The African Roots of The Celtish Clans # 1 – The Black Kings of Scotland

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King Kenneth Dubh – Black King of Scotland

Black Scott Sculpture - Scotland
Black Scott Sculpture - Scotland

A curious aspect of the early history of Scotland concerns various stories around Kenneth. King Kenneth was also known as ‘Kenneth the Niger’ or Kenneth Dubh, a surname which means ‘the black man’.

It is a matter of history that many seafaring warriors were North African, travelled via Iberia into Europe, and joined in many cultures and held power and position. Niger Val Dubh lived and reigned over certain black divisions in Scotland, and some histories state that a race known as ‘the sons of the blacks’ succeeded him. (e.g. see JA Rogers, Sex and Race).

Kenneth III was king of Scotland from 997 to 1005. He was the son of King Dubh (Dub mac Mail Choluim – 962-967), fourth cousin of the previous king Constantine III, and first cousin of his successor Malcolm II. Kenneth was the last king of Scotland to succeed to the throne through the tanistry system, whereby the succession was shared between two family lines and the dying king named his successor from the other family line. This system led to constant struggle between the ruling families and was abandoned. Kenneth and his son Giric were both killed at Monzievaird, Tayside in 1005.

His first cousin Malcolm succeeded him and abolished the tanistry system by killing all of his male descendants. However Kenneth had a granddaughter, Gruoch, via his daughter Boite, whose first husband was Gillacomgain. They had a son called Lulach. She then married King Macbeth I of Scotland (becoming Lady Macbeth). On the death of Macbeth her son via her first marriage, Kenneth III’s great grandson, succeeded to the throne, to become King Lulach of Scotland. According to this history, the blood of Kenneth flows through the royal houses of Scotland.

This story captures a curious fact about the Gaels from Gallicia – some were dark and have left many traces in Irish, Welsh and Scots clans.

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56 thoughts on “The African Roots of The Celtish Clans # 1 – The Black Kings of Scotland”

  1. Dubh doesn’t mean black man, you fool. It just means black, and that refers to either his accusations of witchcraft or his black hair. There were never any Africans in Scotland or Britannia in general. There were no black divisions of clans.
    When people say black or brown when referring to the Celts or Germanics, it meant their hair.
    There weren’t any African roots to the clans. How DARE you try and steal our Celtic heritage, you afrocentric moron?

    1. Dear wrath,
      I just traced my lineage to Orcadian through DNA. Which means some of my ancestors were from Scotland. I am an Afro-Euro American (not MULATO) Explain that. DNA doesn’t lie. There has been no one in 3 generations that anyone knows in my family from Orkney. No one wants to steal anyone’s heritage but at the same time, not all of the truth has been told. I am a part of the Celtic heritage like it or not. I found this info by accident while conducting research. I was just trying to make some sense of things, and this knowledge of King Kenneth would not be completely far fetched knowing my Celtic background. I am turned off by all of the racist rants on both sides. If you study science and put your bias racist ignorance behind, science has proven that the human genome came from Africa. Not my words, this is science. The reason why you don’t know about black contributions to the world is because of your Eurocentrism. I have found that a great majority of blacks do not want to identity with their European heritage. I just want to know the truth what ever it might be.

      1. I am thrilled whenever anyone really wants truth. I hear so many of the same arguments over and over but it seems to me that there is a lot already out there everyone looks right past. I can’t site proof but sure would like to know if there is dna proof that President Obama is actually the 6th black president regardless of skin tone. Where I can point to something so easy and I am frustrated that the black population has not even noticed. I watch a lot of old movies and there are blacks everywhere as white people. Just saw the old Anna Corinna- there is a black man playing white. He was probably just a little light skinned but clearly a black man. There is another example of a lot of white denial is President Harrison’s(1889-1893) 2nd wife Mary Lord Harrison is clearly a black woman that history seems to be in denial-see her-
        there is a book out saying that there was a few of the state representatives “class of ‘s pictures showing majority black and that they are excluded in the class pictures. It is said that those years are skipped and if you ask where those years pictures are, nobody knows. Now if this is true, why isn’t the black population demanding those pictures be displayed and also put into class curriculum.

    2. What Albino do you know with “Black” hair?? Most White people are Albinos (recessive genes) who were born of Africans dimwit and those who lose more melanin by moving north. Common sense should tell you that when African migrated out of Africa into Europe they were not white yet unless of course they were Albino. Whose the moron?

