The Original Black African Arabs of Arabia (Part 1)

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The Original Black African Arabs of Arabia (Part 1)


Ogu Eji-Ofo Annu

“If one understood Arab Culture it is immediately apparent that Blackness is highly cherished conceptually and in reality. In Arab culture the best camel is the black one the best Fig is the blackest, the best eyes are black, the best olives are black, the most beautiful rock is the Black Kaaba. Any Bedouin Arab that is asked his color, would undoubtedly respond Asmar or Aswad which means Black/Brown. No Arab ever describes himself as Bidan which means White. ”

Who are the Arabs:

In today’s world, one is seducively led by the racist western media to believe that the Arabs of Arabia and Africa represent a peculiar phenotype with all other non-conforming types being somewhat alien to that concept. In this way they impose a certain central Asian phenotype as the “racial Arab” and the almost ubiquitous Black Arabs of the modern times as either descendants of slaves or immigrants.

In this way, they attempt to disconnect the linkage between the ancient Kushitic Black Arabs globally celebrated in antiquity (now reclassified as some “caucasoid” “semitics”) and their Kushitic African roots. This article is therefore another blow against the citadel of falsehood erected by the western intelligensia used to discourage, dis-empower dissipate and diffuse the energy of the Black nation. Again one notes and deplores the unrelenting effort by non-continental peoples to appropriate the history and the achievements of brilliant Black African luminaries as their own.

Much confusion attends the word “Arabs”, because it has not always been used with rigourous consistency. Moreover, in the wake of the global dominance of the Arab culture and Islamic political power in the between 7AD and 14 AD, the number of Arabs increased exponentially by the addition of many non Arab Arabized people, because acculturation and assimilation were delibrately fostered by state policy.

Today, the word Arabs does not strictly imply or designate any known racial category of people. It is an ethnic identification that has several aspect including liguistics, politics and genealogy. Its meaning is nuanced depending on the particular context.

As an ethnic identity, an Arab is someone who considers himself to be an Arab regardless of racial or ethnic origin. This definition encompasses many Africans, Indians, Indonesians and Chinese who describe themselves as Arabs.

Usually the first language of persons who claim to be Arab is Arabic. There are over 200 million people worldwide whose first language is Arabic. Again these peoples spread over a large portion of the globe spanning from central Africa to central Asia. More than 70% of the so-called Arabs in the world live physically in Africa.

Given that the Arabic language is a Semitic language, which forms part of the Afro-Asia language family, which originated in Africa, one can rightly view Arabic as an African language. Of the official languages of the African Union that include English, French, Spanish, Portugese, and Arabic, Arabic language is the only Afro-Asiatic language spoken. The rest are Euro-Aryan English, French, Spanish and Portugese. See Uwechia Jide; Hamito-Semitic Africa: See also Peter T. Daniels, Origin of Semitic:

Viewed from a political perspective, someone who is a resident or citizen of a country where Arabic is an official or national language, or is a member of the Arab League or is part of the wider Arab world is an Arab. This definition would cover more than 300 million people. Under this definition, there are more Arabs in Africa than anywhere else in the universe. Most of those Arabs that live in Africa are Black Africans, from Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Eriteria, Kenya Tanzannia, Egypt, Algeria and Morocco. Many of them trace their ancestry to Yemen.

On its formation in 1946, the Arab League defined an “Arab” as: “… a person whose language is Arabic, who lives in an Arabic speaking country, who is in sympathy with the aspirations of the Arabic speaking peoples.” The Arab League’s definition of an Arab leaves no room for any racialist twist on the meaning of Arab and Arabic. These words simply denote ethnicity. Yet again, based upon this definition, there are more Black Africans who have a legitimate claim to the Arabic ethnicity than anywhere else in the world.

According to Habib Hassan Touma (1996, p.xviii), “An ‘Arab’, in the modern sense of the word, is one who is a national of an Arab state, has command of the Arabic language, and possesses a fundamental knowledge of Arabian tradition, that is, of the manners, customs, and political and social systems of the culture.” Here again, one finds that there more Black African Arabs based on this definiton than any other regional phenotype that lays claim to that heritage.

A hadith related by Ibn Asakir in Tarak Dimashq and attributed to Islam’s prophet Muhammad states that :”Being an Arab is not because of your father or mother, but being an Arab is on account of your tongue. Whoever learns Arabic is an Arab.” Islam Today.

Genealogically, an Arab is someone who can trace his or her ancestry back to the original inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula. Different groups estimate the relative importance of these factors differently. Most people who consider themselves Arabs do so on the basis of the overlap of the political and linguistic definitions.

Since there are so many different phenotypes all considered as Arabs, the query posed and answered by this paper then is: who are the original Arabs? Were they Black or White or Black and White? It is posited here that the original Arabs were Black African Kushites from the Nile valley who had settled in southwest Asia in the Arabian Peninsula in ancient times.

