The Hidden Muurish Royalties of old Europe: Louis XIV – edited by IronLion

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Louis the XIV

What ethnicity was Louis the XIV? Ask the dead, they may be asleep but they can yet tell tales long buried.

Historical notes on the exhumations made on 1793 in the abbey of Saint-Denis where Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses of France are buried, published by the French national museum of monuments, reveal the following:

“The same day October 14, after the workmen’s dinner, around 3 PM, we continued the extraction of the other coffins of the Bourbons; instance Louis XIII, died in 1643, 42 years old; Louis XIV, died in 1715, 76 years old; Marie de Médicis, second wife of Henri IV, died in 1642, 68 years old; Anne of Austria, wife of Louis XIII, died in 1666, 64 years old; Maria Theresa of Spain, wife of Louis XIV, died in 1683, 45 years old; Louis, Dauphin, son of Louis XIV, died in 1711, 49 years old. Note: some of these bodies were well preserved, especially the one of Louis XIII; but Louis XIV skin was black like ink.”

Louis the XIV was a full cousin of Charles II Stuart: The Black Boy. Rasta Livewire has an article together with a picture demonstrating the Muurish ethnicity of Charles II Stuart, the Black Boy. Alas blood ties run deep.

Charles Stuart II the Black Boy

See: Lenoir, Alexandre (1801) (in French). Musée des monumens français: ou Description historique et chronologique des statues en marbre et en bronze, bas-reliefs et tombeaux des hommes et des femmes célèbres, pour servir à l’histoire de France et à celle de l’art; ornée de gravures; et augm. d’une dissertation sur les costumes …. 2. De l’Imprimerie de Guilleminet.

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7 thoughts on “The Hidden Muurish Royalties of old Europe: Louis XIV – edited by IronLion”

  1. The picture pf the king is only dark in contrast (it could easily be edited). I’m really interested in the facts about blacks/Moors within Europe. I just hope we can all put together some unquestionable evidence. This image is questionable. Blessup, keep doing the good work and I’ll keep researching.

    1. Did you read the information that came with the image?

      The story about the body of Louis the XIV being exhumed and being black as ink?

      I bet you did not. Try and read it again, then look at the picture.


  2. Have you ever heard of the story of the “masque de fer”, a man supposed to be the twin of Louis XIV emprisonned all his life for an unknown reason.Could it be that he was too black?

    1. To Sadi.
      I have. This hypothesis is even more probable. In the movie starring “Leonardo Dicaprio” we are told that the reason for emprisonning the Louis XIV’s twin brother was to avoid any fight over the crown between the brothers.

    2. This example comes from my research blue blood is black blood (1100-1848). There are many cases of European nobles and kings who are described as brown, black, not the white hands, ugly, the black boy, too swarthy, basané, noir et basané etc. Next you find portraits which show them white, but if you go on looking you find the black engravings of painted portraits that have disappeared or were over painted. I have found that many white persons to freak out at the idea of Black kings and nobles ruling, civilizing and christianizing whites. Thus when presented with proof their minds shut down, they cannot answer or behave rationally and they slip into a demented denial. The proof comes from Eurocentric sites, posted by people who did not know they were looking at a black skinned person. But some images disappeared as soon as I started to discuss them. Those I had printed and reintroduced back on the web. So it’s of importance to provide the source so people can get the whole story. These images are no incident, blue blood was black blood and Louis XIV was a very black man. Among these nobles and royals there were those with classical African facial traits, and were considered pure of blood, pure of noble blood. Read ‘Was Jane Austen Black?’ by Egmond Codfried.

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