      1. I have met black albinos, they do exist. but you can’t be called albino if you have pigment in your hair. The accepted scientific theory of how white people happened is not from the albino gene but a result of moving away from the climate & high altitude and coastal diets of africa to the landlocked colder climates & available foods in Europe. Without the vitamin d from fish and sun, people had to wear more clothes and with long winters, the only way they could have survived is if their skin lightens to let sun in. I don’t have an answer for why the hair types changed. I can only guess that African hair is the way it is specific to protect in the african climate. We don’t see these changes in current migrations because of the availability of temp. control inside and the ability to eat any food you want. The changes are drastically obvious when you compare 3rd world populations. I do have an example, After 3 generations in Jamaica my cousins who are german and chinese were as dark as any united states blacks. They had even color without tan lines. Everyone asked if they were black. The answer was yes we have black cousins but not these. Now after about 30yrs of living in chicago and alaska, they are all white as ghosts and sunburn now.

        1. The people you are referring as white are Albinos. There are more than one type of Albinism – a mutation which is caused by a defective P gene. Saying that people became white after moving to warmer climate is a bullshit like conconcted by whites to hide their albinism. There is nothing wrong with being an Albino and I understand why you whites would be offended by the term after all, you have spent centuries white washing black history and have had held an ongoing campaign for centuries to degrade and humiliate black people. Albinos are humans, not monkeys or sub humans, some of the terms you have levied onto black people. If people were turning white from moving to warmer climates, how do you explain the dark skin Eskimos and the now extinct tribe from Antartica who were able to walk naked in antartica winters because they had MELANIN to protect them. Wearing clothes is an adaptation for Albinos because exposure to any eliminate is detrimental to Albino skin. But because Albinos could not go naked, they convinced everyone using religious lies that it was wrong to walk naked. Visit for “The Real History of White People.”

          What you Albinos fail to understand is the purpose of this website is to debunk white lies but all you Albinos do is bring the same type of white lie that we have seen for centuries. You are Albinos. There is only one race and that is the black race. Every other race is subspecies but for centuries you Albinos have been lying to the world claiming some of supremacy based on your unmelinated skin colour. This site is not for you Albinos to retell “white lies” we are constantly exposed to white lies everyday. We black people come to this site to have a break and relief from white lies aka white insecurities.

  2. Wow Wrath! that is an incredibily ignorant statement, but would we expect more! How is that stealing your heritage? People need to open their eyes to the truth and embrace it.

  3. first of all your wrath is weak wrath.listen white people are genetic mutations of black people and thats a fact. you should respect where you came from. THE BLACK GENE. and let me make myself clear I am not a racist. actually there is only one form of racism and thats WHITE SUPREMECY. It is hard for whites to accept the truht about themselves, so you people have become the master of lies and confusion. soon all white people will be dependent on black geneology this is why for the past 20 years your wicked scientist have been storing up on black plecenta’s through planned parenthood so you can study your creator THE BLACK GENE run the world you will soon be back in your place. However dont cry young evil ones once again we will forgive you cause gods people have compassion no matter how much you trick, kill, rape, pillage, destroy, corrupt, infest with disease. why do you think white WOMEN and long for the blackman semen? because genetically your women know they need real substance. your people are so weak cant even produce without drugs and evil experiments.

    1. Please let me give you something based in reality to be angry about. This is not myth or conspiracy theory but recent American history( which is being lied about and ignored in the media) I seem to be the only person I know who remembers Iran/contra drugs for guns. Ronald Reagan was proved to be a traitor who belonged in front of a firing squad. He got away with it only because they said he was too far gone with Alzheimer so punishing him would be cruel and unusual punishment. There were live hearings on tv and the proof and memos signed by Reagan. It started when he was governor of California. Our government had started to support the rebels in the civil war in Nicaragua but soon found that the contras were just as ruthless as the dictatorship.. We stopped all aid and affiliation with them. This is where Reagan steps in seeing a personal benefit to continuing to support this butchery. He hired a CIA scientist to create a new drug that would make cocaine affordable to the poor. The only other instruction was that it needed to be so addictive that it would only take 1 dose to hook a person. This is the history of crack. Reagan didn’t sell it in his own neighborhood but instead the language in the memos referred to South central Los Angeles as the “targeted population” he chose the people who were least able to defend themselves. People forget that before crack, the average black would only go as far as pot. They had won civil rights and were on the way to being a top educated population working toward a better life. How many generations destroyed? All this was only a small part of the atrocities committed. The drugs were made from Reagan trading weapons for cocaine to the contras. After the cocaine came back it was turned into crack for the black neighborhood. those profits funded more assistance to the contras and then moved to support the Ayatollah Khomeini against our ally – a then free living educated vacation destination called Iran. Reagan worked out a deal that for the money and weapon support, that they wanted in return, that the American hostages who President Carter had negotiated their release in October were to be kept until after the election to make Carter look weak and make Reagan the hero when they would be released. Everyone forgets that as Reagan was taking his oath, the Ayatollah came on tv and exposed Reagan treason with proof and called us the great satan for making this man our leader. Everyone ignored it and the drug running started to be uncovered in his second administration but the hearings and proof didn’t come out till he was out of office. Since they said Reagan couldn’t remember his crimes, they worked out a deal for a couple years in prison by Oliver North- the next highest person they had proof on. (there was testimony that bush1 was involved but no proof ever came out. I am disgusted every time someone says Reagan was a great president. I think that must be code for “look how many blacks he F&$%ed with! Why does no one care? It is all public record but I guess people would rather look at cat videos instead of looking for truth.

