India’s Obsession with Skin Lightening Creams (Bleaching Cream)

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It is being called “Snow White syndrome” in India, a market where sales of whitening creams are far outstripping those of Coca-Cola and tea.

India also has the world’s second most lucrative marriage industry – the first being neighbouring China – that has grown to a whopping $40bn a year spent on weddings, dowries, jewellery etc.

And demand for fair-complexioned brides and grooms to grace these occasions is as high as ever

Fuelling this demand are the country’s 75-odd reality TV shows where being fair, lovely and handsome means instant stardom.

As a result, the Indian whitening cream market is expanding at a rate of nearly 18% a year. The country’s largest research agency, AC Nielsen, estimates that figure will rise to about 25% this year – and the market will be worth an estimated $432m, an all-time high.


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