They were Kushitic-Ethiopians, speakers of an African prototypical Semitic language who had left from an area falling between the regions bordered by modern day Dafur in Sudan and Asmara in Eriteria. They took their African genes, their African intelligence, their African culture, their African language and their African love and built the ancient and the modern civilization known as Arabic civilization. In the paragraphs that follow, one is gradually introduced to the original Black Kushitic Arabs. See Uwechia Jide; Hamito-Semitic Africa: See also Peter T. Daniels, Origin of Semitic:

Black Arabs and Classical Literature

Up to a century and a half ago our information concerning Arabia was based mainly on Greek and Latin writers, such as Herodotus (Histories), Diodorus Siculus (Bibliotheca Historica), Strabo (Geography, Book XVI), Pliny, Ptolemy, and others. All those writers reported without any equivocation that Arabia was part of the ancient Kingdom of Ethiopia Kush, extending from Africa into Solomon Islands.

Later Arabic writers and geographers, such as Hamadani’s “Arabian Peninsula,” Bekri and Yaqut’s geographical and historical dictionaries, and similar works also provide extremely valuable. However, those works are to be treated with caution because they contain fabulous and legendary traditions, partly based on native popular legends and partly on Jewish and rabbinical fancies.

From the available literature and authorities, historians have broadly divided Arabs into three classes according to their different great ancestors. They are:

The original Black Arabs who were supposedly punished by destruction and deluge because, as legend has it in the book of Quran, they disobeyed their Prophets and flouted God’s instructions; they were: Ad, Thamud, Tasam, Jadeis, Imru.

The classical Black Arabs, who are believed to have descended from Yaarub ibn Yashjub ibn Ghatan and thus called Ghataniyun. They had lived in the Yemen; they included a number of tribes and sub-tribes, two of which became historically prominent viz., Himyar and Kahlan (al’arab al’ariba).

The Arabized Arabs: These tribes immigrated into Arabia from different sections of central Asia. Many of them intermarried with the desert dwelling nomadic blemmyes – the Bejas (original Bedouin Arabs) and the Somali, Kenyan and Ethiopian tribes of Africa. Their mix -blood children who adopted a mingled form of their parents cultures are known as the Arabized Arabs (al ‘arab al musta ‘riba).

Today, upon the dictates of the western intelligensia, this banch is the so-called prototypical Arabs. They are the picture boys of the white-semitic theories which seek to claim that some white or at the very least some off-white people were and remain the original and only Arabians. By employing vague and non-categorical semantics with words like “Semites,” ‘Hamites,” Ishmaelites,” “caucasiods,” the western negro-phobic intelligensia and educational establishment seek to erase every trace of black Africa from Arabia.

Nonetheless, if one understood Arab culture it is immediately apparent that Blackness is highly cherished conceptually and in reality. In Arab culture the best camel is the black one the best fig is the blackest, the best eyes are black, the best olives are black, the most beautiful rock is the Black Kaaba. Any Bedouin Arab that is asked his color, would undoubtedly respond Asmar or Aswad which means Black/Brown. No Arab ever describes himself as Bidan which means White because they all understand instinctively if not consciously that Africa is their root.

The Black Arabs as described in “Josephus’ Antiquities of the Jews”:

Josephus was a soldier, priest and scholar who was born in 37 AD. His written works are seminal in western history and for many centuries were some of the most widely read and influential books of the western civilization. In the paragraphs that immediately follow, excerpts of Josephus’ commentary on the Arabs and near easterners who were contemporary to his period are reproduced. See The Catholich Encyclopadia

According to Josephus:

“The children of Ham (note: Ham is the archetypal ancestor Black people according to Hebrew, Arabic and Jewish legends) possessed the land from Syria and Amanus (modern Jordan), and the mountains of Libanus (modern Lebanon); seizing upon all that was on its sea-coasts, and as far as the ocean, and keeping it as their own.

Some indeed of its names are utterly vanished away; others of them being changed, and another sound given them, are hardly to be discovered; yet a few there are which have kept their denominations entire. For of the four sons of Ham, time has not at all hurt the name of Chus; for the Ethiopians, over whom he reigned, are even at this day, both by themselves and by all men in Asia, called Chusites. The memory also of the Mesraites is preserved in their name; for all we who inhabit this country [of Judea] called Egypt Mestre, and the Egyptians Mestreans.

Phut also was the founder of Libya, and called the inhabitants Phutites, from himself: there is also a river in the country of Moors which bears that name; whence it is that we may see the greatest part of the Grecian historiographers mention that river and the adjoining country by the apellation of Phut: but the name it has now has been by change given it from one of the sons of Mesraim, who was called Lybyos. We will inform you presently what has been the occasion why it has been called Africa also.

