The List of African Tribes who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite Nation – By Nana Kofi

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The following is a partial list of the various tribes throughout north, south, east and west Africa who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite

1) Beta Israel/Falasha- Ethiopia
3)Tutsi- Rwanda
4) Rusape- Zimbabwe
5)Lemba- South Africa
6) Sefwi Wiawso- Ghana
7) Ashanti- Ghana Ga- Ghana
9) Ewe- Ghana
10) B’nai Ephraim(sons of Ephraim)-
Yoruba, Nigeria
11) Lam-Lam- Timbuktu
12) Katsena- Nigeria
13)Zafin Ibrahim- Malagasy Republic
14)Ibo- Nigeria….

Yahweh Wil Surely Punish those Fake Israelites very Soon For takyn our land!!!

My people (Asanti/Ashanti and Jamaican Ashanti Maroons come from Mesopotamia city called Ashan/Asan.

Nana Kofi

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390 thoughts on “The List of African Tribes who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite Nation – By Nana Kofi”

  1. This is sad … Lets focus on today! Today we are Moors that been here !!! We been trading with the fam on the other side for decades …. Its no coincidence muthafukas in Africa and in America share knowledge of bow and arrows …. Come on now is anyone using critical thinking … Leave the weed alone!

  2. U 4got about the Baby is..Oyea if u carry other people’s last name and speak their language more than likely ..Israel

  3. Asante and Igbos are not Erverh/????? aka Hebrews. The author of the article mentioned Hebrew-Israelites. Scripturally speaking there is no such term in the scriptures As Hebrew-Israelites. The name Ashanti is a modern invention; the people name is Asante. The Asante benefited enormously from the slave trade hence the idea that they are Erverh/??? aka Hebrew is preposterous.

    Igbos and Asante are part of the Ancient Egyptian. Please, read Genesis 36. The Bible you are relying on referred to them as Edomites meaning descendants from Esau. Hence, they are not Israelites.

    Even if you study ancient Egyptian history, these two groups names appear in their historical books.

  4. Quick textual analysis on ignorant Nana Kofi masquerading himself as Erverh aka Hebrew.

    Perhaps Nana Kofi doesn’t know what are you talking about Ashanti and Ga-Adangbe are not The same peoples. Hence, number 7 (Ashanti -Ghana and Ga-Ghana) is nonsensical because Ga-Adangbe are Erverhs (HEBREWS).

    If the Nana Kofi is a native, he will know that number 6 Sefwi Wiawso-Ghana are part of the Asante (Ashanti) speaking group who are Esau descendants. Please, read Genesis, 36.

    Number 1 Beta Israel/Falasha – Ethiopia ?? is a converted Jew and not Erverh aka Hebrew.

    Number 10, Dahomey (Benin ?? ) are Da descendants aka Daniel descendants. And so is the majority of the Yoruba as well Da family as well.

    Now it is essential to underscore the point that all these groups are Erverhs aja Hebrews.

    Finally, desperate Nana Kofi, forget to mention Mossi peoples, the BaKongo, etc. This how the Hamites try desperately to usurped their phony cabal under the ignorant of the truly Erverhs aka Hebrew.

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