers

    You are a constipated Turkish relic left over on African soil. You just admitted you are not African which is fine with me because we are still fighting for our stolen land.

    Neither are you Arab because you have no anchor in the Arab world.

    You are a Turkish liar, a land grabber and an oreos. A wannabe pink boy. A wanna be racist…a fake and broken toy.

    But ask yourself why EU has refused to admit the Turks your cousins into the fold. Because they do not want your Mongol-Turk arse among them.

    I gave this wretch a home in Africa and his hope is to join up with abusive masters. This is called the Stockholm Syndrome.

    You need a Doctor, a psychic healer, or an Imam to help your terrorist-racist-facist arse resolve its internal contradictions.


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