Canaan, the fourth son of Ham, inhabited the country now called Judea, and called it from his own name Canaan. The children of these [four] were these: Sabas, who founded the Sabeans (Editor’s note: the Black Arabs, the Yemenites,); Evilas, who founded the Evileans, who are called Getuli; Sabathes founded the Sabathens (Editors note: the Black Hadramutians, Sabatha was the ancient capital of Hadramut), they are now called by the Greeks Astaborans; Sabactas settled the Sabactens (note: the Black Southern Arabians also called Omanites); and Ragmus the Ragmeans (note: a Black Arab section of south western Arabia mentioned frequently in Sabean inscriptions); and he had two sons, the one of whom, Judadas, settled the Judadeans, a nation of the western Ethiopians, and left them his name; as did Sabas to the Sabeans: but Nimrod, the son of Chus (the Black ancient Iraqi Arabs), staid and tyrannized at Babylon, as we have already informed you.

Now all the children of Mesraim, being eight in number, possessed the country from Gaza to Egypt, though it retained the name of one only, the Philistim; for the Greeks call part of that country Palestine. As for the rest, Ludieim, and Enemim, and Labim, who alone inhabited in Libya, and called the country from himself, Nedim, and Phethrosim, and Chesloim, and Cephthorim, we know nothing of them besides their names; for the Ethiopic war which we shall describe hereafter, was the cause that those cities were overthrown. The sons of Canaan were these: Sidonius, who also built a city of the same name; it is called by the Greeks Sidon.”

November 26, 2006

To Be Continued in Part 2.

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92 thoughts on “The Original Black African Arabs of Arabia (Part 1)”

  1. Dana,

    “I would like to know more about your sources. A lot of information from you and others on this topic.”

    A good start is the book by Tariq Berry, THE UNKNOWN ARABS. He has some priceless info with regard to quotes by early Arabians from north to south of the peninsula who state in no uncertain terms that they were mainly dark brown to jet black people; that blackness was a sign of purity and that being fair in color was assumed to be due to slave admixture. There is no question these earliest Arabs were the original “black nationalists” and a rather racist and rather violent people who feared the fair-skinned peoples Iranians, Romans or “Rum” and other fair skinnned mercenaries that were enetering the peninsula. I wish I had taken more than two years of Arabic myself so that I would be able to read some of these quotes for myself.

  2. As for sources first off only early sources should be trusted up to and including early European anthropologists and more importantly colonial orientalist explorers who often knew the Arabic language and traditions of the Arabs and early writings on Arabs. Arab speakers can read are those like the linguist Ibn Mandhour or Manzur, Lisan el Arab born in Egypt 14th c. and grammarian ibn Berry of the 12th c. who speak of the use of terms of color in the Arab language and early Arabs. Manzur said “Lank hias is the kind of hair tha most non-Arab Iranians and Romans have while kinky hair is the kind of hari that most Arabs have,” Other writers claimed most Arabs were dark brown in color. Ibn Berry apparently said “the Arabs describe their color as black.”

    In the famed, Kitab el-Aghaani vol 16, by Esfanani quoted early Arabs like members of the An-Nakha’a of the Maddhij claiming in the 7th c. “a fair skinned Arab is something inconceivable or unthinkable.”
    Even a few centuries earlier Romans like the General Marcellinus a few centuries said the bedouin or Saracens in Arabia were “primarily derived from the cataracts of the Nile on the borders of the Blemmye” a population who lived south of Egypt in Nubia and the Sudan.
    Colonial explorers of the 19th c. and early 20th c. mention such tribs of South Arabians claiming descent from Qahtan (Joktan) like the Mahra, Qarra or Kara of Oman and Hadramaut, Afariyyeh, Shara, Bautahara, Yafa’i, Bait Kathir etc. claim a remote origin in Africa. Arabia like Diop said was indeed “a black colony” in the time of Mohammed.

    1. Look, I do not think that Black Americans are atttempting to steal anyones culture. Most BA come from East Africa. But know other people has sufferred like the Black man and woman at hands of caucasian. Most blacks are looking for their culture. I do not have a interest in being assoicated with the Arabs. Some of you maybe Arab on the outside be you are white on the inside. DNA testing is a good thing. You should take the test. You may find that you have a fair amount of Black blood in you. The day will come when the Blacks of this world will come togather. You may not think that will ever happen. But this world is changing. The Black man/woman history did not began in slavery. Therefore, I have not need form the caucasian, asian or arab culture. That’s not to say that there are not some great things in these cultures. But I think you are a group of lier. It appears that these CAA hate blacks. So who are you kidding. It maybe yourselves but not me.

  3. all over the place black americans are attempting to falsify historical data and fact in order to claim other people’s hertiage as their own, much like europeans have also done in many cases past. recently i even saw a video where some black americans claimed that a particular tribe in india were also direct descendants of africans due to their hairs texture. DNA is more complicated than attempting to connect disparate people based on a few common physical features, that is obviously ridiculous. arabs are a semetic caucasian people, also you may be interested to know centaral asians do not look like arabs unless you are an ignorant and naïve american who doesn’rt know any better. what commonalities exist between central asians and arabs exist due to arabs conquests, so it is false to say that a central assian image has been imposed on arabs when in fact it is asians who have the look of arab misxture and that is white arab mixture fyi. blacks are only arabs by association. stop attempting to create a false and glorified heritage based on absurd falsified data. you’re only kidding yourselves.

