Strange and Ominous UFO-shaped Clouds Over Romania – Rasta Livewire Reports

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A flying saucer-shaped cloud was spotted in the skies above Romania – just weeks after a similarly striking formation appeared over Moscow. Rasta Livewire published images of this strange and ominous phenomenon that had passed over Russia.

We are picking up wire chatter that the same UFO-like flying saucer shaped cloud has re-appeared over the Romanian skies. Romania and Russia are Eastern European slavic countries who were all under the same Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The present video captures the UFO-cloud once again over Romania.

Experts and Meteorologists had tried to explain away the phenomenon witnessed in Moscow as just some optical effect produced by rare weather conditions. The reappearance of the same cloud formation has aniexties mounting to panic levels, as tongues are set awagging and rumours go flying.

People with common sense are beginning to ask serious questions. For instance, when News Leak first published the videos of this current formation, a commentator on its website noted, “How come I have never seen clouds that look like that. Now we get two in a matter of weeks in different places.”

Those who have eyes should see, and those with eyes should hear.

Rasta Livewire will keep monitoring the situation.

Rasta Livewire Reports

October 28, 2009

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