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By Annonymous

My mom, sister and countless relatives have all died of cancer.

We heard of a chiropractor that was having great success using frankincense topically and we knew a person that had a success with it.

I began a routine of doing three applications daily and also one application internally.

After two months it appears to be completely gone.

This may not work for cancer that is more advanced… but I mention this for anyone who may be interested.

My routine in the AM application was to rub coconut oil in my hand, put a drop of 7% lugals iodine and about three drops of frankincense and one drop of dmso in the coconut oil.

I then rubbed the solutions together and put the first rub on my right breast and the remainder on my left breast.

The second applications of the day were just the coconut oil and frankincense.

The oral application was simply one drop of iodine and one drop of frankincense in a cup of water.

It is important to drink LOTS of water… distilled if possible.

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