    1. Anonymous aka W. Cormier

      Start by learning how to read and write properly. You can barely spell simple words yet you claim knowledge of DNA science. Where did you learn DNA? From what book? Go learn to read you little lazy timourous rat before coming here to show off your ignorance.


    2. u idiot he is stating facts, was osama bin laden a semetic caucasion or was he a black arab…sematic caucasion huh, lol just like obama, u guys say he’s an arab but idk mann u pple are crazy

    3. I don’t know what the issue is when it involves African History. It is fact that “ancient Arabs” of Southern Arabia were black people and there are countless number of references regarding this fact. I am Muslim and it is even well documented that Ismail (pbuh) married into the tribes of the Hijaz who were already inhabiting the Arabian Peninsula which eventually created the “Adnani Arabs” who connect their lineage to this union. The subject of this article is about the origins of “ancient Arabs” that preceeded the “adnani arabs”. Now of course due to the close proximity of the Caucausus to the Northern Borders of the Arabian Peninsula there was definitely inter-marriage between “Indo-European” tribes with the more darker Arab tribes and this continued for many, many centuries thus creating a more fair skinned population over time however this doesn’t change the fact that the ancient arabs were a brown/black people. It doens’t take a mad scientist to figure this stuff out. Some migration patterns that have been going on for centuries still occur. East Africans, be that from Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, etc continue to move in to Yemen and other places of the Arabian peninsula, they are descendents of Ancient Arabs and their “DNA” can prove it.

      1. At the root of resistance to the facts you present is rascisim and white supremacy. Original Arabs are black and further more hebrew this is the lineage of the prophet of Arabia like all the other prophets and messengers of Allah and Yahweh how ever one chooses to identify the creator. All points to so called African Americans

  4. No one can explain how Arabs are Turks or Iranians since DNA can clearly differentiate Arabs i.e. Semitics from Turks and Iranians and since white Caucasoid Arabs lived in the Middle East before the arrival of Turks or Persians.

  5. “A question I have is, for those who maintain that the original people of the Arabian Peninsula are White, what is different about the climate, geology, of Arabia than with Sudan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, that would make these people Black, but the original people of Arabia, right across the red sea, White?”

    Sorry Jamal, neglected to answer this. Arabia and the area of Palestine were considered part of the Sudan by Syrians in the early Islamic period and other originally non-Arab people. No historian of the ancient world ever referred to the ancient Arabians as “white” and in fact as Tariq Berry’s numerous quotations of early Arabic speaking authors, linguits and historians clearly show from Sryia to Central Asia, the Arabs in the time of Mohamed looked down on fair skin. Rock art and physical anthropological evidence from presIslamic Arabia also affirms the populations were essentially related to the peoples of sub-Saharan AFrica especially to the neoltichic cultures of the Sahara the Nile and the Horn.

    There are still many people in the Arabian peninsula in the Central Arabian area and in the Hejaz who are dark brown and near black in appearance. And most of the people inhabiting Syria Iraq and other Arab speaking places are descendants of people who were settled amongst by tribes who were originally described as ‘dark brown” and “black in color”.

    Jamal to answer the following
    “Stated another way, why would the Arabian Peninsula and the continent now called Africa be perceived as two seperate and distinct places or two distinct lands? Does the land of Black people really terminate at the Red Sea? Or, do we have any evidences or testimony from K-M-T, Cush, Nuba, that they perceived the Arabian Peninsula as a foreign land and that the people living there were White or foreign. Do we have any evidences that the Red Sea was where they cut off ties and relationships with other people, perceiving themselves to be “Africans” and others beyond the current geopolitical borders of “Africa” to be something else or different than themselves.”

    The ancient Syrians and Greeks did not distinguish between the horn of AFrica and the Arabian peninsula in ancient times. This is why Strabo and Diodorus say as for the inhabitants from Meroe and the Nile to the Red Sea they are Arabians not “Ethiopians”. Josephus said the people of Meroe were Sabaeans in fact. Abyssinia was considered the part of India and southern Arabia is often refered to as India Minor or Little India.

    The words Hatti and Etiopi may have been brought into Africa in Nubia by the Sabaeans. The word Kush and Meluhha as is well known by those specializing in ancient histories was used for North Arabians and south Arabians in historical records of the late occupants of early Mesopotamia.

    See also the Bible Came from Arabia by Kamal Salibi. I will have to find all of the references for this info soon as i don’t have anything in front of me now. But rest assured modern Arabs as portrayed in Western media are not representative biologically of ancient occupants of the area and are the result as most places in the world of intermixure of original Arabians with the native peoples of Syria, Mesopotamia, the Caucasus and Slavic countries as well as black Africans over a thousand years.

  6. Here I have an interesting genetic study.


    “Particularly, Yemen has the largest contribution of L lineages [30]. So, most probably, this area was the entrance gate of a portion of these lineages in prehistoric times, which participated in the building of the primitive Arabian population.”