  4. hey wrath i just thought of something because you posted your horse crap on this site im gonna digrace your nasty white women when i get a chance and make at least 5 of them stay on their knee’s for hours until they beg their pimp for mercy

  5. WOW Rath appears to have rattled a few cages! I’m paticlarly mystified as to carmi-reuben statment “the black gene running the world and non black will be put in their place” – – – – Why then is Africa not leading the world?

    1. We people of darker complexion have led the world since the very BEGINING.
      caucus asians have recently claimed they control the world. There is no comparison to the superiority of time that we the darker people can truely claim, the evidence is there and we will tell it to the world.

  6. I would suggest you read “Kingdom of the Ark” by Lorraine Evans as well as “Ancient and Modern Britons” by David MacRitchie.

    The Black Man and Woman’s blood will always run in every culture of the World, Done.

    1. I am all about black empowerment and raising people up to their full potential and I know a lot of white people who are the same. I am going to guess that the last line in your comment is more of an emotional outburst instead of fact. There really are white people out there who do not carry any African genes. less and less in the USA in the north and all southerners marrying even 1 generation of southerners all carry African genes due to the millions of rapes resulting in light skinned children raised as white. There are many places in Europe where blacks have not been introduced. (or at least not re-introduced for more than a thousand years) Communism kept eastern Europe isolated. The Chinese don’t carry any African genes. I don’t know how the genes dropped out if they were there but I do know it takes 10 generations to breed out a gene but in those 10 generations, there can’t be any reintroduction of more African genes or the timing starts over again. This is why all southerners are black. I actually get pleasure from telling that to them when they get all racist. I say you really shouldn’t hate yourself so much, you have value too. Ha! stops them dead every time.

  7. wow it’s so sad that Caucasians want to deny black people being leaders and not always slaves.Black people were everywhere in this world not just in chains

  8. As I said, you are nothing more than afrocentric nuwabarist morons who have no evidence to back up your claims. You only wish to steal a heritage far greater than your own. Pathetic. There were no black Britons, Picts, or Gaels. Get that through your thick skulls. Black people weren’t the first race, and white people did not come from black people. They were separate genetic mutations from original man.
    You self-centered idiots can’t seem to grasp that, though.

  9. Dear Wrath,

    I’ll start with ummmm…. Well Wrath, throughout HIS-story, People desperately try to paint truth messengers as being non-lucid, mentally unstable, illogical, and so self-absorbed that they can’t see things for what they really are. This is a very convenient way to quickly discard the truth and go on with one’s life.

    Furthermore, when people come upon new information such as this (information they weren’t taught), they erroneously assume that they have some sort of intellectual high ground over it. They start with the assumption that their belief system is correct, and, for whatever reason, vehemently refuse to acknowledge the possibility that they may have actually been deceived all along by their belief system. And thus, when confronted with counter-evidence, they automatically reject it.

    As a matter of fact, human beings are actually pompous enough to think that their status quo worldview is more rational than the truth. They neglect to factor the concept of intentional deception into their logical thought process, and thus fail to realize that the only reason why their worldview seems “rational” is because it is actually composed of a plethora of lies and distortions. So, in one of the greatest ironies ever, human beings think the lies that they are fed are reality, and that the truth, on the other hand, is crazy, unrealistic, and bizarre.

    It is truly amazing how people are able to adopt one of Earth’s belief systems (whether it be a specific religion or HIS-story), walk through the proverbial door of enlightenment (or so they think), shut the door behind them, and then never look back. Worse yet, they are actually proud not to look back–proud of their own stubbornness.

