Introducing Jawara McIntosh, the youngest son of Jamaican reggae legend, Peter Tosh

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By Fredrick Okopie

The youngest son of Jamaican reggae legend, Winston Hubert McIntosh, AKA Peter Tosh, Jawara McIntosh, chatted with Nigeria’s Vanguard Newspapers on his musical career and an insight of the Tosh’s family including the mysteries surrounding his father’s death.

What is your position in Peter Tosh’s family?

My father had 10 children, five boys and five girls, I am the 9th and my younger sister is his last.

Your father is known for militant and revolutionary songs, are you taking after him?


How many singles or albums have you released since you started music?

I have only officially released “get up stand up” which is a single…as we have been working on building up the capital and putting a team together so that the music can be properly promoted and marketed. Otherwise the music falls on deft ears.

Are your songs accepted in Jamaica?

Yeah, Jamaica loves that I incorporate hip-hop in my songs as well keeping the tradition of my father alive by also performing his songs. I have been told many times, that when they see me they see my father!

Are all your siblings into music?

Yes, but only myself and my elder brother Andrew do it professionally.

I will also be collaborating with Andrew on the Album “Death to the Shistem”

Recently, your father was given a posthumous award of the Order of Merit from the Jamaican government he fought against why he was alive, is that not a betrayal from the family to receive such award on his behalf?

Peter did not fight against the Jamaican Government, he fought against injustice all over the world. For him to be honoured with the Order of Merit by the Jamaican Government is simply testament to his Great Works. So is this betrayal, absolutely not!

What was the relationship between Bob Marley and Peter Tosh before Marley’s death?

Don’t know. I was too young, Marley died when I was a year old.

Lastly, tell us the where about of Dennis Lepo Lobban, the killer of your father and other circumstances surrounding his death?

Dennis Leppo Lobban is in prison in Jamaica, sentenced to life. To this day, he denies killing my Father, although there are witnesses that survived the atrocity. My father was a true Soldier for Jah Rastafari and he gave his life for what he believed and I am here to see his words fulfilled. The Blood of the saints cry out unto JAH for vengeance and the Lord will soon have his Fill. Just a little while and the wicked shall be no more!

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