  7. “The oldest evidence indicates the presence of Africans in the Red Sea coastal plain”

    “Old South Arabian inscriptions and graffiti are in scripts of a South Semitic type, of which Ethiopic is the only present-day”

    1). Arabian peoples have been held to be related to a variety of groups, with homelands in almost all directions outside Arabia: the view that sought to visualize all Arabians as a single race has never been valid.

    The oldest evidence indicates the presence of Africans in the Red Sea coastal plain, Iranians in the southeastern tip of the peninsula, and peoples of Aramaean stock in the north. The racial affinities of the ancient Yemeni peoples remain unsolved; the marked similarity of their culture to the Semitic cultures that arose in the Fertile Crescent to the north of the peninsula can be attributed to cultural spread rather than to immigration.


    a. In the north and centre the dominant linguistic form is Old North Arabian (subclassified into Lihyanic, Thamudic, and Safaitic); despite close connections between this group and Arabic, the latter cannot be regarded as lineally descended from it.

    b. The Yemenite inscriptions are in Old South Arabian (subclassified into Minaean, Sabaean, Qatabanian, and Hadhramautic), which is a wholly independent group within the Semitic family of languages.(The Old North Arabian and Old South Arabian inscriptions and graffiti are in scripts of a South Semitic type, of which Ethiopic is the only present-day survivor; modern Arabic script is of a North Semitic type.)

  8. Macrohaplogroup L lineages

    Sub-Saharan Africa L lineages in Saudi Arabia account for 10% of the total. χ2 analyses showed that there is not significant regional differentiation in this Country. However, there is significant heterogeneity (p < 0.001) when all the Arabian Peninsula countries are compared. This is mainly due to the comparatively high frequency of sub-Saharan lineages in Yemen (38%) compared to Oman-Qatar (16%) and to Saudi Arabia-UAE (10%). Most probably, the higher frequencies shown in southern countries reflect their greater proximity to Africa, separated only by the Bab al Mandab strait. However, when attending to the relative contribution of the different L haplogroups, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Yemen are highly similar for their L3 (34%), L2 (36%) and L0 (21%) frequencies whereas in Oman and UAE the bulk of L lineages belongs to L3 (72%). In this enlarged sample of Saudi Arabs, representatives of all the recently defined East African haplogroups L4 [30], L5 [33], L6 [30] and L7 [34], have been found. The only L4 Saudi haplotype belongs to the L4a1 subclade defined by 16207T/C transversion. Although it has no exact matches its most related types are found in Ethiopia [30]. Four L5 lineages have been found in Saudi Arabia but all have the same haplotype that belongs to the L5a1 subclade defined in the HVSI region by the 16355–16362 motif [30]. It has matches in Egypt and Ethiopia. L6 was found the most abundant clade in Yemen [30]. It has been now detected in Saudi Arabia but only once. This haplotype (16048-16223-16224-16243-16278 -16311) differs from all the previous L6 lineages by the presence of mutation 16243. In addition it lacks the 16362 transition that is carried by all L6 lineages from Yemen but has the ancestral 16048 mutation only absent in one Yemeni lineage [30]. This Saudi type adds L6 variability to Arabia, because until now L6 was only represented by a very abundant and a rare haplotype in Yemen. Attending to the most probable geographic origin of the sub-Saharan Africa lineages in Saudi Arabia, 33 (61%) have matches with East Africa, 7 (13%) with Central or West Africa whereas the rest 14 (26%) have not yet been found in Africa. Nevertheless, half of them belong to haplogroups with Western Africa origin and the other half to haplogroups with eastern Africa adscription [35,30]. It is supposed that the bulk of these African lineages reached the area as consequence of slave trade, but more ancient historic contacts with northeast Africa are also well documented [36,30,31].


    "Particularly, Yemen has the largest contribution of L lineages [30]. So, most probably, this area was the entrance gate of a portion of these lineages in prehistoric times, which participated in the building of the primitive Arabian population."

  9. I’m not an expert in molecular biological science, but since this thing is being revised almost “daily” and the conclusions of these studies mostly depends on who is doing the study and is interpreting it, it is not wise to used these conclusions as definitive. We know from historical examples that there is always some racism aka superiority (in fact inferiority) complex involved in subjects/studies like this. So for this kind of information’s I consider it as a more solid base to rely on the testimony of the ancients.

  10. I am a somali,

    walahi I know that these little fucking gay arabs now, stole our heritage, I mean for crying out loud they are turks, they twisted things so much like nobody is gonna believe am the original arab, since they made being arab is white when it really was BLACK, they fucked our culture up too, they introduced Homosexual activites, which is a white sickness thank you very much! so it is clear now an arab has to be white and queer,

    I dont have to prove my culture to anyone with history, facts and dna, if you dont like it then fuck off, as long as I know whats right, be arabized I dont mind but why you have to kick me out of my culture selfish assholes….oh being arabized is not enough is it? you want to claim the whole thing, allah knows the truth and so does the bedouins of arabia.

