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It is with sadness and pain that I watch the current violation of African soil, by the forces of NATO. Neo-colonialism reveals its ugly face.

Yet, one needs to look at the situation in Libya with greater sensitivity, and more discernment.

It is strange times we live in.

Some consider the fall of Gadafi as a conspiracy against African unity and empowerment. Some consider Gadafi a pan-African hero set on continental liberation on all spheres.

I have a different, more nuanced view of Gadafi’s credentials as a pan-Africanist. Hence, I see the meaning and the consequences of the ongoing attacks on Africa, from a philosophical dimension.

As much as I condemn the attacks on African soil by NATO, it must be said that Gadafi only paid lip service to African Unity. He was all about self-aggrandizement, Islamic proselytism, and Arab unity. When the Arab families scorned him, then he turned to Africa, and dreamed of being the next King of Kings of Africa.

Gadafi supported numerous civil wars in Africa, took sides in internal conflicts, supported religious and social agitations in other countries.

He fought several wars, with Egypt in the early 1970s, then he fought with and occupied Chad, then he backed and trained Charles Taylor of Liberia, a monster, and Foday Sankoh of Sierra Leone another deformed monster.

He backed separatist in Senegal, in Guinea, and in Nigeria. He persecuted Africans (especially those from Saharan countries) in Libya whenever he needed someone to use as a scapegoat for the many sundry ills of Libyan society.

He realized that many Africans were poor, and mentally confused. So he took advantage of their desperation. But he never had any respect for Black man. Not really..

That was why Nigeria, Ethiopia, and South Africa, the three biggest black countries in Africa never trusted him any way, or any time.

Yes, the rebels are racists. So also is Colonel Gadafi.

Muurs should stand aside, let the Turks destroy themselves.

Victory is ours in the end.

Americans who are leading this fight on the NATO side, all live a black culture, eat black inspired KFC, dance black music, and are ruled by a black lawyer.

Strange times, sign of the times….

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