    Once human beings are exposed to the truth, their decision to ridicule it manifests so quickly, one could mistakenly think that human beings are actually robots that were programmed to do so. Thus, if people really want to point the finger at someone who does not engage in serious critical thinking, they should go to the nearest mirror and point at themselves (rather than trying to point the finger at the truth messenger).

    “There is far more to this world than taught in our schools, shown in the media, or proclaimed by the church and state. Most of mankind lives in a hypnotic trance, taking to be reality what is instead a twisted simulacrum of reality, a collective dream in which values are inverted, lies are taken as truth, and tyranny is accepted as security. They enjoy their ignorance and cling tightly to the misery that gives them identity” (Thomas Cox,

  10. I agree with wrath, there were other scots that were refferred to as the black or the red. Take john comyn you have a comyn that was refferred to as the red and aonther that was refferred to as the black. It is preposterous to me that there are sects of society that try and say that they were actually african that took over scotland and ruled there. Give us a break. I supposed you have all the so called evidence to prove it as well. Hmm wonder what happened there to the once powerful “black” scotland that you speak of i guess they didnt rule long . LOL You probably wont even post this message because the truth blows your theory apart. I guess we will have to wait till we are in the presence of god almighty in the end of time to aske him who is correct . The blacks and the reds were most likely refferring to thier hair color. Or do you think perhaps american indians sailed the seas and took over part of scotland and ruled as well? HA !!!

  11. Well, according to DNA, H.G. Wells, Herodotus and Tacitus, any time the search for the origin of mankind comes up black is alway present. I know this type of information can be a game changer for anyone; however, we need to just take one step at a time. Many of us, not just blacks, were lead to believe one thing, but overtime, we have come to see that it’s not so. I’m still doing my research on all the things that have just come to light to me.

  12. Samuel

    I read somewhere that the scottish bag pipes were actually black libyans’ musical instrument. Originaly i.e……

  13. You it’s funny how white people enjoy telling lies. That is what kept the slave master a live and well whole all the time mistreating nag killing black people…I’m sorry the original man. Well explain this…why is it when a black person and awhile person have a baby automatically the child resemble more black than white? One black drop of our blood makes you black! Our genes are stronger. Not faith it’s fact. This dose not surprise me at all. Lol some whites do know the truth and they don’t mind telling the truth….very few. I could care less who ran Scotland. Before there was a Scotland or Europe period there was only Rome and Greece and they were taught Devine knowledge by Egypt and where is Egypt? In Africa! Napoleon knew this all to well. This why he blew the nose and the lips off of every stone, picture, monument they could find. Simply because he did not want Africans to trace there history back to Egypt ( Kemet ). So called white intellectuals are entertainment to Blacks with knowledge of self. even your Jesus had hair of wool and skin of burned Brass. Lol you know this but yet you paint images of the man as white. How could that be true if your bible says this? Thank you Wrath and Samu…el. for showing us that you only read what your slave master ancestors have taught you. I have enjoyed your display of ignorance. As a matter of fact my children and I have made it a great discussion in our family den. We have enjoyed it so much we would like to invite you two over for dinner so we can be entertained by your logic slash faith. You see people these very same whites that claim liberalism are the same ones behind clothes doors will dress themselves up as Catholics hiding they’re true kkk robes. Here’s one for come when melon is separated from black skin it looks. White as snow? or when we burn ourselves the melon leaves and again we have white patches or long lengths of white skin? When you burn you turn red. It kind of reminds me of burned boloney. your dan dose not Evers 6 thousand years. We have been here forever. We didn’t just live in Africa. We lived around the planet. We warned not to create you but as usual black people when giving the opportunity will disobey and that is the reason why we have suffered from hands of our very own creation. No one cares if you believe it or not. We have facts and truth now not faith. As I said before….the only thing kept the slave master from being killed is because he brained washed all of the blacks with his religion and his faith. That kept him safe at night. You see your fathers spooked us fairy tales of God And Devil. Black is bad and white is right. Lol but in truth all through history you ….your people have caused wickedness , mayhem , murder, deceit, lies and destruction on whoever they came in contact with. You can’t help it because you are the devil of the planet earth. You have no soul, rhythm or real compassion of life. The devil could never show love only his or her agenda to destroy anything beautiful. Everyone around the world hates you. Why…because of your wicked history and nature. The universe is the essence of vibration….rhythm which you posses none. You can keep your Jesus,cross..crux..white sheets..well bring the sheets we can use them in the projects. Lol