    oh hope you choke may allahs curse be on you all

    thank you

  11. one thing i don’t understand here is for those people claiming that there is now way that arabs coul dhave been from see one mistake this world makes always is publishing that begining of all human kind comes from africa then when any of the races is reflected to have come from africa, some people start making issues. i come from kenya and we have a city which iwas built in the 13th century called Lamu way before colonisation. this city still stands till today and is made of bricked houses and roads are curved between them.this city was called Lamu was known for trading and people sailed all over from china,india,persia and present arab countries to come and trade.currently we have many things that are said to have come from those sides in the coast of kenya some of the things known as swahili dishes or swahili music which is said to have influence from those other regions that came to trade but presently that what they have today, it is clear that many of their dishes, music,customs also came from that African region.africans history and information has been so manipulated and colonised that even to africans today, it sounds strange to them. currently living in europe,i experience one thing in many places i go, without saying a word or without doing anything, i automatically become a threat to many of the guyz. this is out of experience. u culd walk in the club, u culd walk in a show, u culd walk in a class..anywhere as black male in europe, u automatically become a threat. this clear shows that there is somethign unique in us from God that is out there in the nature that is gifted in us to stand out. those that fear will be the first to opose you and those that like you will be the first to stand by your side. this clear shows that we once were the strongest in the world and that yes indeed we did travel the world and shape all civilizations of today. i dont even wanan get into details by reflecting to Mansa Musa the king of the malian empire that sailed to the America’s land 2 centuries before christopher colombus, xian jeng or Kunte from the mandingo that travelled all the way till china as nomads and the ones that built the chinese dynast today…so much in history. so yes, it is indeed a fact that original arabs might have been black africans.
    now one thing most people always claim is that most africans that got traces that go way deep to 1,500 years ago to have been slaves. how can a continent that had strongest empires at that time have peopel that went else where to be slaves?
    its like in 1,500 years from now if africa becomes a super power that re writes history that the say europeans and americans in africa today are slaves according to what they would tell then?
    we all know that absolutley not cuz no way first wrld countries can be slaves in thrid world countries.
    so blacks in india, persia arabia who trace their history to 1,500 years ago were not slaves. they were scholars, sons and daughters of rulers and special workers sent by their empires to bring civilization to those lands..
    African empires were so humble that instead of superioness and power, they chose to share somethign positive for humanity to others. this clearly shows that indeed we are the God’s chosen people according to the gospels. their is something in africans that you will harldy find in anyone else that is non african. this is a gift of not materialism and power but a gift of love, survival and wisdom.
    i tell you,africans shall become a super power of the world again like it was before and no supremacism will be enforced rather they shall be a peace the world has ever seen. Hopefully that will be the return of Jesus Christs that will come to save his peopel from the opressed. again, i reflect this clearly as explained in the bible, all sighns that jews are said to go through as the teachings in the bible, none of those sighns reflect the current jews. th ebible talks of jews tha will be enslaved back into a new egypt. egypt is a word of a place of power by using slaves and egypt that was named that was knows as kemet which was a land of free people till they started practising slavery changing its name to egypt. notice the american sighs on pyramids on their dollars and many other monuments, it is clear that this is the new egypt. what we do not see and learn from our holy books, the only jews mentioned in those books can only be africans as to the mircales of Moses, God told Moses as to show him that will be with him to lead his peopel to the promised land,God told him put a hand into his clothes and bring it out and it is said to have been as white as snow. now if that hand was of a white person, that could not be any suprise but if it was of a black person, that would surely suprise the person. why cant peopel se this clear sentence here. so it is clear that Moses knows as “Musa in arabic which is a name that comes from africa” was a black man and so was all other jews. now if Jesus is called to be a jew, then he was of those roots. it is said the he spoke a language that was called armaic. the funy thing is they say in wikipedia it is a n afro-asiatic language and they mention all countries in europe and asia but mention no country in africa while u called it an Afro language too.
    the truth is that this language was an african language becuase traces of arabic 12,000 years ago are also traced to be from Africa. so the fact is hebrew,Arabic and what was called as Armaic were all african languages.
    so yes, looking at the facts, i trully believe that real arabs might have been originally black.
    i am using the word might because we did nt have fotos that could clearly show it or cameras but then according to all facts, if they were not black then they were surely brown but nowhere clse to what is refered as white today, nowhere close at all…
    excuse my english mistakes readers since english is not my native language

    1. The term Arabs hide many races most of whom are black Afro/Asia some white admixture did the claiming flag erection thingy, Arabs r us stuff, good luck!
      My only concern is that true Israelites call themselves many different things including Arabs wake up!

  12. 1. So who came up with the word Arab?

    2. I recently learnt that banu in arabic means “children of”

    In most ba-ntu (of Ntu) languages in central, eastern and Southern Africa mwana or mtwana means child. “Bana” means children. Now see banu above. Interesting…….

