The Muurish Dance: Igbo and Arab Dances Compared

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Muurish Igbos at Dance and Play (Nigeria):

Muurish Arabs at Dance and Play(Saudi Arabia):

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4 thoughts on “The Muurish Dance: Igbo and Arab Dances Compared”

  1. Two more examples of when viewing Ancient Khemetic Paintings the rhythms depicted
    are certainly Black-African in origin whether the Nigerian or Arabian dances are viewed.
    Arabian Penisula more like African-Arabian Penisula but white Arabs and Europeans are expert at naming regions like “middle east” and the world going along with it.

  2. when we have the wonderful experience of seeing traditional dance, it is so clear that dance is not historically a social event, but rather has a very deep meaning. As the Bible tells us in the book of Kings “David danced with all his might before The LORD”

  3. It makes me feel so proud as an afro american that I am connected to these people of the Black original Arabs. I see soooooooo much culture in myself that relates directly to them. I love to play my conga drums, and my piano, and of course my vibraphone. These instruments have been in my possession for over 30 yrs of my life; and it allows me to send the spiritual rythms across the great atlantic ocean. Please let them know that some of us afro american peoples are unable to touch the garments of these original people of the holy blble. my lord, my god, my lord.

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