    1. I respect your passion and because I had great teachers, I know everyone where I grew up has a complete understanding of rewriting of history. late 60’s & 70’s were full of hippies who made sure we all understood that to know truth, you have to do a lot of research. A popular saying then was “Question authority, search for the truth, be your own person” I have to put in my 2 cents though when you call Catholics the klan. Plenty of klan where I live and who I see is all Pentecostals, southern baptists & baptists. I am shocked that everyone I know who goes to churches with mostly black population and they are reading from a king james bible. The absolutely most racist bible ever written. King james rewrote parts to legitimize the black slave trade and to write in his own blood line as holy.. The original bibles-(Catholic) and even the Torah which is our old testament, never speaks to race as being evil. They never had all that hate speak. The king james talks about how the blacks are cursed and marked black and are less than a person. I can’t believe that any black person would put up with that. Especially if they look at any bible before the king james was written, they will not find all that hate.
      I have to also speak to the hair like wool. I am guessing that came from one of those militant web sites. Be careful, the only way to be really taken seriously, is if you separate fact from fiction. They say some crap about locks of hair being proof of being black. Huh? ALL curly hair locks, not just African hair. just look around. Where the wool hair argument sounds OK…but…if you have actually seen and touched wool in it’s natural state, is super fine curly hair. African hair is not like wool. African hair is tiny little zig zags on coarse strands that also curl in a larger pattern. In that part of the world, skin darkens very easily. no matter what the race. You completely lost me with the melon story.

  14. Good debate ! Truth vs His – Story ! There is a reason why some people do not want us to know our history. Everything in the dark will come to light. Education triumphs racism all day!

  15. Well I think the biggest problem with the west is they think they can wipe out a civilization by hiding for the rest of the world. Talking about Civilization, we all know that the first 4 dynasties of Egypt were totally blacks, and also the Greeks didn’t create or invented Mathematics, Medicine, they didn’t they learnt from the Egyptians at that time. now ask your self one question; Did they Greek build the Pyramids in Egypt. no. are the pyramids a proof of greatness Mathematician, physicians. come on, let’s be right with ourselves. Greeks even have Ceremonies that are Similars with the Egyptians. NOw I don’t mean to say the Celt culture was black, but genetically and empirically there are proof that shown they were Africans that was involved in the structure of this society.. like we have today. Obama is black President in the most powerful western country but that doesnt mean that werstern civilization was dominated by Africans. no. I do have respect and appreciate every single Civilization, but you cannot hide one also if it was is nothing about Race or ethnicity, The blacks like the white, Persians, Mongols used to lead the world. you can’t erase that from world history.. it is pathetic.

  16. its true black people where on this planet waaaaayyyyyyyyyy beforeeeeeeee white people
    and man went from Africa to everywhere on this earth

  17. Only a Fool would educate racial ignorance. Let them believe your a Fool but never give them fuel. Know that in this Modern society, Intelligence is a Liability & the Stupiud rule. Educate eachother. & your children about our Royalty. & let them lead us.

  18. Putting down the sword of self righteousness could mean giving back all that was taken as a consequence of past actions, maybe the exposure of the truth is now too enormous to concede which will undoubtedly have far reaching ramifications.

  19. This is rather an interesting site, which has led me to ask a question. In Scottish history, or myth, is there any story of a white woman storming a castle, followed by her supporters, black people? I ask because I do know Scotland have their women warriors.

  20. JFC guys. I’m a white Celt and if a PoC is a Celt by ancestor then they are our brotheren too by blood no less.

    PoC might have been rare in the culture (because the furthest we traveled after we settled was to gaul), but that means nothing if a PoC traveled to us.

    So calm down, jeeze. They have ever right to their heritage as we do.

  21. We’ve had our culture hidden, belittled and STOLEN by ‘them’ and when there is even the slightest suggestion that we may be a ‘little’ part of ‘them’, ‘they’ go on the defensive..I have this often during conversation..