    1. My friend, if you take one example of subsaharan’s language, you’ll be surprised. If you take the example of Hausa language you can understand and give credit to many of kingdoms chronicles which link hausa to Mesopotamia and Yemen. There were Seven legitimates hausa states and Seven illegitimate hausa states. Some of these states claim Near-eastern origin and this evidence is confirmed by their king’s list: example of Kebbi kingdom, which were the assyrians. Dierk lange, “An assyrian successor state in West Africa” ,The ancestral Kebbi kings as Near-eastern rulers; Anthropos. Harris; Sokoto Caliphate Gazetter; 1938; said, in Arewa/Ariwa(descendants of Ary: may be the true Aryans) kingdom, they talk about a certain Damuzu/Damuzi(God of fertility in Mesopotamia), leader of BaGAZAwa(people of Gaza), ancestor of Sarukin Baura.They came at the time of fair-skinned people; they came from the east and they built wells everywhere.
      Griots praise this Hausa group, sons of Ary, saying: “Ariwa, the first choice”. In the time of war, they never accept slavery, they kill themselves instead of being captured. Zarma- Sonraï call them even today “Mauri” a derivative of “Kala Mari”(Comme une panthère/ il faudrait une panthère); d’ailleurs, dans le passé, ils s’identifiaient à la panthère. One of their ancient kings, Kabrin-Kabra reproduced the same deeds as Nimrod(whom Hausa chronicles called Namuradi). The 8th Ariwa king was Manakare(may be pharaoh Menekhare). Another king was called Nabiri(may be pharaoh Nabirau), it was said that Nabiri had the power to change his enemies into monkeys, reason why he was called Nabiri. Ariwa has till today names like Montou, Amore, Khemu, Sanam,Samna, Samaa etc. whic were found in ancient egyptian.
      Sultan Bello, son of Usman Dan Fodio, said in on of his book that Gobirawa came from egypt.they were first called “kibtawa/copts” before they refered to one of their settlements in Mesopotamia: Al-gubr. Gobirawa in their chronicles had left Egypt under the rule of a tyrant king. they had progressed till Yemen. Everywhere they had passed they left a legacy: “Agada” (let them inherit) may be Akkad. Hausa people bear till today names like Salma, Nassara, Bau(goddess, dauther of Anu), Iya/Ea, Dango(Dagon) etc which were mesopotamians.
      Hausa language is afroasiatic and had solid links whith well known ancient language such as sumerian, assyrian..Hebrew(many identical words), arabs( Hausa and Swahili were the ancient arabic languages as had said Mummar Al Kadhafi in his speech in Kano-Nigeria), some indian languages etc.
      I need a book to give you here the exact words correspondance with the above languages.

  13. thank you for this bit of info. This is a very much part of history in arabia that seemingly isn’t addressed. Thank you.

  14. Well, to contribute to this discussion. I recently took a DNA test and my results revealed a significant portion of East African and Arabian ancestry. While DNA signature was the most common in Sudan, it was also very common in places such as Yemen, Oman, Morocco and Kuwait.

    Yet, to look at me one would think that I am a typical black person who descended from West Africa.

    For more info on the DNA Testing site, please click here:

  15. i was born moslem, i am arab, but moslems are racists against other religions, if i had the most beautiful daughter on earth and if you are not a moslem, i would not let her marry you, but if you are the ugliest man on earth but a moslem, she is to you.

  16. Ugly and beauty are the domains of Allah; you cannot make man so who are you to deem any one ugly or beautiful – and if your daughter is beautiful in your eyes what qualities would you use to say that she is beautiful for me; since your eyes are not mine and also, is beauty from the outside or is it skin deep. What is ugly to man is beautiful to Allah. There is a saying among the western blacks who were brought as slaves to the west, helped by Arabs, who were Muslims. The prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) when Bilal the Ethiopian ate with the rest of the companions and placed his right hand in the bowl to take bread; the Arabs scorned the food, and the prophet Mohammed, Peace be upon him) seeing this, placed his right hand in the bowl and took food and ate to show that in his world, the colour of a man’s skin has no more significance than the colour of his eyes. The Arabs came with his religion, we embraced him and called him brother …. he raped our daughters and made us eunuchs ; the whites came with their religion, we embrace them and called them brothers … they too raped our daughters and made slaves of us …. in all the morality that you preach you are our spiritual slaves, because we practice what you preach and would put your ideas above ours …. and yet you can neither match us in music or in love. Africans will separate from you eventually, because it is necessary for our sanity, peace of mind and progress. Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder, and that Beholder is Allah; not you. There is a fundamental difference between you and I , and that circle between us must break eventually, because you do not know what love of Allah means; yet you speak wonderful Arabic and may even judge me on the unnatural beauty of my pronunciation. While the Somali child reading the Qua-ran, and so few commented on his perfect pitch and devotion. The time has come for us to accept that black people need to know who their allies are, and what constitutes the nature of your fanaticism ….. perhaps its ignorance ….. perhaps its lack of education …. one thing you must know, the way your ancestors spoke to mine … you cannot speak to me that way because I am far more intelligent and educated than you are. The wheel has turned full circle, and I am in the Zeitgeist of the age, while you live as though the world has not changed. This was the same mentality my ancestors had when yours forced their way into Africa and made us doubt. I don’t blame you for that; I admire your ancestors. What do you do when you find a people sleeping? If you’re a black man you play them music; if you’re a selfish Arab and a greedy white man, you give them a book and grab their land; take away their women and children. Tell them their name is now Mohammed, or Toby, but make sure they don’t wake up. We are still partly asleep; but a lot of us are conscious of ideas and how they can build or ruin a people; how one sexual encounter can progress or ruin a race. If you gave me your daughter, her children will be black; not black Arab, but Jamaican black, and we know who we are.

