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Operation Burn the Weed

In the year 2001 the Nigerian Government launched a drug eradication program it called “operation burn the weed”. It was a tragi-comedy with a mystical dimension.

Once upon a time in the late 1970s following the amendments to the Drug legislation of Nigeria by the administration of the late General Murutala Mohammed, ganja was not a hassle to obtain or smoke.

When I visited Africa in 2002 however, they had this wicked program in full force. Perhaps to impress their bosses the CIA they had ganja smokers on the wall. The government was raising hell about “…ganja this and ganja that, and rey-rey and rah-rah.”

So it launched this wicked program called “Operation Burn the Weed.” Its objective was to destroy all the herb farms in Nigeria.

But there was a catch which caused a glitch in the entire program. It was named operation “Burn the Weed.” Now the Herb is a mystical plant and the effects on its consumers are mystic, which is why Babylon fear it.

Now, the I them must realize that the Nigerian government itself is another zombie institution like its army. It is control by a wicked cabal of vampires that lurk in the shadows of political, military and financial power centers of this world.

But I digress. The Nigerian government, designed a warlike expedition against its own farmers and peasants living out in the country, in other to intimidate them to accept its unholy dictates.

So the government now sent out their zombie armies and their dirty enforcers to go out into the bushes and burn the weed.

In Jamaica we say “burn the weed” when you go to smoke weed. Like in, “me burn some wicked ganjah the other night dere…” But note this again, that the Nigerian government itself launched an “operation burn the ganjah.” so the ghetto youths them suddenly heard the call.

On the streets of Lagos when you are asked “Whosi u dey go?” (“were are you going”) and you answer “I dey go burn some weed”, that means you are going to smoke the weed And the Nigerian government launched a program called “Operation Burn the Weed”.

So the more their goons and loons went out to burn the ganjah farms in the countryside, the more the youths burn their ganjah. The more they sought to intimidate us the more we propagated the seed. And the youths rallied to our side and burned the weed.

And the more the government burn the weed plants, the more the smoke rise to the heights of the heavens. And the ashes come down as rain. They went into the food chain, into the water cycle, into the bodies of the youths of Nigeria. So they went out and bought more weed and smoked it.

For when the power of the blessed incense increased in their bodies, the youths longed for righteousness and peace, so they reached for the herb and burn their ganjah. The herb is the comforter of the soul, the annointing oil for the bruises of the poor, the teacher of truths and righteousness. And the more the youths burn the herb, the more even more youths burn the herb, and the more Babylon quake and shiver and crack-up.

So the more the Nigerian government chanted “burn the weed”, the ghetto youths them burn them weeds.

Until, the Nigerian government, and their snoops, their goons and their thugs finally gave up and cracked up. Before the mystical power of the Ganjah Herb, which shall ever advance to fructify and multiple.

They gave up and left the ghetto youths them alone. They got confused and bemused and left the farmers them alone.

For in the seventies only a tiny minority smoke their herb in discretion, after government misconceived “operation burn the weed,” I believe that virtually across the whole country, more youths and the elders them are now burning their weed. Openly too. Rude boys don’t care nomore…

The last time I went to Nigeria, it was like old times again. Better even. One could burn his herb again in peace without hassles.

We support the local farmers!

It is the local farmers who plant the food and the herbs.

The African Lion!

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