  22. Trommie explain your statement clearly, i want to see which side you are on. Wrath has stopped viewing this site. DNA cant lie, I think you may need to close down the facilities too much truth exist out there.Black people are so much more confident now. I am Afro Caribbean

  23. There is a psychopathy here of the perceived wounded. None of you have anything to do with any of these histories. You are what you are now. To suggest racism only goes one way is beyond idiotic, in the public eye where I am there is no more racist people then those insecure black people that need a crutch or someone to stand on to make them self feel more. Do you honestly believe average white people have true knowledge of their history? Their self worth is based on whatever they tell them-self as well, hence self help books clowns. If you actually took time to look around, you would notice which ethnic group is more so being genocided then any other, They aren’t coloured people that’s for damn sure and your happy about it because you are psychopaths. And you think you are being victimized? You are being used, you claim it as a badge and pretend you aren’t psychopaths because of what some ancestor did or said…..this is how your enemies work you, they hide inside you, they create zombies looking to be divisive and do the bidding of the lodges. It’s pathetic. Ever consider who benefits from whats planted in your path? Just enough for stoking pointless conflict. I don’t see any place in the world where Science is championed ahead of economics and politics. Do you think your academics aren’t spawned from lodges to incite division? Why all this focus of race? Who gives it to you? To honestly believe you on a site talk about black people being this and that and white people being en-slavers, as if you aren’t consumed by racist intent is nonsensical, the eugenicists give you your data. The eugenicists cook and release it any which way they like. Just who is ‘them’ but you? You volunteer to this race insecurity bullshit. “Black people are so much more confident now” because of what? Who is pumping up your tires? You listen to the parasite. The people of the scapegoat god. Things are always put in your view for their purpose. You think they aren’t just giving enough to incite you? As if they would give it all away to you….as if you earned it….That isn’t how they operate. It’s all bullshit, they make up your religions your culture and hand it to you, like you remember last week let alone thousands of years. You honestly think it’s just you that has had their history stolen, their people enslaved formally and informally? Why do you listen to that voice that is so afraid of it’s intelligence being questioned? There has been every race everywhere, enslaved by one another…But who put them there? Science is great for revisionist history, you only need to give a little..Any public face is just that, it’s not the be all. It’s just the pieces that they are willing to put at risk. Feed your opponent until his arrogance is his own undoing. That is how the game is played. Maybe listen to your pal Andre 3000. You create the incitement of hatred by letting governors play on your insecurity. Governments incite racism, you the delusional “victim” are faultless.

    1. Hi Fed up with Cultists
      After the death of Queen Elizabeth the First, King James became the first over England, Great Britain, France and Ireland from 1603 – 1625. He was the son of Lord Darnley and Mary Queen of Scotts who was the daughter of King Henry the 8th. Queen Mary was also sister to Queen Elizabeth, having different mothers. They were black Celtic, Anglo Saxon, and Israelite Jews.

      You may find this hard to believe, but Black Jews took over Europe from the Roman Empire beginning in 193 AD., under a black Jew Roman General Septimius Serverus. In 330 AD the black emperor Constantine moved the capital from Rome to today’s Turkey and called it Constantinople. He establish the Holy Bible as laws in the empire over the pagan roman laws (Acts 2:5-11, Proverbs 8:15-21)

      In 1453 AD descendants of white Romans in the Caucasus Mountains converted to Islam and conquered Constantinople and surrounding lands controlled by Black Christians Jews. These were the Turks and other Caucasians took over Rome and Spain in the 13th and the 14th century (Hosea 4:8) from the 5th to the 15th century AD. This period was called the Middle Ages, Dark Ages, medieval Times or the Byzantine Empire. (Rev 20:1 Colos 3:11)

      Fake Caucasians Popes ordered artist like Davinchi and Michelangelo to deface all the Black Art Icons that they could. Then they were ordered to repaint Jesus and the Israelites Saints as Caucasians instead of Negroid. This was called the renaissance era, REBIRTH. They renovated Europe from Black to White (job 9:24)

      Black Israelites fled with many Scrolls and Icons to England under the protection of King James the 1st. In 1607 AD the Holy Spirit moved King James to nominate 47 learnt men and 12 final advisors to produce the 1611 Bible with the Apocrypha. These Israelites or Jews were the best Hebrew and Greek translators of the time. The Almighty Yahawah saw 2000 years into the future and caused the 1611 bible to be preserved in English above all others knowing this world be the top language of the rich and poor today. This move offset the lying revisions of the Romans Catholic Church to destroy the Bible and cut Israel off from being restored as a nation in these latter days (psalms 83:1-5 Rev 3:3-7)
      This is history. Do not be afraid to embrace your true ancestry.
      King James I by His contemporaries
      1991 World Almanac Priors Books
      Nature knows no color line by J A Rogers

      1. Hi Fed up with Cultists,

        I am sorry I forgot the main details. King James I, was of African descent a Black man. Do the Research.

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