    1. The Black Nation Will Rise Again…The Truth Is Forever! Our long lost black sisters of Arabia and Persia are eagerly awaiting our return as the rightful heirs of the throne…The Rising!!!

  17. To get a better idea of what the Arabs of the past looked like, let’s take a close and careful look at the Prophet Muhammad’s (??? ???? ???? ????) descendant Muhammad Al-Nafs Al-Zakia the son of Abdullah the son of Al-Hasan the son of Al-Hasan the son of Ali the son of Abu Talib.

    It is a known fact that Muhammad Al-Nafs Al-Zakia was a pure-blooded Arab from his father’s side and his mother’s side. This is why he was nick-named The Pure-Blooded Quraishi. This is why he said the following about himself:

    “You know that no one has as close relations to or relations to anyone better than he whom I am very closely related to (meaning the Prophet Muhammad (??? ???? ???? ????)”.

    What color would most people today expect a person who says such a thing to be? ?Al-Hafidh Al-Dhahabi says:

    Muhammad Al-Nafs Al-Zakia was “black-skinned and huge”.

    Al-Tabari says:

    “Muhammad Al-Nafs Al-Zakia was tall, jet-black-skinned and huge. He was nick-named The Bituminous because of his blackness and Abu Ja’afar Al-Mansour used to call him Charcoal”.

    Bear in mind that the person called The Bituminous and Charcoal was a pure-blooded Arab closely related to the Prophet Muhammad (??? ???? ???? ????). Remember that this person called The Bituminous and Charcoal said:

    “You know that no one has as close relations to or relations to anyone better than he whom I am very closely related to (meaning the Prophet Muhammad (??? ???? ???? ????)”.

    Bituminous means like bitumen. Muhammad Al-Nafs Al-Zakia was also called Charcoal.

    I believe that this should give readers a very clear picture of how black-skinned Muhammad Al-Nafs Al-Zakia – the pure-blooded Arab direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (??? ???? ???? ????) was. Muhammad Al-Nafs Al-Zakia had a son named Al-Hasan. Ibn Hazim says:

    “Al-Hasan (the son of Muhammad Al-Nafs Al-Zakia) was so black-skinned that he was nick-named The Father of the Tar. We all know how dark tar is.

    That is the description of Muhammad Al-Nafs Al-Zakia the son of Abdullah the son of Al-Hasan the son of Al-Hasan the son of Ali the son of Abu Talib. That is the blackness of Muhammad Al-Nafs Al-Zakia, who said about himself:

    “I am descended from the Prophet (??? ???? ???? ????) from my mother’s side AND my father’s side. I am the purest of Bani Hashim (the branch of Quraish that the Prophet Muhammad (??? ???? ???? ????) is from in genealogy and the noblest of them both paternally AND maternally. NO NON-ARAB BLOOD RUNS THROUGH MY VEINS!

    Doesn’t this say it all? I believe that this is the proof of all proofs that the original Arabs were a black-skinned people.

    It is reported that the Prophet Muhammad (??? ???? ???? ????) said, (In a dream) I saw myself following a herd of black sheep. Then a group of white sheep came (and mixed with the black sheep) until they (the white sheep) became so many that the black sheep could no longer be seen in the herd of sheep.” Abu Bakr, the companion of the Prophet (??? ???? ???? ????) and the interpreter of dreams, said, “Oh Messenger of Allah. As for the black sheep, they are the Arabs. They will accept Islam and become many. The white sheep are the non-Arab Persians, etc. They will accept Islam and become so many that the Arabs will not be noticed amongst them.” The Prophet Muhammad (??? ???? ???? ????) then said that an angel had interpreted the dream the same way.

    Zaid ibn Aslam related that the prophet (??? ???? ???? ????) saw a vision and told his companions about it. He said, “I saw a group of black sheep and a group of white sheep then mixed with the black sheep. I interpreted it to mean that the non-Arab Persians will enter Islam and then share with you your genealogy and your wealth.” The companions became surprised by what he (??? ???? ???? ????) said. Then one said, “The non-Arab Persians will enter our land, Oh Messenger of Allah?” The Prophet (??? ???? ???? ????) then said, “Yes. By He Who Has my soul in His Hand, if the religion was hanging on the distant star, men from the non-Arab Persians would reach it and the luckiest of them would be the people of Faris.

    The Prophet Muhammad spoke the truth and this is why there is this misconception concerning the appearance of the original Arabs. This is why the original black-skinned Arabs are not clearly visible today.

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